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Family of Richard Morris, son of Sylva or Sylvia Morris who lived in North Carolina, Husband of LULA. CAMP CREEK NORTH CAROLINA

This would be the other part of my family thru gr grandpa Rufus. The side that I was not told about but want to know.

Richard was one of a twin, which I was always told that my dads grandfather had twin brothers. Rufus was brought to live with his father in 1880 but the twins were left with their mom. I have a feeling I know why but it really does not matter. they were his kin and are mine.

Richard had 5 children with Lula. so I am hoping some of them had children who had children.


PLEASE if anyone has any information, please contact me.

family is family.

Family or Relatives of Rufus Morris or Victoria O hannin

They are my great grandparents and I know nothing about them.

my grandmother was Naoma MOrris

she had a brother named Horatio and I believe at least one sister named Leona.

would love to meet other relatives

family line of DYERS linking to Edward Dyer born in OHIO in 1810 had sons Lee and Amos

Amos was my grandfather thru my dads side. He married my grandma Naoma and had three children

John Edward

my dad was John Edward. I would love to know more about this line. I knew my uncle alvin and I think I met my aunt leona once or twice but the rest of the family I never knew.

I can follow back to Thomas Dyer who was born in 1612 and came over and lived in Weymouth MA but would love to find out more.

I also found that thru cousins, the William Dyer that married Mary Dyer who was hung for being a Quaker in Boston MA is a distant cousin. kinda scary. she has my name.

Looking for Morris bloodline that links back to Anthony Morris born in 1530 wales and beyond

I have not been researching this long, but since 2007.

have found links to the morris line back to Anthony born in wales in 1530 and then back farther to Capt Thomas Edward Morris born 1455 and from there back to anthony morris born in 1435.

Now that is where I had to go by gut feeling, intuition and research and logic. then linked to John Morris born in 1415 married to Lucy Arundel.

time line matches up, places matches up but no real proof. From there the links go back to King Alfred the Great which means that the MOrris's are actually SAXON?

so I just would love to find others who are doing this same research. there are so many explanations for the name of Morris.

1. welsh meaning war and blood or bloody warriors
2. norman root
3. from the moors.

now with the link to the saxons the bloody warriors one makes sense. since last names were not something that existed before the doomdays book and would have started out as nicknames or the son or dau of type thing or occupations.

But am I saxon? am i welsh because that is where the Morris settled for the most part around Herefordshire?

Am I Celtic (which is a language group not really a nationality)?

None of it really matters in the scheme of today. all royalty etc etc is too far removed and is laughable but to know what I am.

my african roots can never be found except thru spirit work. and that cannot be proven. so that is why the other branch is calling to me. who am I? what am I?

American, yes. but made up of what?

Morris Family line linking back to Solomon Morris, son of Arron Morris, north carolina


this line is of my father mother Naomi Morris. I would love to find some relatives to talk to. My grandmothers father was Rufus Morris married to Victoria, and his father was Solomon MOrris but his mom was Sylva, a freed slave.

He had twin brother richard and vance born before the civil war. He was born after.

we were always told that we were part cherokee but we are not. we are part african. You would never know it. but it is not a problem with me.

I have a lot of questions. have followed the lines back to across the ocean and that brought even more.

back to Anthony Morris born in 1530 in wales. His son Charles Morris born in 1558 is the link down thru Edward Morris.