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Wong Kee Ting China to Canada -had 2 children

Wong Wing So - China to New Zealand - had 3 sons
1, Wong Kee Ting had 2 children- and he migrated to Canada.

2 , Wong Fung Ting has 2 sons - came to New Zealand.

3, Wong Fung Sum came to New Zealand. he was the school princpal

Is there any one in Canada who may know this man. He'd be well over 100 years old. His children over 90, and Grand children , if any, in their mid 60s.

All from Gwa Leng Village, Jungseng, Canton, China later 1800s- 1960

Zengcheng New Zealanders - Book Review

You might meet a stranger at a wedding or a funeral and learn they are your village cousin without quite knowing what that means. At other family occasions, an ageing grandparent can be coaxed to tell stories from the days before New Zealand. These stories are fragments from another life: summer days spent tending water buffalo, the cloying perfume of lychees ripening on the tree, the sharp odour of saltpetre and the staccato percussion of firecrackers lit to keep bad spirits at bay.