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Welcome to

Hello and Welcome. is a new approach to an old technique of Genealogy Research on the Internet: Community and Sharing.

All over the Internet are groups of people sharing genealogy information. Email lists, message boards, websites. Email lists and message boards are great ways to communicate with a community of people, but what happens to the information that has gone by. I personally subscribe to 3 rootsweb mailing lists and the vast amount of information that flows by there every week is incredible. And if I'm not paying attention to every message that goes by, I'll miss something.

Message boards have a similar problem. I watch message boards for a few surnames, but the informations is provided only in chronological order and in message format.

Personal family research websites are great. But it takes a special dedication and talent to create a useful website, never mind find the time to do all that work in addition to the genealogy research that we already don't have time for! Finding those websites can be a big challenge and possible only if Google and the search engines have found it first and include it in their search results.

So as we all research and discover our family history, most of us just write it down or type it in and store it away in our computers and filing cabinets.

So we thought, why not allow researchers an easy way to store online the information that they're storing at home. Organize the information by user, in categories, and by surname.

That way, once you find a researcher who's information you're interested in, you can keep a close eye on that without having to watch information you don't need from countless others.

And you, as a researcher, can post your own information. Others will find your information and maybe fill in the holes in their own research, but they will also find you. Birds of a feather...

And why stop with research information. If you've got other genealogy information to share, write an article about that. We'll post it for the world to see in one of our general site categories.

We hope you enjoy this resource.

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My BAKER line has a dead-end at a BENONI BAKER who married ABIGAIL ADA...

My BAKER line has a dead-end at a BENONI BAKER who married ABIGAIL ADAMS. Benoni was born in Orleans, MA in the early 1860's, not to be confused with the other very well documented Benoni Baker from the same timeframe.

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Researching the JANGRO family originially of western MA. The name Jan...

Researching the JANGRO family originially of western MA. The name Jangro comes from GINGRAS, then JANGREAU.