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The heart Takes You Home to Love!

Grandma Burrell always welcomed us with open arms.My Aunt Betty and her children lived with my grand parents.Grandma and papas house stood on a hill .Papa worked at the clothe shop in the town of CampobelloSC.Papa also worked at a store in town.I remember Aunt Elsie always smiling and papa and her talking.They always took time to tell a joke or give you a snack, family a lot of his sisters lived right in the town of CampobelloSC.Aunt Altie,with her husband Ted.Elsie lived right their too.I believe Elsie was a Pruitt or Forrester.Uncle Herbert and his children came by to see papa and Grandma.Herbert lived right down the road from Papa.Their were 13of us all together on the weekends for years.I cherish those old memories of papa and Grandma.I remember the old well .Getting a drink from the dipper sure was good and cold.We gathered firewood to keep the fire to the wood stove burning.I don't remember getting bored fore when you went to bed you were tired.A good tired though.Grandma was sick a lot .She was a bad diabetic.I believe she had several back operations.In factoma said it was the diabetes that took her away.Grandma loved to chew chewing g and she would gladly give you a pinch,.When she passed things changed a lot .I guess my favorite memory was Grandma and Papa sharing a big breakfast with us on the weekends.Papa and Grandma gave us love but they gave us freedom.I remember the cool breeze blowing off the mountain.(HogbackMountain.The River baths and those good ole crabapple trees.Papas brother JC. Papa said helped build the new house.The year was abt.1970.Now I wAs born in 1964And I don't remember them living anywhere else.

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Burrell !Family Crest and Origin Of Name!

Researching name and origin.Family Crest I've seen .Interesting design.Hoping to establish what those symbols mean!Who were the first group of people to take the Burrell Name?

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Genealogyof Bessie Mae Burrell Cooper

Carl and Loula Ray Burrell had two more children buried at Bethel Baptist Church-CampobelloSC.-Edgar Ray Burrell-Born1934-1937)-Also Infant sonBurrell-1947-1947-I'm not sure how but I believe these are grandpas cousin Vergie Burrell-born Febuary14-1934Died febuary15-2006-buried at Bethel Baptist church also.AltieBurrell Hawkins-nov.5-1919-DiedJanuary1st-1981-remember Altie was Carl Roberts Sister.husband of Altie was Samuel Ted Hawkins-august-18-1918-diedOctober15- 1986-Daughter Debra Renee Hawkins Nov.17th-1961-died-December22nd-2009-Altie had another daughter will list when I get it.VernieR.oct.8-1903-may12th-1977-Ossie H.BurrrllMarch-15th-1908-july26-2004.C.Easton Burrell july18-1940-january25th1990-BessieBurrell Burns-May 30th1900-June-28-1983-Jamie A-January20-1895August 18th1950-Burns-(...)-Posey Wilson I already listed but here's his born-Nov.28-1932-June-27th1994-Shirley his wife-25-oct.1938-may3-1998-also Herberts Dau.Carolyn is a Hatchette-Linda Green Vance.Ok-Charlie Albert 2nd Wife AnneWolfe Burrell-September25-1908-Died sept.1988-She was 1st married to Otis Wolfe.Chid of theirs Lurley Mac Wolfe-born-Sept.24-1928G'villeCounty-Died-Nov.4-1932-4years4-Days-14DaysDied from Operation.Weaver was Anne maiden name.Buried at Motlow creek Baptist Church Cemetery.Death Cert.States lived in CampobelloSC.Please excuse any mistakes.I appreciate any input and will change it.

Who Are These Burrells ?Bessie Mae Burrells family!

Searching for the Burrells Wasn't hard !Then as I hit the 1800 tracing down the right decedent of my family was the hardest!Just how many Georges are in Austrailia?I guess the brick wall for me is the writing is so different,it's hard to understand!What is stow or chr?Ok we didn't learn this in English!I I have enjoyed finding my grandparents .Charlie Albert and Bessie Tessner Burrell-Charlies 2nd wife Annie Wolfe.Peter and Emeline Burrell.I have been looking for Carl Robert Burrells wife my grandma Rays parents!I have been looking in weaverville.Could use some help here.thank you happy researching.

