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Nathaniel and Jane Tolliday (nee Curtis) Updated February 2008

Nathaniel and Jane had eight children. But only four immigrated to Australia with Jane in 1854. Nathaniel drowned in 1853.

John was born on 24th July 1824 and Baptized on August 15th 1824.

Susannah was born September 14th 1825 and Baptized 4th October 1825.

John Curtis was born March 14th 1827 and Baptized 22nd March 1827. He married Sarah Elizabeth Miles in England. They had 2 little daughters with them when they travelled to Australia Fanny and Eva. They had another nine children born in Australia.

Elizabeth was born 20/9/1828 and Baptized 17/4/1829.

Elizabeth (2nd) was born September 3rd 1932 and Baptized 23rd September 1832. She married Charles Jonas Clark in England. They had their infant daughter Jane with them when they travelled to Australia. They had ten children. Jane Martha 1854, Charles Benjamin 1856, William born 1858, William born 1860, Edward Joseph 1862, Elizabeth Numa 1862, Benjamin Thomas 1864, John 1866, Harry 1868, Louis 1871......

Clark children and spouses-
Jane married Charles Numa, Charles married Isabella Aisbett, Elizabeth married Alfred Tolliday. Benjamin married Josephine Lissant, John married Gertie May ZAITH Leith not sure?, Herbert married Mary Arkle.

Christina Baptized 8/3/1835. She married Agnon Charles Louis Numa in Australia. They had one son Charles Louis Numa who married Jane Martha Clark his cousin as listed above.

William Baptized 8/10/1837. William married Priscilla Martha Barton in Australia in 1862. They had ten children.

Sarah Ann baptized 7/7/1839. No details at this stage.

Out of these 8 children John Curtis, William, Elizabeth the 2nd and Christiana made the journey to Australia on the sailing ship the British Empire departing October 1854 and arriving January 1855.

The families often lost children at a young age and when they had a new child they would name it the same as the one they lost. Or slightly Susan to Susannah. Or John to John Curtis.

I don't have the details of these children's history. If they passed away. Or why they did not accompany their mum and siblings to Australia. I will update this when I find out.

Louis Agnon Numa and Charlotte Anne Lagarde and the Australian Connection updated June 8th 2008

Louis Agnon Numa married Charlotte Ann Lagarde and they had one son Agnon Louis Numa who was born in 1830 in Bordeaux.

Agnon met Christiana Tolliday in Australia and they were married on 9th August 1856 in Ballarat, Victoria.

Christiana was born in 1835 in Cambridge, England. She immigrated with her two brothers, John and William and her sister Elizabeth, her husband Charles Clark and mother Jane Curtis on the sailing ship the British Empire arriving at Port Henry, Victoria in January 1855. William is the ancestor of my line here in Australia.

Christiana and Agnon had one son and called him Charles Louis Numa he was born in 1857.

Charles married his cousin Jane Martha Clark. Jane was the infant daughter of Charles Jonas and Elizabeth Clark (nee Tolliday)(see above) and she had travelled with her parents on the ship to Australia in 1855.

This means Charles married his mum's niece. He and Jane had two sons Herbert Numa born 14/7/1883 in Carlton and Charles Louis Numa (the 2nd)born 1889 in Carlton North.

Charles and Jane lived in Shakespeare Street North Carlton and then in 1933, Albion Street West Brunswick.

Charles (the 1st) was a water inspector for the MMBW he passed away in 1899 at Footscray. Burial date May 3rd 1899. His wife Jane Martha Numa passed away at Brunswick in 1933 aged 79 DRN 7419. Burial date September 1st 1933 interred at the Melbourne General Cemetery.

Herbert (1st) married Edith Evalina Drew on 16/12/1916 MRN 11007. Edith was born 15/4/1887 to Herbert A and Annie Victoria Drew. Herbert and Edith had three daughters Edith, Dorothy and Elsie and one son Herbert Leslie.

Herbert (1st) passed away at Parkville in 1958 aged 74 DRN 7358. Edith died 9/4/1982 at Templestowe DRN 08467.

