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Benjamin Thomas Clark and Ruth Butterworth

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Caroline Ann Lamb married Leslie Alfred Tolliday

Caroline married Leslie Tolliday and they had five children.
She passed away in 1950 and he died in 1967.

They had two daughters Muriel and Lois and three sons Alfred Noel, Keith James and Cecil Moreland.

Muriel Violet born 1920 married G R Smith in 1936 they had two children George and Peter.

Lois Aletha known as Norma was born 1922 married in 1941 to W M Blackney. They had three sons, Dale, Grant and Glen

Alfred Noel was born in 1924 he married Violet Bradshaw in 1946 and they had children. He died 18th June 1982.

Keith James born 1921 married Colleen Catherine Darragh and died in 1978.

Cecil Moreland was born in 1926 married Myrtle Smith and had Bryce, Gail and Mark.

Leslie Alfred is the son of Alfred John who is the son of John and his wife Sarah Tolliday nee Miles.

Leslie Alfred Tolliday is a grandson of Nathaniel and Jane Curtis Tolliday. Jane came out to Australia on the British Empire with her 4 children arrriving in 1855.

Charles Clark immigrated to Australia 1855 Updated August 23rd 2009

Charles Clark immigrated to Australia with his wife Elizabeth nee Tolliday and infant daughter Jane. The ship British Empire left Southhampton on 17th October 1854 and arrived at Point Henry, Geelong, Victoria on 15th January 1855.

Other Tolliday family members travelled as well. Including his mother in law Jane, sister in law Christiana, brothers in law John and William, John's wife Sarah their two little girls Fanny and Eva.

Charles was listed as being 22 years of age at the time of the voyage and his occupation was AG Labourer. His wife Elizabeth was 21 and their daughter was listed as an infant. So less the 2 years old.

He is listed as being born on 20th September 1829 in Cambridge, Cambs., Eng. He married Elizabeth Tolliday on 12th January 1853. They had nine children. His death date listed as 24 September 1892 at Scarsdale. He was buried at the Smyhthesdale Cemetery on September 26th.

Benjamin Thomas Clark is his father and Ann Leaford Shuker is his mother. The dates fit with in 2 years of dates I have for the voyage of 1854 and the area listed as St Giles, Cambridgeshire is also where the Tollidays lived.

Check the website for yourselves see what you think.

New Information on the children and their spouses-

Charles and Elizabeth had eleven children. Jane Martha 1854, Charles Benjamin 1856, William born 1858, William born 1860, Edward Joseph 1862, Elizabeth Numa 1862, Benjamin Thomas 1864, John 1866, Harry 1868, Herbert Louis 1871.

The first William died at 7 weeks of age in 1858.

Elizabeth died in April 28th 1874 at Scarsdale. She was buried at the Smythesdale Cemetery on May 1st 1974. She was only 42. She had children from 1852 to 1871.

The marriages show-
Jane married Charles Numa, Charles married Isabella Aisbett, Elizabeth married Alfred Tolliday. Benjamin married Josephine Lissant, John married Gertie May ZAITH Leith not sure?, Herbert married Mary Arkle.

Charles married Ann Powell in 1892. He wouldn't have been married long as his death date is listed as September 24th 1892. He had just turned 63.

No details on Ann Powell as yet.



Charles Jonas Clark and Ann Powell

Charles Jonas Clark was born in England 20th September 1829 to Benjamin Thomas Clark and Anne Leaford Shuker.

Charles married Elizabeth Tolliday in 1853 and they had one daughter Jane when they migrated to Australia with Elizabeth's mother Jane, sister Christiana and two brothers William and John Curtis in 1855.

Charles and Elizabeth went onto have 9 other children born in Australia. Elizabeth passed away in 1874.

Charles married Ann Powell in 1892. More details to come I hope.

Charles died on September 20th 1892, (his 63rd birthday)at Scarsdale, Victoria. He was buried at the Smythesdale cemetery on September 24th 1892.

More research to do, as I didn't realise until today that he had remarried. He wasn't married to Ann Powell for long as the marriage was in 1892 and he died the same year.

Organising to get a photo of the gravestone for Charles Jonas from the cemetery in Victoria. Here is hoping.


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Charles Louis Numa and Violet Irene Cole

Charles Louis Numa is the second son of Charles Louis and Jane Martha Numa (nee Clark). He had one brother Herbert. Known as Herb.

Charles Louis Numa (2nd) married Violet Irene Cole.

They had a daughter Beryl Martha who died aged 3 at Clifton Hill in 1915, DRN 974.

They had three sons-

Herbert Keith born 1920 in Brunswick East. BRN 18801. He married Frances Nellie Lamont in 1942. MRN 14256. Frances passed away aged 60 in 1981. DRN 09155.

Horace Charles Reginald born in Brunswick in 1914. BRN 10162. Married Phyllis Marion Catherine Bucknell in 1937. MRN 4403.

Jack who died in 1934. DRN 2702.

Violet Irene Numa died in 1958 aged 74 at Geelong. DRN 23488.
Charles Louis 2nd died at Footscray aged 78 in 1966. DRN 16265.


