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Thanks for contacting me. Ive been busy tring to find more info on the people from different web sites. I have more info on some ancestors. However Im NOT geting out of this one.Ur has been helpful.Id like to see if Im able to collect more info from u if possible-on ur Slade side??If you would/could send me names/dates, etc.
whatever u can send mite be helpful.?I plan to get a book & put in the names Im working on ,so itsd easier for me. Id really appreciate it alot. Thanks Janet

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Moon of Stratton -from????

I found Benjamine Moon/Elizabeth Faye married 10/9/1825 Somerset,vt Anyone know anyof this.????

BenjamineMoon ,Stratton,Vt

Benjamine Moon/Elizabeth Faye wife. Would anyone know if they were white/indian?Would anyone know of their
parents etc.??Who were their parents??Thanks Janet

BenjamineMoon1797/ElizabethFaye 1793

I just found they are my gramparents-on my mom side. Benjamine lived I guess in stratton Vt/with Elizabeth Faye-wife.Dau Malantha born1834 ,mar-Jerimiah Durias Styles, does anyone have anyinfo ,knew them,heard of them?????? Thanks Janet


Hi Scott, I did replky to ur email -it didnt go thru.However Id like to say-I asked for ur help in my quest of
SLADES. There just might be a small connection-who knows til we get there.?There is a Caroline on my side too.Carol daughter.Does ur gram have siblings?My side were all in VT.Mabe if u gave me some names .some would
hit me.???Janet


Anyone out there know anythingon Proctor from canada??Ira P/Harriet Knight-married Peter Knight.Im inteested in anything. Janet


I thank u for having this site.Last time I was on I ran into a cousin.We have not met as yet,but have found each other after yrs of being separate. This is awesome. Im still searching for any info on my lines-Knight,Cobb,Styles, French,Herricks. I ran into info on Herricks of Salem,witchcraft-not sure.My dad Maurice R
Cobb married Olive Herrick,her dad LeGrande Herrick of Pawlet Vt. is des-of those Herricks of Salem. Sad story of what took place-so much killing. Im still trying to find connection.We were told different story growing up.
Many lies. However when I get a lead I check it out.Im still searching to see if Im part Apache.Ethel Knight was to be.Im finding different on this also.I just located a cosuin close by-hopin to meet up & run over old times-connect with info if can.Thanks for ahving this site for anyone to finally connect.Janet


I have many names to check out.My story is confusing ,as I was told one story as child.I felt it would be nice if I could get much info on my ancestors to pass to my children & down thru. HOWEVER as the more I dig-my story is changing.What I started with is NOT.So,I find my parnets put out a big lie.My gram was Apache-NO-so far.My dad had been married to give baby name-my dad Maurice Raye Cobb Sr.married Olive Mary Herrick-Pawlet Vt.1931,they were about 22.Aout 1942 My oldest brother was born-not sure of the mom.My dad & mom married 1949.?she told me she was 16,he was 30.??I find Olive with 3 children my mom with 2.I was born 1951. So Im checking out LeGrande Eastman Herrick/Ella Mabel Hewitt. LeGrande lived in Pawlet Vt. He was a soldier. If anyone can send me ANY info -might help to clear things up. WOW! Janet


I NEED help. Im searching & got stumped.Ill put it down-
LeGrande Eastman Herrick-7/8/1874-b Pawlet Vt.mar-Ella Mabel Hewitt-Ny
10/30/1878- one child Olive Mary H-5/9/1911 ,Marshall County,Iowa.
Maurice R Cobb(my dad ) b12/18/1909 Vt.mar-Olive 6/16/1931.It shows they had 3 children-NO names as their living.
Now dad mar-(mom) Pearl Bernice slade-b-3/18.1923
Windhall,Vt.4/2/1949- it shows 2 children still living -except on just passed.Now,gramp-slade-Leo Ora mar-Lena Beatrice Smith b 1908-
mar-1935. Then mar-(gram) Hattie Belle french-b1891.
Now 1931 my dad -
gramp 1935.This is 4yrs difference. Also it says that my dad & Olive had 3 children-& my dad & mom had 2 chidldren.How can I sorththis out??& also the difference in ages.anyone sort this out???PLEASE??

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Any info on Slade-Windhall Vt??Anyone???Leo Ora S.????Any would be better than none.