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Frederick Numa Tolliday

Rose May Essenhigh married Fredrick Numa Tolliday and they had 2 sons and 6 daughters.

They lived in Victoria, Australia.

A reunion was held in Lima, Victoria in April 2007 when some family members of all the children of Rose and Fred were represented.

I will add details of their wedding date and when they died. They are both buried at Moorngag Cemetery near Benalla Victoria.

The children are-

Alice (Mrs Bill Renkin)
Reta known as Jean (Mrs. Cason),
Ethell (Mrs. Jack Heywood),
Mary (Mrs. Kevin Hide)
Charles married Hilda Elizabeth Corboy
Dorothy (Mrs. Max Evans).

Charles and sisters Ethell, Mary and Dorothy are the only surviving members of the family. Alice and Jean passed away in 2007, Grace in 2005 and Eric in 1979.

Grace never married and Mary who married Kevin Hide had no children.
Most of the families had 2-5 children each.

I have a local family tree in my possession up to date as at 2007.


Gain information, share information and chat live

There is a link posted within Family Tree Circles that encouraged me to go and investigate.

Here I found a real time chat room with like minded genealogists like you and me.

People happy to share any information they have with new genealogists. Show them how to start a search, offer suggestions of some places to look at and even will go do a spot of research while you wait. How good is that!!

You would be made very welcome at this site.
The only drawback is the time zones for all over the world.

But keep popping back until you find someone at home. Maybe you could even volunteer to share the adminning of the site.

Cheers all


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George William Tolliday and Margaret Young

George William Tolliday was born in 1874 in Scarsdale the Birth Registration Number is 19190. He was the 6th child of William and Priscilla Martha Tolliday (nee Barton). He was one of ten children and the 4th of 6 boys.

The family in birthdate order-

Nathaniel John born 23/10/1863. Married Mary Jane Richardson
Christian born 16/09/1865. Married Robert Selkirk.
William born 7/12/1867. Married Alice Harris.
Priscilla Martha born 3/02/1870.
John born 18/04/1872.
George William born 6/09/1874.Married Margaret Young
Frederick Numa born 11/04/1876.Married Rose May Essenhigh.
Alfred Barton born 19/01/1879. Married Annie Mitchell.
Sarah Elizabeth born 1883.Married James Davis Mann.
Alice born 20/02/1886.

George William married Margaret Young and they had nine children.
There were three girls and six boys.

The family in birth order-

Gordon Lindsay
Allen Raymond
Arthur Stanley
Trevor Barton
May Victoria Alexandra born 1/05/1901
George Frederick William born 19/12/1899.

Will fill in the dates of the other family members when I can.

George William was a miner and he passed away in Ballarat East aged 46 in 1921. The Death Registration Number 4269. Margaret died in 1959 aged 80 at Ballarat. The Death Registration Number 27035.

Hamilton Lewis O'Donnell from Omah, County Tyrone, Ireland updated Jan 2008

This gentleman came to Australia and was the great great great grand daddy of the Aussie O'Donnells here in Victoria.

He was born in Ireland and married Jane Stephens.

One of his children (Hamilton Lewis born 1810- 1866) married Emily Jane Todd and they had 5 children. Four boys and one girl.

One of the boys Hamilton Lewis O'Donnell married Annie Brown. One of their sons Albert Edward who was born in 1879 is my grandfather.

Hamilton and Annie had 13 children. Albert Edward was born in 1879 was Roy Albert's dad.

This is a very big family with ties to many other big families that lived in the late 1800's and early 1900's.

They have spread around Australia and some of the younger members of the family are using the Internet and search engines to share each other's information.

Keep in touch



I have decided to write a Family Tree, so if anyone wishes to share their information with me that would be wonderful.

Cheers and thanks


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Herbert Numa and Edith Evelina Drew

Herbert Numa is the first son of Jane and Charles Louis Numa.

His mother was Jane Martha Clark who came to Australia aboard the British Empire in 1855.

Herbert was born 14/7/1883 and died 14/7/1958. He married Edith Evelina Drew on 16/12/1916. Edith was born on 5/4/1887 and died 9/4/1992.

They had four children. Three daughters and one son.

Edith Nancy born 1/10/1917 and died 7/1918.

Dorothy Edna born 23/11/1918 and died 12/1992. She married John Holroyd and they had three children all married.(James, Richard and Joan)

Elsie Norma born 22/3/1921 married Thomas Fricker and had three daughters all married.(Lorraine, Judy and Susan)

Herbert Leslie born 22/6/1925 and died 17/4/1984. He married Elaine Frances Ruck on 25/11/1952.Elaine was born 26/11/1927 in Hawthorn. They had three children. Two boys and one girl. (Michael, Andrew and Amanda)

Immigration Records for New Australians

From a link posted here at Family Tree Circles then the link to

I have been investigating to see if it listed any of my family.

This is quite an interesting site and it may be worth your time to have a look around here and the other links it takes you to.

I thank all our dedicated editors and friends here who share their information with all of us.


Jane Tolliday nee Curtis from Cambridge

Jane Curtis was born in 1799. She was married to Nathaniel Tolliday.
and they had children Susan, John, Elizabeth, Christiana, William.

Nathaniel drowned in 1853 and Jane and her four children along with two spouses and three grand daughters migrated to Australia the following year.

John was married and he and his wife Sarah were accompanied by their two daughters. Whilst Elizabeth and her husband Charles had their infant daughter with them.

The ship British Empire left Southhampton on October 17th 1854 and arrived at Port Henry, Geelong, Victoria on January 15th 1855.

