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Hi, YES, Im still searching for these people.Have found alot of info& still adding. Gramp Nelson French was married to Lydia Styles-she passed,he was 48-he then married Viola Knight of chester vt.they lived in Wardsboro.Married Greenfield Mass.Her dad Moses H.Knight/Emmaline L Skinner. I aslso found a cousin-Laurie from BellowsFalls,vt. Also Steven Slade from my home town,bondville,vt. I go in different directions,as it gets tiresome ,so try work from different name.anyhow or way to gather info.Nice to locate info.I enjoy finding documents on anyone.



I didnt hear back from u. What names do u have on the Slade side,where r they located???R u related???R WE related????Thanks

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Keawah(not sure if this is speled right) Feather 12/25/1905

Conn. 048-03-5919..He mar Leda V cobb,they lived in Almira NY,for some time..I saw pic of him with his outfit..Headress and all. I don't know what type indian.???Leda was aunt,my dad sister.Maurice R Cobb,born Rawesonvill,Vt. 1909/mar Oliv Herrick 1931/Pawlet Vt. Then 1949/Pearl B Slade....



Anyone have info on Geronimo? Im told thru gossip,my gram Proctor mite be related-just searching-to get clues. I know he had many wives.
He was a real famous warrior. I understand of him killing as him finding his own family killed for no reason. Id like to know names of wives & where they lived & all his children.Id like to make a journal. Thanks

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I have many names to check out.My story is confusing ,as I was told one story as child.I felt it would be nice if I could get much info on my ancestors to pass to my children & down thru. HOWEVER as the more I dig-my story is changing.What I started with is NOT.So,I find my parnets put out a big lie.My gram was Apache-NO-so far.My dad had been married to give baby name-my dad Maurice Raye Cobb Sr.married Olive Mary Herrick-Pawlet Vt.1931,they were about 22.Aout 1942 My oldest brother was born-not sure of the mom.My dad & mom married 1949.?she told me she was 16,he was 30.??I find Olive with 3 children my mom with 2.I was born 1951. So Im checking out LeGrande Eastman Herrick/Ella Mabel Hewitt. LeGrande lived in Pawlet Vt. He was a soldier. If anyone can send me ANY info -might help to clear things up. WOW! Janet


I NEED help. Im searching & got stumped.Ill put it down-
LeGrande Eastman Herrick-7/8/1874-b Pawlet Vt.mar-Ella Mabel Hewitt-Ny
10/30/1878- one child Olive Mary H-5/9/1911 ,Marshall County,Iowa.
Maurice R Cobb(my dad ) b12/18/1909 Vt.mar-Olive 6/16/1931.It shows they had 3 children-NO names as their living.
Now dad mar-(mom) Pearl Bernice slade-b-3/18.1923
Windhall,Vt.4/2/1949- it shows 2 children still living -except on just passed.Now,gramp-slade-Leo Ora mar-Lena Beatrice Smith b 1908-
mar-1935. Then mar-(gram) Hattie Belle french-b1891.
Now 1931 my dad -
gramp 1935.This is 4yrs difference. Also it says that my dad & Olive had 3 children-& my dad & mom had 2 chidldren.How can I sorththis out??& also the difference in ages.anyone sort this out???PLEASE??

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indian /native american ??

Im searching for info on my uncle Keewah Feather ,he mar Leada Cobb..They lived Almira NY..
Her parents Burton J Cobb/Ethel E Knight of Mich..Im not good at searching myself ,as I don't know where to go & no credit card..I feel others are much better at this..I have a couple people helping me on some of my lines..I have many to search thru..I thank anyone for giving me a hand.....I have nothing on him only he was full indian.Cherokee?Shawnee???No idea..I go where ever I can to get a little inf & work on it to find answer...
Thanks Janet

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John B Cobb,-Josepha Vt. Peter Knight-Harriet Proctor-K- Ca& Maine

They r to bemy 2xgramp & gram cobb Windham Vt?Im looking to c WHERE they orihinated.If anyone can help me please.I am gathering bits & pieces.I have some on Cobb,Procotor,KnightI dont have a story as the one I was told when young is totally different then what Im learning.
John Cobb is my 2xgramp-Josepha -gram.
Peter Knight-Harriet -P-K-(dads mom side) my 2xgramp & gram.Both dads side,I do ahve other names,just have to gather them.Peter #1 wife May Savage ?#2 Harriet P-had Ethel,my gram.Harriet from Ontario,Nothrumberland, Ira Russell Pro--mar-Harriet Elizabeth Butler-,Josiah Pr-mar-Almira Hodges,Josiah Pro-mar-Susanah Chamberline-(his dad).Not much dates places as yet.Janet

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John Slade etc.


Im NOT 100% sure but I looked up all the names u gave me.

John-S/Martha Abbe:
children:Chase-,Samuel-1762,Martha-2/6/1767-Conn.,Danile-8/22/1764-Conn.,William-11/25/1756 Conn.,Thomas-8/22/1764 Conn.,John,Edith-1825-England,Hannah-1838-England, Mary-11/4/1821-england,An-8/11/1833-England.(their children-mar-)
Will-Ann:mar-6/19/1783 Curry-Rivell,Somerset,England.

Allen-1797-Alstead,NH,Henry-10/11/1798-Alstead NH.,Will-8/6/1790-Alstead,NH.,Thomas-5/21/1780 Alstead,NH.,Achsah-4/1/1785 NH,Asenath-4/6/1787-NH,Anna-3/24/1782-NH.,anna Maria-5/17/1853 -Boston,Suffolk,Mass.(I have couple other names that include Ora A.Slade- my gramp was -Leo Ora Slade-this dont mean same I know ,just felt to pass on.

Thomas/Clarrisa:Howard-6/16/1803 Northfiled,TWP,Washington,Vt,Calista-9/26/1807-same,Vt, Lovina-9/8/1805-same,Allen 7/8/1882-same, Thomas-1864.

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John Wilkin Wales 1570

Just by the info I have -I could use some help here.This was dad to Asa Knight -mar-to Melinda Adams .I have all their children.Im trying to get info on John.Parents too. He is dad to AsaK. So if anyone can send me anything to work with.Thanks.