Charles Tolliday and Alice Martha Penhalluriak

Charles Tolliday was born in 1862 at Italian Gully near Smythesdale to John Curtis and Sarah Elizabeth Tolliday (nee Miles).
Birth Registration Number 23652

He was the 6th child of eleven. And the 4th son of seven boys in the family.

The family consists of -
Fanny Sarah born 1852
Eva born 1854
John Robert born 1856
William Curtiss born 1858
Alfred John born 1860
Charles born 1862
Robert Porcher born 1865
Sarah Elizabeth born 1867
Ernest Montague born 1869
Jane Elizabeth born 1872
Albert born 1874

His parents came to Australia on the ship British Empire which left Southampton in October 1854 arriving at Port Henry in Victoria in January 1855.

The Tolliday family that immigrated to Australia were- Matriach Jane Curtis Tolliday, her son John Curtis and his wife Sarah Tolliday (nee Miles), son in law Charles Jonas Clark and Elizabeth Clark (Jane's daughter)(nee Tolliday), Christiana Tolliday and youngest son William Tolliday. Also three young children travelled with their parents. Fanny and Eva Tolliday and Jane Clark accompanied their parents on the long 3 month journey.

He married Alice Martha Penhalluriak in 1889.

Martha was born in 1862. Martha's parents were Pearce and Maria Penhalluriak (nee Bunney). Martha died in 1931 aged 69 at Balwyn a suburb of Melbourne, Victora. The Death Registration Number 3792.

Charles passed away in 1934 aged 71 in Camberwell. Death Registration Number 198.

I still have some data entry to do on this line of the family so I have not entered the children of this couple yet. Will update this journal at a later date.

Christiana Tolliday and Robert Selkirk

Christiana Tolliday born in Carngham in 1865 to William and Priscilla Tolliday. Priscilla was a Barton.Registration Number 20803.

Robert Selkirk was born in Smythesdale to parents Robert and Annie Selkirk nee Garlick. Registration Number 24484.

She married Robert Selkirk in 1890. Reg number 4153.

They had children:-

Alice Lilly born 1891.Registration number 18674. She married a Stoneman. She died in 1933 at Heidelberg. Registration Number 7753.

Annie Elizabeth born 1894 in Allandale. Registration Number 97.

William Royal born 1896 in Allandale. Registration Number 99.

Robert Frederick born 1902 in Allandale. Registration Number 15051.

Robert Selkirk died in 1912 at Ballarat, Victoria Australia at the age of 46.Registration Number 8345.
Christiana Selkirk died in 1957 at Preston, suburb of Melbourne, Australia at the age of 92.Registration Number 15531.

This Selkirk is part of a large family brick and paver business in Australia, Selkirk Bricks. You may like to look at their website.


There are some traditional pioneering families that made up the districts of Goorambat, Devenish and St.James in the 1800's.

Small rural townships just outside of Benalla, Victoria, Australia.

The properties were mostly wheat and sheep farms back in the early days.

I have been doing some reserach and have found names and links to these families. Details of when and where they were born, who they married, how many children they had and when and where they died.

Often the Birth, Marriage and Death Registration Numbers are available as well. Which is a bonus.

I have found surnames of- Cooper, Hooper, Berger,Old and O'Donnell intertwined.

Of interest is Thomas Hooper marrying Ada Edith O'Donnell in Youanmite on 30th March 1905. They had five children Thomas Walker Goodman, Edith Alma, Lillian Edna, Albert Samson and Elizabeth Martha.

Thomas Hooper's parents were Samson Hooper the 2nd and Martha Goodman. Samson was born in Cornwall on 16/1/1830 and died in Devenish on 30/1/1898 and buried at the Devenish Cemetery. Martha was born in Devonshire, England on 7/4/1836. She passed away at Boxwood on 4/2/1906. They had 12 children- Henry, Mary, Alice Tamsyn, Emiline, William John, Samson, Martha Emiline, Robert Goodman, Thomas and Richard.

This researching has come from me looking for O'Donnell information as that is my side of the family. Even though I have been doing extensive work with another old family the Tollidays of which I have married into. They also live in and around the Benalla township.

Get in touch if you want any information.



Fanny Sarah Tolliday and George Carey

Fanny Sarah Tolliday was the first daughter of John Curtis and Sarah Elizabeth Tolliday (nee Miles). She was on of eleven children born to the couple.

Her father John was the first child born to Nathaniel and Jane Tolliday (nee Curtis)of England.

Grandmother Jane and her 4 children John, Elizabeth, Christiana and William came out to Australia on the British Empire arriving in January 1855 at Port Henry in Victoria. Jane was a widow as her husband Nathaniel drowned before the family immigrated.

Fanny was just a little girl of about 2 years of age when she and her infant sister Eva, who was born in 1854, accompanied by their parents, grandmother, two aunts and one uncle and his wife arrived after 3 months travelling by sea.

It was a long journey one can only imagine how hard it would have been on everyone.

Fanny met George Carey and they were married in 1881. They had three sons John born 1881, George born 1882 and James born 1884.

Fanny passed away in 1888 aged 36 in Ballarat East. The Death Registration Number is 12134.

The boys were only young when she passed away. John would have been only 7, George was 6, James was 4.