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My grandfather Michael Alfred McDowell son of John Patrick McDowell and Ellen McDowell, was born 24 January 1906 in Ballymena, County Antrim, Ireland (Eire) he left Ireland after Irish War of Independence and The Irish Civil War. He was born of both the green and orange sides and to stay and join the Fenian's or the Orange Order would have meant bringing harm to blood family. If he had not left Eire we would all be in the Fenian's or worse.

He came to Auckland, New Zealand he married Sophie Esther Anderson then divorced and married my grandmother Jean Mildred Tanner who was born in Te Puke, New Zealand. He fathered two boys with my grandmother and then past away in 24 January 1973.

My father Brian Dennis McDowell was born in 1954 and married my mother Jillian Patricia Kyle (Clan Kyle is Sept to the MacDowall clan) daughter of Glennis Munns of the Stuart's of Bute (Direct descendant of House of Stuart, Lord Tristam - Knight of the Round Table and cousin to the late Prince George, Duke of Cambridge).

After acquiring a home in Tauranga, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand, my parents had three boys Shannon, Carl and Anthony McDowell.

Our share in the Clan will continue on with my daughter Eilish McDowell and my brother Carl's three kids Oliver, Lilly and Rose McDowell.

We are of the Irish Mc Dowell's with the "e" who resided in the counties of Ulster and Kilkenny however many McDowell's also resided in the counties of Roscommon, Longford and Donegal, Ireland after leaving the ancient clan lands.

The McDowell is the Irish version of the Clan MacDowall and originate from ancient clan lands of Galloway, Scotland and are a branch of Clan MacDougall.

The McDowell family in Ireland are descended from the Danish Vikings who settled in Argyll and the Western Islands of Scotland. Their great ancestor was Somerled, he was the master of Argyll (on the west coast of Scotland) and he was killed in battle against the Scots in 1164. (Argyll and the Western Isles were not ceeded to Scotland by the King of Norway until 1266.)

A branch of this family settled in Ireland in the 1240s. Initially they served as galloglass (professional mercenary soldiers) for the OConor Clans in the Province of Connacht. For the next 300 years or so, the McDowells are recorded in various ancient Irish records as professional soldiers, serving a number of different Irish Warlords in various parts of Ireland.

The Clan MacDougall Coat of Arms is quartered and in these arms are two ancient royal emblems, the Black Galley of Lorn symbolizing descent from the royal house of the Norse and the lion symbolic of the descent from the Scottish Kings of ancient Dal Riada.

Clan MacDougall is part of Clann Somhairle along with Clan MacDonald and Clan Macruari, they desendants of Somerled a Celtic descendant of the male line of the High Kings of Ireland, namely Colla Uais and Conn of the Hundred Battles.

In the very ancient past some Gaelic people left Ireland and went to Galloway Scotland and around 1124 after the merging of the King Fergus, 1st Lord of Galloway Scottish Kings of ancient Dal Riada with that of the Norse Viking Royal blood lines of the Dynasty of Ivar, Princess Elizabeth Beauclerc of England, Clan MacDougall was born.


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