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Young, Wirts, Baugh famililes

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Finally I found info on my Marshall line. In addition, I discovered his wife's last name.......I hope it is correct. I don't know about everyone else, but I check on line and when I can find stats in on line public records. Most though has come from my own knowledge or books I have. The info find from others who have posted
their findings, are great, but I have to check and see if this is the same thing listed elsewhere. Yes, and sometimes the wrong info is spread around. What a mess when it does. I have a Baugh relative whose info is on a website and some facts are just wrong. I don't even want to bother to correct. I get so disappointed.
I know I have put out incorrect info, [tried to correct when I found out] but surely you keep checking. Do people check their lines once in a while? I appreciate
it when people find one of my glitches, but..oh okay when I find that site again, I will attempt to contact him. Good advice, and I didn't have any one tell me. :D)
Well, I've sounded off and I must get a granddaughter to her IUEast class. Later. M


This is a family close to my heart as are the Youngs. My knowledge of the Bryants goes back to William Abner. He was born in 1777 in Va. in a census he revealed that both of his parents were foreign born, but country not listed. I am guessing the British Empire [including all countries in area. For some reason I have not done much
on this name for overseas. I guess it is because I am working on too many names.

YOUNGS-unsure of origin

The last or oldest YOUNG known is/was Michael b. 1755 in NC, I was told.
His brother Godfrey was born NC. We found a brother John, and a sister Christina [called Jenny]
They lived either in Pulaski Co., Ky or in a county near.

I was told that they were German origin. I can find no evidence of this or anywhere for that
matter. Anyone recognize this family? There is another Michael YOUNG who should not be
confused with this one. Michael married Margaret ALDRIDGE.

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Bennet, or Bennett

This family was from PA. Great Great Grandfather Isaac. b. 1806. Father had him apprenticed to become a tanner. He ran away and joined a circus. He found his way to
Wayne Co., Indiana where he spent the rest of his life. He married and had children.

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Wirts/ Werts from PA

Still no luck. My great grandfather came from a cabbage patch, I am sure. He hasn't left much of a trace.

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Finding "Ordinary" Folk

I have been researching my line and my husband's line for many years. Since I knew more about my mother's line, I chose that one first. I have two dead ends there.
The Bryants go back to 1777 with the birth of William Abner Bryant. His parents were born in a foreign country.
The Young family goes back to 1755 to Michael Young. I was told recently that his people were German, and he was born in NC. I know at least one son was.
So I went to other ancestors and got better results.
The Wirts family is another large wall. I think the name was originally Werts/Wirtz, take your choice, so far I go back to my Great Grandfather who is buried not
three miles from me, as is my grandfather and grandmother. I have tried everything but a want ad in our newspaper. However, my grandmother, was blessed to
be born of a mother who was a Quaker or Friend. That line was a joy to research as I had so much luck in tracing back, way back.
So, there are brick walls, and there are great rewards. In all these years, I have learned not only about my family, which is wonderful, but more about history and what
people went through in the early part of this country. Without all those [brave or foolish] people, I wouldn't be here.

I have tried not to take information at face value. I did early on and was annoyed at following incorrect information. Some info. is easy to put two and two and get four, but other times, you wonder.