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Help in Denmark & Swedish Emigration - Please

I am not able to connect with Denmark records and I believe there is marriage info for Anders G. ANDERSON and Marie SORENSON FROM 1860

I am a bit confused because a record I came across on line has Anders parents listed as Anders CHRISTENSEN & Kirsten THOMASEN

I do not have any further information on Marie.

DOB 19 March 1832 in Jutland, Denmark
Died 04 October 1912 in Shelby, Iowa USA

Arrived USA 30 May 1870 in New York
also have an arrival of 1866??

DOB 25-Jan-1839 Farup, Jutland, Denmark
Died 19-Apr-1903 in Shelby, Iowa USA

There children were Thora Sophia and Ida M.

I also would very much appreciate images and/or information on their emigration and Gothenberg passenger lists.


I apologize, I started my very first post wrong by putting my email address in and asking people to use that - I did not know how easy this was going to be ... I promise to get better! In the meantime, I am trying to put the wonderful information I have been getting - into the proper place. Thank you for your patience.

BIO: Not much is known about Ed. After he left the family in 1918 he was not referred to. His last daughter, who never met him, did try to locate him without the knowledge of her family. (That was my mother) He did have two sisters in East Cleveland, near 117th St. somewhere, but their names are lost to me at this time. Ed was born Ed LUCAS but adopted by his step father whose name was Virkler. He was born in "Upstate NY" (as Edwin LUCAS) wherever that entails about 1888-1890 -

Rec'd a letter from my Uncle Bill that says there was no divorce, he just abandoned his family. No wonder not much is remembered about him, and none of it fondly. Uncle Bill says their was a national warrant for his arrest, but never was heard of again.

Received letter from Helen VIRKLER HORST... "His mother's 1st marriage was VIRKLER... Two daughters... Divorced... 2nd marriage to 'LUCAS' divorced... changed Edwin's name to be the same as older sisters Virkler. [Just the opposite of what I had been told for years]

I know he was a chauffeur to the Wilson Family at the time of his disappearance.

He was not born and raised a Catholic, but converted to marry Elizabeth Mary "Tibby" HARTY on October 7th 1908 in Youngstown, Ohio.

Any information on the HARTY Family

My Grandparents - Elizabeth Mary HARTY and Edwin Ben VIRKLER were married in July 1908 - I have a photo of their wedding at 122 W. Chalmers Ave. Is there a chance that anyone could get me an UTD photo of the house?
(BTW I did get a copy of their marriage certificate - it was mis-written/filed under the name BIRKLER)

ANY INFORMATION concerning my grandmother's family would be greatly appreciated. I THINK he owned a cigar/smoking store of some sort -
MICHAEL HARTY 1844 - 06-Oct-1894
BRIDGET BENNET HARTY 1845 - 28-Apr-1900 she was a man's tailor

they lived at

643 W. Federal Street / Youngstown, Ohio (a photo would be very appreciated)

I would like any information on what church they would have belonged to before the Cathedral was built - Very Irish Catholic. Their daughter was the first organist at the Cathedral when it was built.

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ANY information for EDWIN BEN VIRKLER

This is my grandfather. He disappeared just prior to April 8, 1919 from Cleveland, Ohio. I made a promise to my mother to continue her search for him. April 8 was the day she was born - the last of 6 kids. Her father was a chauffeur - a mechanic - ... The 6 kids were never allowed to know what happened? One day he was there - the next he was not.

I only know he was born in UPSTATE NY ?????? 11-Aug-1885 We were told (for what it is worth) that he was born with name of LUCAS - Edwin Ben LUCAS - I assume - and somewhere along the line his mother married a man named VIRKLER and his name became VIRKLER to be the same as his siblings.

thank you

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