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Found that California connection to my Burrell line!

Ronnie Joe Hawkins birth Jan.21,1944,Spartanburg S.C.Parents are Altie Burrell Hawkins and Samuel Ted Hawkins(Altie and Ted are buried at Bethel Baptist Church,Landrum S.C.)Ronnie was My Great Uncle ,once removed ,-Ronnie Hawkins Died Feb.6 ,2011.Served in the Air Force.

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Genealogyof Bessie Mae Burrell Cooper

Carl and Loula Ray Burrell had two more children buried at Bethel Baptist Church-CampobelloSC.-Edgar Ray Burrell-Born1934-1937)-Also Infant sonBurrell-1947-1947-I'm not sure how but I believe these are grandpas cousin Vergie Burrell-born Febuary14-1934Died febuary15-2006-buried at Bethel Baptist church also.AltieBurrell Hawkins-nov.5-1919-DiedJanuary1st-1981-remember Altie was Carl Roberts Sister.husband of Altie was Samuel Ted Hawkins-august-18-1918-diedOctober15- 1986-Daughter Debra Renee Hawkins Nov.17th-1961-died-December22nd-2009-Altie had another daughter will list when I get it.VernieR.oct.8-1903-may12th-1977-Ossie H.BurrrllMarch-15th-1908-july26-2004.C.Easton Burrell july18-1940-january25th1990-BessieBurrell Burns-May 30th1900-June-28-1983-Jamie A-January20-1895August 18th1950-Burns-(...)-Posey Wilson I already listed but here's his born-Nov.28-1932-June-27th1994-Shirley his wife-25-oct.1938-may3-1998-also Herberts Dau.Carolyn is a Hatchette-Linda Green Vance.Ok-Charlie Albert 2nd Wife AnneWolfe Burrell-September25-1908-Died sept.1988-She was 1st married to Otis Wolfe.Chid of theirs Lurley Mac Wolfe-born-Sept.24-1928G'villeCounty-Died-Nov.4-1932-4years4-Days-14DaysDied from Operation.Weaver was Anne maiden name.Buried at Motlow creek Baptist Church Cemetery.Death Cert.States lived in CampobelloSC.Please excuse any mistakes.I appreciate any input and will change it.

Halloween Boo!Dont go digging at 2:30in the morning!

I know I get sidetracked when I'm researching .Here is a story that is a little chilling but yet unusual.Here I go along reading about N.Z.What a gorgeous place .I came upon this story of an interesting gentleman.His name was William Tucker .William was a British convict who was always into mischief.William was born16May 1784-Died-December1817-William traveled a lot and could be found passage on a lot of ships.What is he most remembered for ?Starting a retail trade of human heads!At 2:30 in the morning that is I guess my Halloween Boo!

Identifying Old photographs!

I have a picture on Facebook that I have been trying to identify.First off it looks like the 30s but maybe later.Asheville is written on it.Well I happen to look and the name Charkes is written on it.Could this be my great aunt once removed Nervie Burrell who married a Moss???Was her husband Charles if so she is the beautiful lady in the picture.To view look at my photos on my profile page.

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Kansas Land of opportunity!

Kansas in1854was a land of open prarie.Here they came from all over to take advantage of the settlements with opportunities!Free and cheap land provided by homestead act and the railroads attracted many.Agriculture remained the occupation,until1920.The homestead act was passed in 1862by Congress!Most people settled where people of same descent settled.Having a neighbor of same culture came in handy when you needed a helper or companionship.Blacks started a a new town called Nicodemus.After civil war andbefore1890population increase by greatest amount in history.Immigrants came from Europe.Some children were abandon or homelessThe children's Aid society of New York operated Orphan Trains!1854-1929-Of the 150,000 children that left New York nearly 5,000 of them were adopted by families on Kansas.By the end of1800German speaking people formed the largest immigrants in Kansas.Many others came from Volga River in Russia.They called themselves Volga'German or German Russia.Russian Swedish pioneers who moved to central Kansas in1800 Framtidslandet'(The Land of the Future!Many left Sweden when starvation threatened.Sweedish encouraged their family and friends to join them in Kansas!Mexicans came to Kansas to work on the railroad.They found work in the sugar beet production.Mexicans settled in Sw part of Kansas!The HMOnG originally lived in the mountains of southern ChinaThey were pushed into inhospitable lands,From growth of The Han Chinese civilization!This resulted in exodus of Hmong to nations of the south.The Hmong of Laos fled the country after Vietnam war.Some of them settled in southwest of Kansas in the1970s.America has always been a land of opportunity!Kansas with its diverse heritage is a great state of opportunity for pioneer life and even today ,Kansas is enriched by the diverse immigrants!Sources for this came from Kansas Historical Society!

Library bound!George Burrell 1854birthLondon-migrated to Aus.-Died1872?

Gold mining was popular then.Shakespeare family owned a gold company their.Panning for gold.In1858Installing lines for telegraph in Austrailia was a major accomplishment.Zin1872 Austrailia was linked to rest of world for the first time.Couldn't you imagine how excited they were.Doesn't that remind us of our computer era.
I have a feeling I'll find what I need at the library!