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Who was Mary Biological Father

The year was 1954or 1955.Moma talked about when my sister was born!Mary pictures were so sweet.She looked like the sunbeam girl off of the bread.Moma said She stayed with aunt Olsie a lot.I think she wanted to stay around aunt Olsie cause they got along so well.Back then women who had children were made to give them up.Aunt Olsie wanted to adopt my sister but Moma loved her so!She longed to know her biological daddy but I don't think she ever did.Right before she died she told me shevwas glad she was our sister and I cried!One of the last things she did was to come and see me.We sat and talked and went to breakfast.She was really in bad shape.When she left and turned around I swore she looked like Moma.Mary Lynn said I won't see you again!Of course I turned around and cried.That was Sunday .Friday evening Angelay sister called and said It's not good .Mary Lynn died 7-29-We all gathered together at the church and cried.When your parents are gone you only have each other!Somehow I know Momas little Sunbeam girl is smiling with no more sorrows!

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Looking for Bessie Mae Burrell Cooper of LymanSC

Geneology of Bessie Mae Burrell:Born4-13-1938 to Loula Ray Burrell and Carl Robert Burrell.Bessie Mae married Jackie Cooper of Hollys Springs SC .abt 1956Bessie had brothers Herbert Burrell-Sister Betty Burrell-Brother Homar Burrell.Carl Robert birthday is 7Aug.1911-29april1984-Loula Ray born 3march1910-22aug.1970.Carl Robert and loula married ?.1930abt?.Herbert was born -27Aug.1932.Still living-Herbert married Reginia Wilson deceased parents of Virginia Wilson 'Jen'wereArthur Augustus Wilson-1911-1983)Mother Maybell Culbreth Wilson1911-2004)sisters Namcy Smith-Edith Smith-Evelene Thompson9 Grandchildren and6great grandchildren.2nrothers Posey and Pete Wilson. One of them married Shirley.Buried at Bethel Baptist Church CampobelloSC.Children born to Herbert and Jen are Carolyn-Linda--David(Kim).Betty Jane Burrell Gilbert born Oct.11-1936Sept.14-2001.Betty married Lawrence Nathan Junior Gilbert.They Had Elizebeth Elaine born8-29-1955-She married Michael Foster born 6-25-1952-Nancy Born March21-1957-living-She married Larry Grigg.-Larry died -widowed Nancy is-Sandra Kay Gilbert-6-29-1959-She married Thomas Ray Robinson born9-26-1958-Robert Gilbert married Barbara bornaug 6-1954.Robert was born in December.Bessie Mae Burrell married Jackie Cooper and they had Mary was born before marriage Mary Lynn Cooper 8-5-1956?-deceased-she died 7-29-2010?-She was cremated by her choice!livedAl in Chattanooga Tennessee.Shr first married Johnny Webb of Greenville,SC,then she married2nd husband Burton I don't rmber first name.3rdhusband was Rick Hopkins.Angela Kathleen Cooperborn1-4-1960-She married 1980abt.Phil HinesSC.2nd husband wAs John Jennings of Greenville SC.Angela lives in Tennessee.Lana Jackie born8-10-1963-she first married a Roger Tony Smith,2nd husband I don't remember.Lana lives in Greenville SC.Valerie Janice Cooper born 8-31-1964-married James Dillard Sheltondivorced married in 1989To Jeffery Dale Creel9-9-1989-At Drayton Church .reception at Shrine Club.also Homar Burrell Loula and Carl Burrells son married Jerrill Waddell .Stacey born in oct. Mistey born ?Stacey married a Tucker and Mistey married Painter.

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