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Where is Mississippi?

Daddy job was Superintendent of field crew.Sometes he was gone a long time on his job.Time went by fast growing up.Their never seem to be enough time to play.I remember my sister and I had a push car .All day we would push it up the hill and laugh as we road down.On this particular day a neighbors dog came over.It had snowed and school had been canceled.Our friend who lived near us walked over to our house.Then their I stood building the best snowman you had ever seen.My sister sure could roll snow good.She had just rolled enough snow for Frosty head.Then their the dog name Shag went cocking his leg up .We screamed and ran.The Dog ran and we left our friend standing their.Outside we could hear the phone ring.We hadn't had a phone long.It was Daddy calling we could hear Moma Talking.All of a sudden we heard Mississippi.And then silence.Girls come in she said.I'm going to Mississippi.Then next thing cousin Libby came and brought her stuff.They left Greenville Spartanburg Flying Delta .at our house this was special for Moma Fore she always stayed home,Daddy had told Moma that he had gotten a piece of steel in his hand at work.Some how it had swollen up and they had admitted him in the hospital had never flown and she said years later that she loved to fly.To us girls we had fun too.The stories Moma told us were great.She said , herand Dad would walk and you could hear people playing Music.Dad and her would smile every time we talked about Mississippi.

Finding Olsie Burrell Hunsinger Obituary!

Olsie was born19of May-1925-Died June11th-2005.Daughter of Charlie and Bessie Tessner Burrell.Wife of Frank Hunsinger.Olsie attended Walnut Hill Baptist and retired from Sears and Roebuck Co.Son B.F.Hunsinger .A Daughter Pat Taylor Rice.of Spartanburg Co.Buried at evergreen Memorial Gardens.(4Grandchildren and4Great grandchildren) ---

Love Thy Neighbor!For Violet!

New Zealand:From Ancestry .com-John Burrell-Birth 1907-Died 1981other Iris Ellen Garrett Born-1904-Died 1979-married 1928-Children born 1-Birrell Jean Iris -2Birrell Phyllis May--3-Birrell Joyce Pamela

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Does anyone know how to identify old pictures?

I have some old pictures my cousin gave me .Some are so old their co
Ing apart.I'm screed to pick them up.How can I identify these family members?My cousin Libby was kind enough to loan them to me .I thought I would at least try to find out who they are.Asheville is written on one of them .I know one says Charlene Moss.Nervie married a Moss.Theirs a beautiful dark headed woman with a dress time period looks 1930.I really not sure.Then theirs a man holding a little blond headed girl,looks like Asheville or a mountain area gorgeous.The Rays I mostly have identified.

Thank you for your time!

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Who Told That Story?Truth Or Family Lore.

I was always told we were Cherokee .Moma I think looked it.High cheek bones and black hair.Dark Skin.I have seen Ray on the rolls but never a Burrell?Shawnee I have reason to believe a Burrell could possible be.Research shows they were in Tennessee after or shortly after trail of tears .I'm still reading book.Let you know what I find out.I won't say that I visited Cherokee a lot when my children were coming up such amazing spirit.Even if these claims were wrong I think I learned a lot by the myth.

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BessieMae Burrell4-13-1938-Mother and daughter

I can tell you I always thought my mother was Beautiful .Her hair when I was growing up was black.She had green eyes and long legs.When Moma sit she could wrap her legs around her other leg again.Moma was dark complexion.She was very bright .During school she helped me with English.She loved to read and loved to listen to Lorretta Lynn and Conway Twitty on her stereo.She bought albums to enjoy while she cooked or did something for one of us girls.We all enjoyed listening to her sing along with the albumsoma made the best fried chicken in the world.I remember Moma teaching me how to make biscuits .Finally after I ruined all the flour because I kneaded it too much ,she said maybe I was better off just helping wax the floors .I laugh now cause she's been dead for a long time.Now after years of practice I can make biscuits.Oh I wish I could just have one more of hers.Moma was a very proper woman .She taught me a lot and yes civilized this wild girl.At times it was funny how when she said no I knew to be quiet .I remember Moma working at Inman Mills.She worked 2nd shift .My oldest sister Mary Lynn cooked supper for us.Moma and I grew close as I grew up.Moma was sick a lot when I was 12or 13.She had a heart attack and we found out later it was a stroke.Charleston was where she had open heart surgery.These were hard years for her .I knew then that we were living on borrowed time.Moma was a spirited woman and lived many a year after then.We use to have coffe together after I grew up in the mornings.I think about Moma every day and know she's laughing at me every time I make a pan of biscuits.

