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Slade-Windhall Vt.

Id like help-gramp Slade- Leo Ora-his dad Ora Leo.zMarried to Hattie Belle French. Had several children. I dont have much info.Just they came from Vt.??NO other info-HELP=-PLEASE.Janet


My gram came from Canada.Harriet Proctor-searching to find her dad.I was told Ira Russel P/Harriet Elizabeth Butler was ,yet find it NOT ,they had son-who had no children.Can anyone help me ?Id like to find the connection from whom any Proctor is connected.?I her they came from England as there are Proctor who came from there & went to Vir.etc.How in the world can I locate any??Im doing Cobb,Proctor,Knight Styles,French-many.Janet

Proctor -Northumberland,Ontario,Canada

Im searching for my gram-Ethel Knight/Burton Cobb
Harriet Proctor/Peter Knight.Harriet was from Northumberland ,Ontario,Canada. Id like to find out whereher parents came from & who they are?I was told Ira RusselP/Harriet Elizabeth Butler-but they had a son=-he had no children.So? I do have Ira dad-Josiah/Susannah chamberline,Josiah/.So not sure if that was all true???This is very hard .Anyone have any ideas??

John Wilkin Wales 1570

Just by the info I have -I could use some help here.This was dad to Asa Knight -mar-to Melinda Adams .I have all their children.Im trying to get info on John.Parents too. He is dad to AsaK. So if anyone can send me anything to work with.Thanks.


Im searching for many memebers of my Cobb tree In which I have found many .Then Ill work on slade. Its hard work b ut very interesting.I find different ppl all the time.Some not mar-some with different names then the surname.,Burton,Peter,Ebenezer, Asa,John(hes from Wales I think) Im still going.Thes r just a few.If anyone has some info -PLEASE send my way THANKS. Janet


Im NOT sure of where they lived? Moses Knight /Emma L.Skinner had daughter Viola A Knight, she married my great gramp Nelson W French after my great gram passed.However that means Knight on my moms side .
Also,my dad who had great gram Harriet Proctor /mar-Peter Knight of Maine,my gramp mar-her daughter Ethel Knight who lived in Avon Mich.
There was a fued ,but we got small bits & pieces of it.We were told dad/mom were cousins. However I dont have all info.Im searching to finmd WHERE Moses came from & Emma.There r several different names for her or different women Moses lived with,they each had same middle int-L.Nelson mar-Lydia Styles first then after widow,mar-as it states servant-Viola,she came from Chester.Vt.1865.I dont know what kind of servant-or where.?There is info ,just trying to connect it all.If anyone has better info PLEASE help. Thanks Janet

John Slade etc.


Im NOT 100% sure but I looked up all the names u gave me.

John-S/Martha Abbe:
children:Chase-,Samuel-1762,Martha-2/6/1767-Conn.,Danile-8/22/1764-Conn.,William-11/25/1756 Conn.,Thomas-8/22/1764 Conn.,John,Edith-1825-England,Hannah-1838-England, Mary-11/4/1821-england,An-8/11/1833-England.(their children-mar-)
Will-Ann:mar-6/19/1783 Curry-Rivell,Somerset,England.

Allen-1797-Alstead,NH,Henry-10/11/1798-Alstead NH.,Will-8/6/1790-Alstead,NH.,Thomas-5/21/1780 Alstead,NH.,Achsah-4/1/1785 NH,Asenath-4/6/1787-NH,Anna-3/24/1782-NH.,anna Maria-5/17/1853 -Boston,Suffolk,Mass.(I have couple other names that include Ora A.Slade- my gramp was -Leo Ora Slade-this dont mean same I know ,just felt to pass on.

Thomas/Clarrisa:Howard-6/16/1803 Northfiled,TWP,Washington,Vt,Calista-9/26/1807-same,Vt, Lovina-9/8/1805-same,Allen 7/8/1882-same, Thomas-1864.

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I didnt hear back from u. What names do u have on the Slade side,where r they located???R u related???R WE related????Thanks

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Anyone have info on Geronimo? Im told thru gossip,my gram Proctor mite be related-just searching-to get clues. I know he had many wives.
He was a real famous warrior. I understand of him killing as him finding his own family killed for no reason. Id like to know names of wives & where they lived & all his children.Id like to make a journal. Thanks

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Ive done much digging & HOPEFULLY I found her.She -Betha was mygrams Slade niece- her brother Elmer French daughter,born in Mass. she has been in Brattretreat scine small.I guess.I hope this is true.Now I move to the next person.I have soo much NOTEs I have to staple each plie then go back & read over them.I have found Knight on my mom side & dads .NOT sure if related. Janet

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