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Adolfus Howden and Jessie Irene Harker Updated Jan 2008

Adolfus Howden married Jessie Irene Harker in Flemington a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

Adolfus was born in Lancefield and died at Yundool on 30th October 1940 and is buried at the Tungamah Cemetery in Victoria.

Jessie was born in Benalla, married Adolfus in 1914 aged just 18. She had her 2 daughters in 1919 and 1921.

Jessie lost her husband in 1940 and was a widow for 44 years. She passed away in Melbourne on 22nd February 1984.

Eldest daughter Jessie May was born 1st July 1919, she passed away recently in Benalla. She is buried at the Benalla Cemetery.
Second daughter Esther Margaret was born 1st April 1921.

The two women came to live in Benalla after they retired from their working lives in Melbourne. Neither Jessie of Esther married or had any children.

Their mother's sister was Hilda Elizabeth Corboy (nee Harker). She passed away many years ago. Her two daughters Hilda (Tolliday) and Esther (Anker) and their families live in the Benalla district.

Hilda is my mother in law and she is married to Charlie Tolliday. I am married to her eldest son Trevor.

Agnon Charles Louis Numa and Christiana Tolliday decendants updated June 2008

Christiana, her brothers William and John and sister Elizabeth and her mother Jane (nee Curtis) immigrated to Australia.

They departed Southhampton Oct 17th 1854 on the ship British Empire and arrived in Geelong, Victoria on Jan 15th 1855.

Eighteen months later, Christiana married Agnon Charles Louis Numa in Ballarat on August 9th 1856

Agnon and Christiana had one son called him Charles Louis Numa. He was born in 1857.

Charles married his first cousin Jane Martha Clark. Jane was the daughter of his mother's sister Elizabeth Clark (nee Tolliday.

Charles and Jane had two sons. Herbert born in 1884 and Charles (we shall refer to his as Charles 2nd)born in 1888.

Herbert married Edith Evelina Drew in 1916. MRN 11007. Edith was the daughter of Herbert A and Annie Victoria Drew.

They had two daughters-

Edith Nancy born Carlton North in 1917. BRN 27477. Died 1918 at Carlton North. DRN 8014

Dorothy Edna who was born at Carlton North in 1918. BRN 26045. She married John Holroyd in 1941. MRN 14789.

A son Herbert Leslie. He must have been born around 1922.
as he passed away in 1984 aged 58. DRN 08961. He married ...

The parents
Herbert died 1958 aged 74. DRN 7358.
Edith Evelina passed away aged 95 in 1982. DRN 08467.

Charles 2nd married Violet Irene Cole.

They had a daughter Beryl Martha who died aged 3 at Clifton Hill in 1915, DRN 974.

They had three sons-

Herbert Keith born 1920 in Brunswick East. BRN 18801. He married Frances Nellie Lamont in 1942. MRN 14256. Frances passed away aged 60 in 1981. DRN 09155.

Horace Charles Reginald born in Brunswick in 1914. BRN 10162. Married Phyllis Marion Catherine Bucknell in 1937. MRN 4403.

Jack who died in 1934. DRN 2702.

The parents
Violet Irene Numa died in 1958 aged 74 at Geelong. DRN 23488.
Charles Louis 2nd died at Footscray aged 78 in 1966. DRN 16265.


Jane Martha Numa died in 1933 aged 79. DRN 7415.
Charles Louis Numa (1st) died in ....

Still a bit more research to do..but this is a good update.



Alfred Barton Tolliday and Annie Mitchell

Alfred Barton Tolliday was the 8th child born of ten to William and Priscilla Tolliday on 19th January 1879. He had five brothers, Nathaniel John, William, John, George William, Frederick Numa
and four sisters, Christiana, Priscilla Martha, Sarah Elizabeth and Alice.

He married Annie Mitchell 29th May 1908 and they had two children. Anne Florence was born in 1910 and married David Charles Heath and William Nathaniel was born in 1914 and married Mary Mitchell.

Alfred passed away 6th April 1965 and Annie passed away 17th June 1947.

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Alfred John Tolliday and Mary Adeline Allen

Alfred John Tolliday is the son of John Curtis and Sarah Elizabeth Tolliday nee Miles.

John and Sarah came out to Australia in 1855.

Alfred married his first cousin Elizabeth Numa Clark but she died at age 31 without them having any children.

He then married Mary Adeline Allen and they had 8 children.
Hettie married P Chapman
Florence Beatrice married S Kelly
Effie Adeline married J Gower
Violet Maude married R Blackney
Cecil Roy married Margaret May Richardson.AKA Patsy.
Leslie Alfred married Caroline Ann Lamb
Keith James married Colleen Catherine Darragh
Cecil Moreland married Myrtle Smith

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Alice Tolliday and William Renkin

Alice Tolliday was the first daughter born to Frederick Numa and Rose Tolliday on 31st January 1912

She married William Renkin (Bill) on 24th August 1940 and they lived on a farm at Lima, Victoria and they raised five children. Two sons and three daughters who all live in Australia.

Alice was one of eight chidren. Four of which survive today (2007).

Alice passed away 27th March 2007. Her husband Bill passed away on 4th September 1989.

Are you looking for theTolliday family in Australia?

Hello there,

I have a large chart of the big family of Tollidays living in Australia.

I also have access to print outs of birth, death and marriage dates including registration numbers.

I have started my family tree right back at the original immigration of widowed Jane Curtis Tolliday and her four children in 1854.

I have branches that lead from the two sons and the one daughter who have children.