The details I have on their children -

Edith Nancy born 1/10/1917 BRN 27477 in Carlton North and died July 1918 DRN 8014.

Dorothy Edna born 23/11/1918 BRN 26045 died December 1991 . She was married to John Holroyd they had three children James, Richard and Jean who are all married.

Elsie Norma born 22/3/1921 married Thomas Fricker. They had three daughters, Judy, Lorraine and Susan all married.

Herbert Leslie (2nd)known as Bert was born 22/6/1925 and died 17/4/1984 DRN 08961. He married Elaine Frances Ruck on 25/11/1952. Elaine was born 26/4/1927. They had two sons Michael David born 29/4/1956 in Box Hill and Andrew Herbert born 11/8/1959 also born at Box Hill. Andrew married Amanda Swift 23/11/1991 they have one son Remy Samuel Herbert born 1/11/1984 in Los Angeles, USA.

Charles Louis (the 2nd) married Violet Irene Cole, daughter of William and Jane Elizabeth Cole(nee Newell). Violet was born in South Melbourne in 1890. BRN 25056.

Charles passed away in Footscray aged 78 in 1966. DRN 16265. Violet passed away in 1977 aged 87 DRN 23488.

Charles (2nd) and Violet had three sons and two daughters, I think.
Phyllis Violet May born in 1908 at Ken Hill? (abbreviation)BRN 12359.
Beryl Martha born in 1911 at Brunswick BRN 9166 and died aged 3 in 1915 DRN 974.
Horace Charles Reginald born in Brunswick in 1914 BRN 10162.
Herbert Keith born in 1920 BRN 18801 and married Francis Nellie Lamont in 1942 MRN 14256.
Jack died in 1934 in Carlton DRN 2702. No birth details or age at death but it is 24 years after Beryl was born. So the details must be somewhere.

Other names of interest to be linked.
Baby Steven died in 1971 DRN 12206. He was the son of Graeme Keith and Merilyn Joy Numa(nee Rampling).
Frances Nellie Numa (nee Lamont)died in 1981 in Melbourne. DRN 09155

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William and Elizabeth Tolliday (Tolladay)

Brief details of this family. Church records of the time.

Children -

Tim baptized 27/11/1791.

Charles baptized 10/3/1793.

Nathaniel baptized 18/5/1794, died at 7 years of age and was buried 5/7/1801.

William baptized 20/9/1795.

Mary Anne baptized 14/5/1798.

Bates Tolliday baptized 2/2/1800. Married Sophie Gawnthrop.

Nathaniel (my line) baptized 31/10/1802, married Jane Curtis. Nathaniel drowned 21/9/1853. His widow and 4 of their children immigrated to Australia arriving in Victoria in January 1855.

Elias baptized 26/4/1804. Buried 6/5/1804.

Sarah baptized 27/8/1805. Buried 27/10/1805.

When the second Nathaniel was baptized in 1802 the spelling of the surname was as TOLLADAY after this date all were noted down as TOLLIDAY.

Benjamin Thomas Clark and Ann Leaford Shuker updated May 2008

Benjamin Clark was born on 29th February 1799 at Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England. He was Christened on 24th March 1799 at St Peters in Cambridge. His parents were Thomas Benjamin Clark and Elizabeth Eusden Bell.

Ann was born on 19th June 1801 in Cambridgeshire. She was Christened 17th May 1903 at St Giles, Cambridgeshire. Ann's parents were Joseph Shuker and Elizabeth Harvey.

Benjamin and Ann were married on 25th September 1820 in the Holy Sepulchre Church in Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England.

They had 12 children over a period of 25 years.
The children were born from 1820 to 1845.

Their children were:-

Thomas Benjamin Clark born 23/11/1820 at St Peters, Cambridge and Christened 17/12/1820, married Susan Pryor 29/4/1848. Thomas passed away 11/10/1910.

Joseph John Clark born 3/4/1822 at St Giles and Christened 28/4/1822, married Maria Leach on 28/11/1844/ Joseph passed away 6/12/1892.

Elizabeth Clark born 15/6/1824 at St Giles Christened 4/7/1824, married George Handley 25/6/1846. Elizabeth passed away 5/10/1919.

