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Bertha ???Windhall/Brattleboro/???Vt.??/help???

Well,I have only a name.The story was ,when I was young that thru family talk -grapevine-my gram Slade -guess had a dauhter -she lived in Brattleboro retreat. I have no info ,Im trying different names to locate her.My sister said our mom-Peral slade-Cobb went to visit her with gram & Bertha screamed tore her dress & ran out of her room.
I have info on my aunts-grams children-no Bertha,gram dad/mom,were Nelson W French3/20/1863 Lydia E styles 1/1868 Stratton,Vt. also have ggrandparents. Ive been searching ino snags this one is very difficult.she had to been born 1920 at least.I dont know if shes was under grma slade or what name.There was Styles,French, Cobb, Benson.
The fued was that gram did not want my mom & dad to marry- dad was raised by Cora S Styles -mar- Lucius Benson.,dad s name was Morris then.I dont know if Bertha mite be anyone child , sister???They all came from Stratton,or windhall,Vt Jamaica too.There r many Bertha Ive forund but not rite one.she has connection to Hattie Belle French-Slade.I was told gram went out with a French guy or Styles.Being young never know.Too many stories.My sister was also told.Ive looked up another Legrand Eastman Herrick-his dau-was to have mar-my dad before mar-mom. Story goes. Herrick from Irish,Welsh,Scotish,guess.


In my searching of families-ive come upon some very interesting info.It seems that I have KNIGHT on both sides.IF CORRECT.
My gram-Hattie Belle French-4/1891 her-dad-Nelson W.French 1/1863-
Lydia E.Styles her mom-1868.However in my digging deeper ive found his #2 wife-stating HE a widow-he married Viola A.Knight -servant-
Greenfield Mas.1909.Her parents Moses H Knight /Emma L skinner -had several children-he also has #2 wife her sis or a relative unless name got changed-Eveline L.Skinner.My gram -Hattie has Elmer,Herbert, for brothers. There is another sister or relative of grams -she as far as Ive ever heard was in Brattelboro Retreat-Bertha French. Her name is Hattie Belle Frecnh,Styles,slade -mite be mixed up some.Im not sure if she was mar-or what -why she has these names no clue. Im still searching to find connection on these Knight .Mite NOT be one.There was a big huge fight back then of my mom & dad getting hooked .His mom Ethel Knight from Mich-her -dad Peter Knight-Maine,mom
Ontario Ca.Harriet Proctor. Im searching to find info on Lydia Styles.Nelson parents-Amasa W.French-mar-Hanah A.Styles.Janet

John-Josepha Achsah Gale

they mar-2/3/1842 windham vt.they are french.Id like more info if possible. I can use any info I can get.Cobb,Proctor, Knight. This is on my dads side.Most of the Cobb were from windham,Vt ,came from Maine.Id like to see if they originated from England???Janet

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Im looking for any Chamberline -around Maine,Ontario Ca.,England ?
Im hopin I find her -5xgram.Thanks Janet

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John B Cobb,-Josepha Vt. Peter Knight-Harriet Proctor-K- Ca& Maine

They r to bemy 2xgramp & gram cobb Windham Vt?Im looking to c WHERE they orihinated.If anyone can help me please.I am gathering bits & pieces.I have some on Cobb,Procotor,KnightI dont have a story as the one I was told when young is totally different then what Im learning.
John Cobb is my 2xgramp-Josepha -gram.
Peter Knight-Harriet -P-K-(dads mom side) my 2xgramp & gram.Both dads side,I do ahve other names,just have to gather them.Peter #1 wife May Savage ?#2 Harriet P-had Ethel,my gram.Harriet from Ontario,Nothrumberland, Ira Russell Pro--mar-Harriet Elizabeth Butler-,Josiah Pr-mar-Almira Hodges,Josiah Pro-mar-Susanah Chamberline-(his dad).Not much dates places as yet.Janet

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Taunton COBB

Im taking down all I can find on this COBB family.I have MANY notes.
I have made mistakes already as Im not sure of how to arrange names is fun & VERY tiring.As so many parents -sooo many children-etc.I have much more to go but Im hopin to post it on ancester .com if possible.It will be a while -Im slow-lol.I will probably have to redo some.I hope many of u IF u need any info CAN use it.It is very interesting.I was planing to do some of my own but I hit this on family search & started looking.It is now 2:35 pm.I was up 5a.m.I AM taking breaks -I have to.-lol. I still have other names-as of my own to get done.I really hope this can help any of u.??Janet

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Sussanah Chamberline

Im not sure if Ive already added her in I have soooo many here.She would be my #5xgrandma-hopefully- I have no dates,b:d:mar-,only that I guess she was from same as the rest Nortthumberland Ontario Canada.
Ihave so many notes Im trying to get them all together.Sussanah-is on my dads side-Maurice Raye Cobb.Ill go this route-
John Cobb-12/4/1833-2/1/1013(wife)Josepha A.Dale /Gale-I found it by Cobb-2/3/1842-6/7/1833=(Burts dad)
(son)think-Burton Joseph Cobb-7/13/1868-11/3/1953
Ethel Knight-(wife-Burt)12/6/1870-1/8/1909-Rawesonville Vt cemetary-where my parents r.
Peter Knight(my ggramp)Ontario Canada-nothing as yet?I was told Maine?
(Ethel dad)Harriet Proctor-Knight-9/12/1873 Northumberland ,Ontario Canada(Ethel -mom)
Ira Russell Proctor-(parents -Harriet) b:12/29/1825-Northumberland,Ontario,Canada
(wife)Harriet Elizabeth Butlaerb?d?mar-9/26/1854(mite be from same plaeO,Ca.
Josiah Proctor(#4xg)1797-4/29/1824
Almira Hodgesb?d?mar-1824(wife)-Well ill have to start another one-WHEW.Janet

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Almira Hodges

She was my #4xgrandma on my dads side-Maurice R cob.Id like to find out where she came from?Gramp-Josiah Proctor 1797-9/29/1839 -all I have.Janet

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Im searching for Josephine Elizabeth Butler,she mite be related as I have Harriet E Butler.?I hae many others-most Proctor.Janet

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Bertha French/Styles/Slade? Brat-Retreat-Vt??

The story we were told she lived at Brattleboro,Reteat,Vt.Im unable to locate her.I dont know what relation she is.Could be my gram -sis /daughter,????Im searching any name & taking notes.I have both sides-(dad) Cobb(his dad)Knight(his dad) Proctor(dad-mom) then her mom etc.Whew.Northumberland ,Ontario Canada they came from .YIPPIE,so far so good.Jamaica,vt. too. Then I have Slade,(gram-mom -ma) Styles?French?My mom side.Mostly vt.I went with my sis to Rawsonville cemetary & searched all anmes I knew of & wrote down all i thought mite be related.Dates to.Now that Ive found a site that seems to be helpful ,lol-I cant get off it. It so interesting to locate people who r related to people I know.But soo MANY.Im up to 4xgramp-gram Proctor & still havent gotten all the info yet.Janet

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