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BessieMae Burrell4-13-1938-Mother and daughter

I can tell you I always thought my mother was Beautiful .Her hair when I was growing up was black.She had green eyes and long legs.When Moma sit she could wrap her legs around her other leg again.Moma was dark complexion.She was very bright .During school she helped me with English.She loved to read and loved to listen to Lorretta Lynn and Conway Twitty on her stereo.She bought albums to enjoy while she cooked or did something for one of us girls.We all enjoyed listening to her sing along with the albumsoma made the best fried chicken in the world.I remember Moma teaching me how to make biscuits .Finally after I ruined all the flour because I kneaded it too much ,she said maybe I was better off just helping wax the floors .I laugh now cause she's been dead for a long time.Now after years of practice I can make biscuits.Oh I wish I could just have one more of hers.Moma was a very proper woman .She taught me a lot and yes civilized this wild girl.At times it was funny how when she said no I knew to be quiet .I remember Moma working at Inman Mills.She worked 2nd shift .My oldest sister Mary Lynn cooked supper for us.Moma and I grew close as I grew up.Moma was sick a lot when I was 12or 13.She had a heart attack and we found out later it was a stroke.Charleston was where she had open heart surgery.These were hard years for her .I knew then that we were living on borrowed time.Moma was a spirited woman and lived many a year after then.We use to have coffe together after I grew up in the mornings.I think about Moma every day and know she's laughing at me every time I make a pan of biscuits.