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Charlotte Reynolds/Clarke/Labat

Charlotte Reynolds was born to Peter Reynolds and Jane Rearns in Ireland birth c 1833 her family moved to Lancashire, England and Charlotte married Samuel James Clarke circa 1851. She gave birth to a son James Peter Clarke in 1851 in Lancashire. The family moved to Australia:
Samuel John Clarke born 1853 in Geelong, Australia - Margaret Jane Clarke born 1857 in Geelong, Australia - Charles Edward Clarke born 1858 in Geelong, Australia. Something went wrong in the marriage, no idea what, but Samuel James Clarke moved back to England and Charlotte stayed in Australia. There is a query regarding Charlotte and the local baker?! Her next child is Eugenie Labat Reynolds born 1860 - Mary Ann Labat Reynolds born 1861 - then Charlotte marries the local baker Francois Labat 19 Jul 1862 in Ballarat, Australia and has Jules Labat in 1863 Ballarat, Australia - Adolph Maximillion Labat born 1865 Ballarat, Australia. After about 1870 the Labat family disappear. I have tried to see if they came to England or went to France but I have found it very difficult to find out what happened to them from the time they left Australia

Can anyone help?

Looking for Haestier - Hayes - Spurgeon in Johannesburg South Africa

Looking for Haestier – Spurgeon in Johannesburg South Africa

Thanks to a member of familytreecircles I have obtained some information, which just might help if there is someone out there looking for our branch of the family here in England

My search continues looking for any references to help piece together what happened to the branch of our Ryan family that moved to Johannesburg South Africa in the early 1900s

Searching for information on the following:

1 - Dora Elizabeth Mary Haestier born 1894 Brighton, Sussex, England
Children: = Denis Hayes born circa 1926 Johannesburg
= Blossom Hayes circa 1928-1930 but she died of dysentery

2 - John Prideaux Haestier born circa 1902 Johannesburg S. Africa (Jack)
1st wife – Children: = Charles Philip Haestier born circa 1930s
= Ian Robert Haestier born circa 1930s
2nd wife = Patricia Dorothea Haestier born 1949 in Johannesburg

3 - Thomas Frederick Haestier born circa 1905 Johannesburg S. Africa
(Fred) married Maria Susanna Meyer. Are there any children from this marriage?

4 - Francis Gilbert Spurgeon born circa 1913 Johannesburg S. Africa
Married - Rona Joyce Ireland born circa 1919in Pinetown, Natal S. Africa
Are there any children from this marriage?

Would be grateful for any information thank you

Looking for Murphy, Hastier & Spurgeon in Johannesburg South Africa

I am hoping somebody can help me find my family in Johannesburg South Africa

My ancestor Mary Quigley Ryan born 1871 in Penzance Cornwall England and her sister Catherine Jane Ryan born 1873 Penzance Cornwall England went to live in South Africa in the early 1900s

Mary was married to John Murphy and had three children:
Dora Elizabeth Mary Murphy born 1894 in Brighton, Sussex, England
John Prideaux Murphy born c1902 possibly in South Africa known as Jack
Thomas Frederick Murphy born c1905 possibly in South Africa

Mary divorced John Murphy and married Jack Hastier
Mary died c1936 Johannesburg, South Africa

Catherine Jane Ryan married Alfred Spurgeon and had one son named Francis Gilbert Spurgeon, Catherine died 1948 in Johannesburg, South Africa
Alfred Charles Spurgeon died 1935 Johannesburg, South Africa

I would be very grateful for any information especially about the children and their families

Thank you

Looking for Clarke in Geelong

A few years ago some people on familytreecircles kindly helped me to find Charles Edward Clarke's parents. I am just wondering if any more records have come to light since then so that I can find out what happened to the children of Samuel James Clarke and Charlotte Reynolds. As far as I can find they came to Australia with a little boy James Peter Clarke who was born in 1851 in Lancashire, England. Then Samuel John Clarke was born in 1853 in Geelong but he died in 1857 in Geelong, then another child Margaret Jane Clarke born 1855 in Geelong but she died in 1857 and then my great grandfather Charles Edward Clarke was born in either 1857 or 1858 in Geelong

As far as I know James Peter Clarke stayed in Australia as well as Charles Edward Clarke but I am presuming that Charlotte must have died so who would have had the children? Samuel James Clarke came back on his own to England as far as I know and married someone else and had a daughter and lived in Lancashire.

I would be grateful for any help or pointers as to where to go and what to look for

thank you

Nancy Tuffill

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James Clarke and Charles Edward Clarke Geelong, Victoria

In my recent research I have hit a problem
Samuel James Clarke and his wife Charlotte Clarke (nee Reynolds) appear to have come to Geelong from England in 1852 with their young son James born c1851 they had 2 more children Margaret Jane b 1855 in Ashby and Charles Edward b 1858 in New Town (info gratefully received from Janilye & Tonkin on previous query)
The information collected said that Margaret Jane died in 1857. Through research back in England Samuel James Clarke came back to England around about 1862! but there is no sign of James or Charles Edward Clarke in England. He married again so presumably Charlotte his first wife has died? If she has, where are their children? James would only be about 9 or 10 and Charles Edward would only be about 3 or 4 years old
Can anyone work it out?

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Looking for Clarke of Victoria Australia

I am looking for any information about my gt gt grandfather James Henry Clarke, he had a son born c1857 in Victoria, Australia
Information from his son Charles Edward Clarke's marriage certificate states that James Henry Clark was a Merchant's Clerk. That is all we know!

Charles Edward Clarke came to Cardiff and married Alice Smith

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