Ann Clark born 15/8/1826 and Christened 15/9/1826, married Joseph Owen Clark 3/11/1846. Ann passed away 10/6/1913.

Frances Clark born 3/4/1828 and Christened 15/4/1828, married James Stratton February 1851. Frances passed away 2nd August 1894 in New York.

Charles Jonas Clark ( my link) was born on 20/9/1829 in Chesterton and Christened 11/10/1829. He married Elizabeth Tolliday on 12/1/1853. He and Elizabeth immigrated to Australia arriving in January 1855 in Victoria. Charles and Elizabeth had one daughter Jane with them when they sailed on the British Empire. Charles passed away 24/9/1894 in Australia.

Martha Clark born 18/1/1832 in Cambridge and married William Howard, she passed away 18/2/1924.

William Bell Clark born 6/8/1834 and married Frances Davies on 9/2/1862. William passed away 21/3/1921.

Benjamin Thomas Clark born 2/2/1836 married Mary Hughes on 16/5/1858. He passed away 28/5/1893 at Bicknell. Wayne, Utah. USA. Buried at the same place.

Susan Clark born 15/6/1838 and died 1/1/1840.

A new baby was born 11 months later in Chesterton, another daughter and she was named Susannah. Her birth date is 16/12/1840 and she was Christened 2/1/1841. Susannah married David Norris King on 1/1/1858, she passed away 29/11/1932.

Caroline Clark was born 28/4/1845 in Chesterton. She married James Briggs on 29/4/1865. Caroline passed away 23/3/1909.

Ann passed away 24th June 1848 at Fulbourn District, Chesterton, Cambridgeshire aged 47.

Benjamin married three more times and had more Clark children.
Details of these marriages in other journals. See Southwell, Larkin, and Butterworth.

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Look for family through National Archives and Military Service Records

I have found that I can search for my family through the Australia War Memorial website

There are a variety of ways to use the site.
You may find that your family member was enlisted in the AIF- in the RAAF or RAN and there may be details of them on Nominal Rolls. These print outs show their age, their occupation, where they enlisted and what company they were assigned to.

There is a search part for Missing In Action that has been sorted by the Red Cross and AMF Prisoners of War and Missing in the Far East and South West Pacific Islands can be found on

The Roll of Honour at Canberra is replicated here. So if you know your family member died in the War then you should be able to find their detials here-

Sometimes you can find out information like date of birth and old addresses from these military records.Birth records aren't as accessible as in previous times due to Privacy Laws.

There are a few other links so just surf around see what comes up with your surname.


The National Archives website is
You should join as a member as it is free. Go to Record Search at top of the first page. It will take you to where you log in and off you go
Here you will see Service Records of individuals, their service number and details where their records are kept.

If the records have been examined then they will have been scanned and available as digital copies for you to view, download and print off. If they haven't been examined then they haven't been scanned and not available yet. But it will tell you the Barcode and series number and if you wished you could go to the location and view on site I presume.

You only need to put in a Surname and not detail dates or conflicts. If you want to narrow your search then put in the full name as you know it.

I have found this a most enlightening and rewarding way to research those men and women that served our country in either World War One or Two. But for younger family members there is also a search area for Vietnam War, Korean etc.

I have even been able to obtain an Army photo of one of the men in my family. So that was wonderful.

Hope this helps some of you with your research.

Drop me a line if I can help you further.



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Gain information, share information and chat live

There is a link posted within Family Tree Circles that encouraged me to go and investigate.

Here I found a real time chat room with like minded genealogists like you and me.

People happy to share any information they have with new genealogists. Show them how to start a search, offer suggestions of some places to look at and even will go do a spot of research while you wait. How good is that!!

You would be made very welcome at this site.
The only drawback is the time zones for all over the world.

But keep popping back until you find someone at home. Maybe you could even volunteer to share the adminning of the site.

Cheers all


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Immigration Records for New Australians

From a link posted here at Family Tree Circles then the link to

I have been investigating to see if it listed any of my family.

