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Lydon Families in Kiltimagh Ireland

Thomas Lydon was born in Kiltimagh Ireland, he moved to the North East of UK and married my grandmother Ellen Scanlon they had four children that I am aware of during my family research. And I have one photo of Ellen and her children. Thomas Lydon served in the army during WW1. If you think you maybe a distant relation, please post a message below, any details regarding Thomas Lydon will be of great value to our family research. Regards Summers

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Fry Scanlon

Do you have the surnames Fry and Scanlon in your family tree, with links to Portsmouth and the North East of England . Please view my other Journals regarding Scanlon Family and post a message below, any information no matter how small will be of great value to my research . Thank you regards Summers

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Robert Taylor - Hebburn to Manchester

Seeking Family members related to Robert Taylor who moved from Hebburn County Durham, to live and work in Manchester.

My Uncle Robert Taylor joined the Manchester Police Force, He married a lovely Manchester Lady, and they had one Son and two Daughters.

Maybe you are a friend or relation to the Taylor Family, I am trying to contact my Cousins (Robert Jr and Norma )who may still live in or around the Manchester area -For many years the Taylor family had a shop in Manchester maybe you or your senior family members can remember the Taylor family. Maybe one of your relatives was also in the Manchester Police Force and have memories or details to share regarding my uncle Robert Taylor who played in the official Police Band .

Any information or links no matter how small will be of great help.

My late Uncle Robert Taylor was a keen photographer and the Taylor siblings may have some photos of my late grandmother 'Ellen Taylor' that Robert took over the years on his visits home to the North East

Can you help with information regading my 'Taylor' cousins.

Regards and thank you for reading my Journal


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My Uncle Robert Taylor moved from Tyneside to live and work in Manchester..he married a Manchester lady and together they had two Daughters and one Son.
Robert was for many years a serving Police Officer with the Manchester Force. And also played in the Police Parade Band.
When Robert retired they moved for a short while down to Brighton.

Roberts parents were Michael and Ellen Agnes Taylor. His siblings were called Ellen jr, Katherine, Tommy (Thomas)

His mother Ellen Agnes (maiden name SCANLON) had two Sisters who moved to Portsmouth to live and work. The sister were called Sarah and Dinah.
If you find that you have similar details in your Family Tree, please do post a message.

If Robert Taylor was one of your relatives please post me a message.. It has been a good few years since I posted my original Journal and while I did get a positive reply no follow up or contact reply has been forthcoming, I have a number of family photos that I would like to share with Taylor cousins, and they in return will have rare family photos of my Grandparents taken by Robert Taylor snr, during his visits to North of England. Any information no matter how small will be of great value to my research . Thank you for reading my Journal

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I have posted a photograph of my two Great Uncles, Phelin and Peter SCANLON.

The photo of the SCANLON Brothers, shows Phelin (standing) wearing his Canadian Army Uniform. After WW1 Phelin stayed in Canada, and worked on his Farm (area of Farm unknown) Maybe you can help with information.
I am also still seeking information, no matter how small on Peter Scanlon, I gather he went to live in America. (Peter is sitting in the photograph)
Do you have a similar photo in one of your Family Albums

Regards Summer

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Within my Journals I have posted a few photographs one each of the SCANLON sisters, ELLEN, SARAH and DINAH, if you have similar photos, in your family albums, then please do post a message. Our Family Parish Church is Saint Aloysius Hebburn .
Latest update Sarah had two Sons and a Daughter, when she married she became Mrs Fry I have photos of her family taken in a studio setting, also a photo of her Daughter's wedding photo. If you have the names Scanlon - Fry in your family tree please post information below.
Regards Summer

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My maternal Grandmother was called ELLEN SCANLON born 1885 in Wallsend County Durham England.

She married my Grandfather Thomas Lydon (dob unknown ) in South Shields in 1912. Thomas was born in Kiltimagh Ireland.

They had four children that I am aware of;
Thomas jr...Catherine....Michael....the youngest son Philip died following an accident.
The family lived for a number of years in Prince Consort Road HEBBURN on Tyne, County Durham,.

If you can help with any research on the family, please do post a message any information or details no matter how small will be of great value ....sincere thank you to all who can help...Summer

Update I have a photo showing Ellen Lydon with four of her children, and I am willing to share with members of the Lydon family who are also doing research. I am told that my Grandfather came from Kiltimagh in Ireland and may still have distant relatives named Lydon in the town .

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PHELAN SCANLON, Said goodbye to his parents Phelan and Bridget in Hebburn on Tyne, County Durham.

To his younger brothers and sisters also left behind, this was to be the start of a new life, truly an new life adventure for him and his brother Peter, who was going to travel with Phelan.

At the tender age of 19years, PHELAN's life in CANADA moved forward yet again when on 4th August 1916, he signed for the-
'200th Battalion - Canadian Overseas Expeditionary Force'
I have recently found a photo of Phelan in uniform, and hope to post it with my Journal soon.

Born in BELFAST -IRELAND on 15th April 1897. PHELAN SCANLON was my Great Uncle, as my ongoing research unfolds more of PHELAN's life I am so proud of what he achieved.

If you have any details that would help my research into the SCANLON family history, all I would ask is please do post a message.If you have any photographs of Scanlons, please consider posting on site. Maybe you also had a relation who served in the Canadian Forces at the same time as Phelan if you did please post a reply. Sincere thank you and many Blessings to all who can help.

Regards, Summer

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Any details no matter how small will be of great value to my research.

My grandmother ELLEN AGNES SCANLON born Wallsend on Tyne County Durham England in 1885, Her two sisters Sarah and Dinah moved from HEBBURN ON TYNE, and settled in PORTSMOUTH ENGLAND.

Around 1965/66,I took a holiday in PORTSMOUTH, sadly this was the last time I saw both SARAH and DINAH. I know they had family living on the South Coast, but I do not have any details. (If you are related please do post a message..we could be distant cousins...)

The parents of Sarah and Dinah were Phelan and Bridget Scanlon.

If the names rekindle any memories for your family, and you can recall the sisters, as maybe old family friends then please do post a message .....I do have posted photos of the Scanlon Sisters within my Journals and hope maybe you have a similar photo in your family albums. If you have any photographs showing the Scanlon Family, please do share a copy on site.

Please do take time and read my other Journals regarding, the SCANLON FAMILY, who lived in the NORTH of ENGLAND.

Sincere Thank You, and Blessings to all who can help......Regards Summers

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Do you have a PETER SCANLON or PHELIN SCANLON link listed in your family tree.

Peter and Phelin were brothers to my grandmother ELLEN AGNES SCANLON,(ELLEN b 1885) they all lived as children in HEBBURN ON TYNE, COUNTY DURHAM ENGLAND

PETER from family information went to America.
PHELIN went to Canada, and joined the Canadian Army

I am aware that one of the brothers was married and had at least two sons (any information or links would be of great value, in my research..)Please help me find relatives of my two Uncles.
If you have any details or leads that may be of help no matter how small the link ,then all I would ask is can you post a message for me I will truly reply.

Sincere Thank You and Blessings to all who can help..Regards ..Summers

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