I have written many journals here at Family Tree Circles. And from this I have been able to meet up with other Tollidays.

I also have a Tribal Page on the Tollidays in Australia. Here you can see everything that I have, see it growing and building up to be a very worthwhile history.

If you need any information or have something that you think may help me please contact me at your earliest convenience.

Good luck with your research.

Meredith Tolliday
AKA MsMeridy

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Are you looking for the Australian Harker Family?

I have a chart of the family Harker, Mudd and Beattie.

If you need any information from me drop me a line..

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Benjamin Thomas Clark and Ann Leaford Shuker updated May 2008

Benjamin Clark was born on 29th February 1799 at Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England. He was Christened on 24th March 1799 at St Peters in Cambridge. His parents were Thomas Benjamin Clark and Elizabeth Eusden Bell.

Ann was born on 19th June 1801 in Cambridgeshire. She was Christened 17th May 1903 at St Giles, Cambridgeshire. Ann's parents were Joseph Shuker and Elizabeth Harvey.

Benjamin and Ann were married on 25th September 1820 in the Holy Sepulchre Church in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England.

They had 12 children over a period of 25 years.
The children were born from 1820 to 1845.

Their children were:-

Thomas Benjamin Clark born 23/11/1820 at St Peters, Cambridge and Christened 17/12/1820, married Susan Pryor 29/4/1848. Thomas passed away 11/10/1910.

Joseph John Clark born 3/4/1822 at St Giles and Christened 28/4/1822, married Maria Leach on 28/11/1844/ Joseph passed away 6/12/1892.

Elizabeth Clark born 15/6/1824 at St Giles Christened 4/7/1824, married George Handley 25/6/1846. Elizabeth passed away 5/10/1919.

Ann Clark born 15/8/1826 and Christened 15/9/1826, married Joseph Owen Clark 3/11/1846. Ann passed away 10/6/1913.

Frances Clark born 3/4/1828 and Christened 15/4/1828, married James Stratton February 1851. Frances passed away 2nd August 1894 in New York.

Charles Jonas Clark ( my link) was born on 20/9/1829 in Chesterton and Christened 11/10/1829. He married Elizabeth Tolliday on 12/1/1853. He and Elizabeth immigrated to Australia arriving in January 1855 in Victoria. Charles and Elizabeth had one daughter Jane with them when they sailed on the British Empire. Charles passed away 24/9/1894 in Australia.

Martha Clark born 18/1/1832 in Cambridge and married William Howard, she passed away 18/2/1924.

William Bell Clark born 6/8/1834 and married Frances Davies on 9/2/1862. William passed away 21/3/1921.

Benjamin Thomas Clark born 2/2/1836 married Mary Hughes on 16/5/1858. He passed away 28/5/1893 at Bicknell. Wayne, Utah. USA. Buried at the same place.

Susan Clark born 15/6/1838 and died 1/1/1840.

A new baby was born 11 months later in Chesterton, another daughter and she was named Susannah. Her birth date is 16/12/1840 and she was Christened 2/1/1841. Susannah married David Norris King on 1/1/1858, she passed away 29/11/1932.

Caroline Clark was born 28/4/1845 in Chesterton. She married James Briggs on 29/4/1865. Caroline passed away 23/3/1909.

Ann passed away 24th June 1848 at Fulbourn District, Chesterton, Cambridgeshire aged 47.

Benjamin married three more times and had more Clark children.
Details of these marriages in other journals. See Southwell, Larkin, and Butterworth.

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Benjamin Thomas Clark and Ann Southwell

Benjamin Clark was born on February 20th 1799 in Cambridge. The son of Thomas Benjamin Clark and Elizabeth Eusden Bell. He was Christened on 24th March 1799 at St Peters, Cambridge.

Ann Southwell was born on 18th September 1815 at Cambridge, England.
and was Christened on the same day. She was the daughter of Charles Southwell and Sarah Freestone.

Benjamin married Ann Southwell on 25th May 1850 in Chesteron, Cambridge, England.

This was his second marriage as his first wife Ann Leaford Shuker died on 24th June 1848 aged 47.

Ben and Ann Southwell had four children together- three boys and one girl.

Lorenzo Southwell Clark born 14/5/1852 and died 19/12/1923 at Salt Lake City. Buried December 1923.

Heber Abraham Southwell Clark born 28/2/1855 and died 30/5/1863

Ellen Merinda Clark born 2/5/1857 at Salt Lake City

Charles William Seymour Clark born about 1859 at Salt Lake City

Benjamin Thomas Clark died at Sugarhouse in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA on 4th November 1867. He was buried at the Salt Lake Cemetery in November 1867.

Ann died 7th June 1897 in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA.

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Benjamin Thomas Clark and Martha Larkins (4th wife)

Martha Larkins was born on 15th April 1822 in Cambridge, England.
At some stage she has migrated to Utah, USA

I have no records of her parents at this stage. I do not know if she had been married before nor had any children previously.

She married Benjamin Thomas Clark on 28th April 1866.

There are no records of any children from this union.

Martha would have been 44 years old and Benjamin was 67 in 1866.
He died one year and nine months after he married Martha.

Benjamin Thomas Clark died at Sugarhouse in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA on 4th November 1867. He was buried at the Salt Lake Cemetery in November 1867.

At this time I do not have any more details on Martha.

Benjamin's Marriages
Ann Shuker 25/9/1820- 12 children
Ann Southwell 25/5/1850- 4 children
Ruth Butterworth 28/6/1857- 1 child (died 2 years old)
Martha Larkin 28/4/1866 - record