This is quite an interesting site and it may be worth your time to have a look around here and the other links it takes you to.

I thank all our dedicated editors and friends here who share their information with all of us.


Thomas Hooper and Ada Edith O'Donnell

Thomas Hooper was born 4th October 1876. Birth Registration Number 22452. He was the 11th child of 12. Seven boys and five girls.

His father was Samson Hooper 2nd who was born at Altarnun, Cornwall on 16/11/1830 and Christened when he was a month old on 21/2/1830.
He died in 30th November 1898, and was buried at the Devenish Cemetery on 2/12/1898.

His mother was Martha Goodman who was born on 7th April 1836 at Devonshire England. She passed away at Boxwood aged 69 on 4th February 1906.

They were married in 1854 MRN 941 and they had 13 children

Their names were-
Grace Anne born 21/1/1855, died 1935 aged 80. She married Nicholas John Old who was born 12/1/1854. They had 10 children.

Henry (Harry) born Yuroke 1856 BRN 6624 and died 1857.

Mary born 6/3/1897 at Yuroke BRN 175. Married Edward (Curly) Hooper they had three daughters. Elsie May, Elizaberth Jane (Bessie) and Hazel May. From what I can see she married John Fullerton.

Alice Tamsyn
James Henry
William John
Martha Emiline (Mattie)
Robert Goodman

Thomas married Ada Edith O'Donnell at Youanmite, Victoria Australia on 30th March 1905. They had five children-

Thomas Walker Goodman known as Walker born 5/11/1907 at Berrigan. Died 1/12/1970 aged 63 at Sydney Hospital.

Edith Alma (Alma) born 20/4/1909 at Berrigan she passed away 1/8/1992 aged 83 at Wagga Wagga Hospital in NSW. Edit had married Claude Elliott Thompson and had 3 boys. John Elliott, Thomas Neil and Adrian Albert.

Lillian Edna (Edna) born 6/11/1910 at Berrigan and died 23/8/1971 aged 65 at Walsten Park Hospital, Wacol, QLD. She married Frederick John Ayrling and had two children, Gordon Frederick and Daphne Lillian.

Albert born 13/3/1915 and died aged 29 in Ambon, Indonesia on 17/7/1945. He must have been in the forces during World War Two. The SUPREME SACRIFICE.

Elizabeth Martha (Betty) born 19/9/1919 at Berrigan and died 31/8/1993 aged 73. She married James Wardrop Macartney who was born on 4/11/1908 at Newcastle upon Tyne, England. He passed away aged 76 on 12/1/1985. They had two daughters Annette Elizabeth and Marcia Edith.

Thomas Hooper died aged 85 on 5/8/1962 at Tootool in NSW.


There are some traditional pioneering families that made up the districts of Goorambat, Devenish and St.James in the 1800's.

Small rural townships just outside of Benalla, Victoria, Australia.

The properties were mostly wheat and sheep farms back in the early days.

I have been doing some reserach and have found names and links to these families. Details of when and where they were born, who they married, how many children they had and when and where they died.

Often the Birth, Marriage and Death Registration Numbers are available as well. Which is a bonus.

I have found surnames of- Cooper, Hooper, Berger,Old and O'Donnell intertwined.

Of interest is Thomas Hooper marrying Ada Edith O'Donnell in Youanmite on 30th March 1905. They had five children Thomas Walker Goodman, Edith Alma, Lillian Edna, Albert Samson and Elizabeth Martha.

Thomas Hooper's parents were Samson Hooper the 2nd and Martha Goodman. Samson was born in Cornwall on 16/1/1830 and died in Devenish on 30/1/1898 and buried at the Devenish Cemetery. Martha was born in Devonshire, England on 7/4/1836. She passed away at Boxwood on 4/2/1906. They had 12 children- Henry, Mary, Alice Tamsyn, Emiline, William John, Samson, Martha Emiline, Robert Goodman, Thomas and Richard.

This researching has come from me looking for O'Donnell information as that is my side of the family. Even though I have been doing extensive work with another old family the Tollidays of which I have married into. They also live in and around the Benalla township.

Get in touch if you want any information.