Burrell Family Crest And Origin of Name!The Bruce Motto Fuimus(We Were)Latin.

Burrell family origin displayed;English Spelling variations of this family include Burrell-Burrel-Birrell-Burrill-Burril-Berrill...etc.Burrell name first found in Berwickshire where they were seated from very ancient times.Some say well before the Norman Conquest and the arrival of Duke William at Hastings in 1066A.D.First settlers of the name were 17th Century.George Burrell who settled in Lynn Mass. In1630.John Burrell settled in Boston 1635.Robert settled in Virginia in1663 with his wife and3 children.

Coat Of Arms:Many Symbols were adopted into armoryand used since the time of ancient Egyptians.In the 11thcentury the most ancient recorded seal of arms were found in Wasserburg.the church of St.Emeran,Ratisbon(Regensburg)Germany.the symbols were Lion (rampant)countercharged.Dated1010.During reign of Stephen (1135-54)Richard (1157-1199)used at least two seals.(two Versions)In-18he bore two Lyons for The DutchessPf Normandy.In his second great seal (1198-he added a3rd Lyon)for the Duchy or "an JOU'Seals were used for identification.A Coat of Arms were prestigiously worn!they were designed for Kings and kings and nobles that had long ago passed away.Egbet 802-839)is credited with making azure (a Cross)
.Established so well regulations and laws and specialized language were put in place.Specialist are called Heralds'.Gradual abolishment of armies meant less use of coat of arms.16thcentury labor of love of this art was destin to foresee it as a decorative art.
England regulated this by King Richard.England founded in1484-King Richard was granted the sole privilege of granting arms in England.Some were actually using the same ones in battle.Famous case of Richard Scrope '1st Baron of Bolton ,Yorkshire'And Sit Robert Grosvenor from Cheshire both discovered they were using the same arms on the battlefield!They both laid claims to it.The college of Arms serves England-Wales-Northern Ireland.Burrell is an English Scottish andNorthern Irish.Occupatioal name.Someone who wildfires woolen cloth.From old French Burel.Can be used as adjective meaning reddish brown .Suspected of Usuage of nickname referring to dress or complexion.Admiral symbols were used as a reward for merit and secured by the humblest as well as the highest.Warrants of bravery ,heroism,or deeds of merit of our ancestors.Popularity grew and distinction was reason for this.Crest worn on top of the helmet provided identification and gave inches to height.Families used these as War Cry of the family.'the Bruce Motto'Fuimus(latinWeWere)Refers to the Fact that the families were once Kings of Scotland!

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Where Is Ingleside Baptist Church?

I'm gonna list these because I feel they are my great grandmothers people.May Gods Angels rest in Peace.Bessie Mae Tessner Burrell .notice spelling.The other spelling my uncle Herbert said was a different set.Bessie born April 6th1897.Died May 13-1934-Charlie my great grandfather b.Dec26-1891-died-June11-1976-This grave yard was behind the church.Ingleside BaptistChurch.I road in my car from my cousin Elizebeths house (which use to be Papa Burrells house)Go to town of Campobello.Take right at caution light .Go about 2miles and turn left onto blackstock road.keep going straight and cross bridge church is located on right.Fenced in these graves are behind church.LandrumSC.Children ofJ.B.Tessner-Bobby DonaldMay -1st-1938- no other info.given.Margaret Lois -march-16-1940All info given.-All Died May 21st-1951-Brown Jr.b.march24-1942-Died-May21st-1951-Peggy Jean Oct.16-1949-Died nov.25-1949-Goldie Brenda Tessner-b-Aug.-15-1943Died Jan.6th1944-Tammy W.Dau. OfLloyd and Peggy Tessner.born dec.25th1970-April14th1971-

John BrownTessner BornJune17th1915-died Jan.15th1986-Dorothy Marie Tessner Dec.15th1921-June14-1998
What beautiful names !I love Goldie Brenda Tessner name! If anybody remembers these let me know .I am Bessie Mae Burrell Cooper s Daughter.Granddaughter of Carl and lula Burrell.Great granddaughter of Charlie and Bessie Burrell!

Library bound!George Burrell 1854birthLondon-migrated to Aus.-Died1872?

Gold mining was popular then.Shakespeare family owned a gold company their.Panning for gold.In1858Installing lines for telegraph in Austrailia was a major accomplishment.Zin1872 Austrailia was linked to rest of world for the first time.Couldn't you imagine how excited they were.Doesn't that remind us of our computer era.
I have a feeling I'll find what I need at the library!

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