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Looking for Bessie Mae Burrell Cooper of LymanSC

Geneology of Bessie Mae Burrell:Born4-13-1938 to Loula Ray Burrell and Carl Robert Burrell.Bessie Mae married Jackie Cooper of Hollys Springs SC .abt 1956Bessie had brothers Herbert Burrell-Sister Betty Burrell-Brother Homar Burrell.Carl Robert birthday is 7Aug.1911-29april1984-Loula Ray born 3march1910-22aug.1970.Carl Robert and loula married ?.1930abt?.Herbert was born -27Aug.1932.Still living-Herbert married Reginia Wilson deceased parents of Virginia Wilson 'Jen'wereArthur Augustus Wilson-1911-1983)Mother Maybell Culbreth Wilson1911-2004)sisters Namcy Smith-Edith Smith-Evelene Thompson9 Grandchildren and6great grandchildren.2nrothers Posey and Pete Wilson. One of them married Shirley.Buried at Bethel Baptist Church CampobelloSC.Children born to Herbert and Jen are Carolyn-Linda--David(Kim).Betty Jane Burrell Gilbert born Oct.11-1936Sept.14-2001.Betty married Lawrence Nathan Junior Gilbert.They Had Elizebeth Elaine born8-29-1955-She married Michael Foster born 6-25-1952-Nancy Born March21-1957-living-She married Larry Grigg.-Larry died -widowed Nancy is-Sandra Kay Gilbert-6-29-1959-She married Thomas Ray Robinson born9-26-1958-Robert Gilbert married Barbara bornaug 6-1954.Robert was born in December.Bessie Mae Burrell married Jackie Cooper and they had Mary was born before marriage Mary Lynn Cooper 8-5-1956?-deceased-she died 7-29-2010?-She was cremated by her choice!livedAl in Chattanooga Tennessee.Shr first married Johnny Webb of Greenville,SC,then she married2nd husband Burton I don't rmber first name.3rdhusband was Rick Hopkins.Angela Kathleen Cooperborn1-4-1960-She married 1980abt.Phil HinesSC.2nd husband wAs John Jennings of Greenville SC.Angela lives in Tennessee.Lana Jackie born8-10-1963-she first married a Roger Tony Smith,2nd husband I don't remember.Lana lives in Greenville SC.Valerie Janice Cooper born 8-31-1964-married James Dillard Sheltondivorced married in 1989To Jeffery Dale Creel9-9-1989-At Drayton Church .reception at Shrine Club.also Homar Burrell Loula and Carl Burrells son married Jerrill Waddell .Stacey born in oct. Mistey born ?Stacey married a Tucker and Mistey married Painter.

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Looking For Family ancestors through Cousins!

I had the privilege of attending my uncles 80th birthday party.Herbert Burrell :My mothers brother.My mother was Bessie Mae Burrell4-13-1938.To make a long story short My grandfather(Carl Robert Burrell8-7-1911-)Sister Elsie Burrells Daughter Gave to me a whole bunch of research.A first cousin Sandra Robinson had shared with her at her church Bible Baptist that I couldn't place a gg grandfather.How sweet of her to take the time to help me!Please forgive any mistakes now here goes-I last left off at Peter Burrell birth1849Glassy Mtn.Greenville,SC.Died 1900-In Weaverville,Buncombe NC.Mother Emaline Gosnell Burrell-brother Alvin Burrell-sister-Lida Burrell-Sister Harriet Burrell-Brotherlawrence Burrell-Anderson' '''-John. '''This is out of a bible given to her by her mother!No dates just names-Bessie's mother Rosie Waldwrop Tesseneer-Dad Robert TesseneerSister Jane-sister Minnie-Bessie brother Torse Tesseneer -Nat-sister-Flossy -Martha-Now here is something new-Charlie Burrell after Bessie died married a Bertie Lou Abernathy.Married in Aug.1942-Lived together for 1year!Then as I already have listed Charlie married Annie Weaver Wolfe in 1968-I've already listed my Grandfather Carl Robert Burrell-Listed here is Carl Robert Burrell brother Harry married Teledo Bradley-Died-Children were-Vergie and Dorthy-Both deceased-Harry then married Bergie children-Kathy-Tammy -Dianne-Fred I listed as marrying Mona Medley -Children -Gerry(Gerald Louise)-Nancy Frida-Listed also is Nervie -married Charlie Moss -Children are-Charlene-died -Eva gene-As I already listed Nervie died and Charlie married Edna-I listed Altie Already her children -with Ted Hawkins are -Charles -Ronniedied -Brenda-Debbie-Died-Altie adopted a girl and cousin Carolyn finished raising her .Elsie married as I listed W.H.(Dub Forrester)children-Larry Joe-Linda Elaine.-Joyce Ann-Olsie married Frank Ottis Hunsinger-children Billy Frank-Francis Levenia(Pat)C.A.Married Lois Mcswain children are Sandra -Karon-J.C.Married Virginia Lockhart-Children-Roger -Donna-Later I will list who these married and Surnames-By the way it sure was good to see my cousins Linda-Carolyn-David-Robert my aunt Betty son came too.His wife Barbara-Uncle Herbert had a good birthday.My sisters Angela and Jackie came .Herbert had remarried a Zlois Kilpatrick .I met her Grandson.Well glad to get this new research.It helps a whole lot.Thank you!

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