John and Susan were the same age according to a Census compiled so maybe they were twins. Or born very close together.

William married Priscilla Martha Barton 21st August 1862 in Ballarat.
They had ten children :- Nathaniel John born 1863, Christiana born 1865, William born 1867, Priscilla Martha born 1870, John born 1872, George William born 1874, Frederick Numa born 1876, Alfred Barton born 1879, Sarah Elizabeth born 1883, Alice born 1886.

William was born in 1837 in England and died 28th January 1887 at Allendale and buried at Creswick, Victoria.

John was married to Sarah Miles and had two daughters at the time of sailing, Fanny Sarah and Eva. They went on to have nine more children in Australia. Those children's names are:- John Robert, William Curtiss, Alfred John, Charles, Robert Porcher, Sarah Elizabeth, Ernest Montague, Jane Elizabeth and Albert. 7 sons and 4 daughters.

John Curtis Tolliday was born in 1827 in Cambridgeshire and died 14th August 1902 and is buried at the Ballarat New Cemetery.

Elizabeth was married to Charles Jonas Clark and they had a little girl named Jane on board when they travelled too. I am not sure how old she was, being called an infant, to me would mean she was born in the year they sailed namely 1854.

Christiana married Agnon Charles Numa on 9th August 1856 in Ballarat.

Jane died on August 10th 1886. She is buried at Smythesdale, Victoria. The family got together and a memorial plaque was placed at the gravesite.

I have written many journals on this Tolliday family and their descendants and they are listed and easy to find. I have also made a Tribal Page family tree. You are welcome to have a look at it if you wish.

Drop me a line and I will tell you how to gain access to the site.

Best of luck with your research.


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Jean Evelyn Harker and Walter Henry Love

Jean Evelyn Harker was born on 6th July 1895 at Devenish, Victoria, Australia. She was the first child of six born to Simon and Margaret Harker. Her mum was a Beattie.

She married Walter Henry Love on August 4th 1916 in the Surrey Hills Methodist Church.Walter was born in Devenish on August 7th 1885.

They had three children -
Walter Thomas was born February 1st 1917 at Benalla.
May was born June 28th 1928 at Benalla.
Margaret Annie was born May 2nd 1924.

Walter married Lillian Nancy Gall at the Presbyterian Church in Benalla on 23rd September 1950. Lillian was born 15th September 1920 in Benalla.

May married Thomas Henry Ford on December 15th 1944 at the Church of England in Benalla. Thomas was born on May 31st 1919.

Margaret married Leslie Bonney Damyon at the Church of England in Dandenong on May 2nd 1924. Leslie was born July 30th 1915.

Walter passed away on October 20th 1970, and is buried at the Springvale Cemetery. Jean died on 18th October 1985 in Dandenong she is also buried at Springvale.

John Alfred Tolliday and Clara Kerr

John Alfred Tolliday is the second son of Nathaniel John and Mary Jane Tolliday(nee Richardson). He was born in 1893 and was one of five children.

His siblings were-
William born first in 1886
Margaret Ada born 1895
Frederick Charles born 23/12/1897
Harold James born 1903

He married Clara Kerr on 25/09/1916 and they had two children.
A daughter Merle Esme born 10th April 1918 and Jack Douglas born 2nd November 1924.

He passed away on January 1st 1961 AGED 68. Death Registration Number 117. Clara passed away on 4th October 1980.

His father Nathaniel John was the first child of ten children born to William and Priscilla Martha Tolliday (nee Barton).

Grandfather William is one of the 4 original Tolliday children and the youngest member of the family to travel over on the British Empire with their widowed mother Jane Curtis Tolliday. They sailed from Southhampton in 1854 arriving at Port Henry in Victoria 3 months later in January 1855.

William's siblings were John Curtis, Elizabeth and Christiana.
John married Sarah Elizabeth Miles, Elizabeth married Charles Jonas Clark and Christiana married Agnon Charles Louis Numa.

From these two men there is a large family of Tollidays in Australia. Not to mention the daughters families as well although their names are not always available or carried through because their children do not carry the Tolliday surname, They are still from the Tolliday original English family of yesteryear.

The Family Tree is huge and still growing.

Meredith Tolliday

John Curtis Tolliday

His mother was Jane Curtis who was born in 1799. She married Nathaniel Tolliday.

John had siblings Susan, Elizabeth, Christiana and William.
John and sister Susan were the same age according to a Census compiled so maybe they were twins. Or born very close together.

I am not sure what happened to Susan at this stage. Or if I have the information wrong. I will get back to that eventually. She did not travel to Australia with the others.

After his father Nathaniel drowned in 1853, his mother Jane and his brother William and sisters Elizabeth and Christiana along with his wife Sarah Miles and Elizabeth's husband Charles Clark migrated to Australia.

The ship British Empire left Southhampton on October 17th 1854 and arrived at Port Henry, Geelong, Victoria on January 15th 1855.

John was married to Sarah and had two daughters at the time of sailing, Fanny and Eva. He was born in 1827 and died 14th August 1902 buried at Ballarat New Cemetery.

His sister Elizabeth was married to Charles Clark at the time of the voyage and they hadan infant daughter called Jane.

His brother William married Priscilla Martha Barton 21st August 1862 in Ballarat. He was born in 1837 and died 28th January 1887 at Allendale and buired at Creswick, Victoria.
His mother Jane died on August 10th 1886. She is buried at Smythesdale, Victoria. Not sure if there is a headstone on the grave as at 2007.

His sister Christiana married Agnon Charles Numa on 9th August 1856 in Ballarat.