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The Walk of our ancestors.

I am in awe of the photos that I found last night as I was researching NZ.Check them out on facebook.The skies are a gorgeous blue and captured by the beauty of the Isles.This beauty in the 1800 probably was unspoiled forestland that our ancestors thrived on.What an adventure .What more could you ask for?Nature and all it's beauty .But behind all of this is the fight of survival.Follow my ancestors and well find how even the strong and courageous sometimes make choices that affect their people hundreds of years later.

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What was my best accomplishment?

Sitting here with my cup of coffee I had to smile.I felt like a kid at Christmas who just got a new present.This past week I got a real gift.I met a new family member.If you read my journals you'll see my mother aunt Elsie I listed.Her daughter gave me 4pieces of paper with the information out of her mothers Bible.I had tears in my eyes as I remembered Elsie .When I was small she would be at the store my grandfather ran.I was so blessed that she took her time to write this down for me.My biggest accomplishment was meeting her daughter.We talked awhile and she told me Elsie s birthday was August 7The same as my grandfathers.I shared with her how I had seen her mother Elsie right before she died.Elsie said I know you!I knew she did but I couldn't place who she was.Then one day after she died I remembered who she was .The biggest hurdle has been learning to talk to other family.My older sisters remember some but 1800 is a whole new ball game.Right now we are tring to identify some old pictures listed on Facebook on my profile page.Some are so old but you still can see them.Sure would be a shame not to know who that tall dark headed lady whose picture is beautiful.She has such Burrell features.Then again she may O r. may not be.Even if she doesn't theirs a sweet story waiting to unravel!

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