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E.B.Ray and Jane Ray s Family.

This is a follow up to E.B.Ray who was born in 1853.His spouse who he married in 1894.Jane .Relationship to head of household wife.Years married 6.1900 Census Howvmany children she list 3children with only one living.Adda B.Ray female three years old.Cannot find Jane Rayplace of burial?Still looking.

Elbert B.Ray :Marriage in Yancey ,N.C.

I have been researching Elbert Ray from N.C.Death Certificate shows this E.B.Ray Age68.Buncombe co n.C.SwannaniaRfdnumber one.He was a Farmer.Born 1853.Died May 13,1921.His birthplace was Yancey County N.C.Cause of death wasPulmonary Tuburculosus.Father wasn't given mother wasn't given.I looked it up and Mother is Hazie Ray.Father is Henry Ray.I also found a marriage certificate for Elbert in Yancey county N.C Two dates of marriage were found so I will just give year.1894 at prices Creek ,N.C.Elbert married Jane Ray.List Janes Mother as Lucie Ray and Father as Boilious Ray.Source Family Search.Elbert B.Ray is buried in Asheville N.C.At Hughey and Rice Cemetery.Still this was a surprise since I found him listed as head of household in Census.Now this leaves me with a question'Who is the father of my Great Grandmother Rachel Suetta Carter Ray children?

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Identifying Old photographs!

I have a picture on Facebook that I have been trying to identify.First off it looks like the 30s but maybe later.Asheville is written on it.Well I happen to look and the name Charkes is written on it.Could this be my great aunt once removed Nervie Burrell who married a Moss???Was her husband Charles if so she is the beautiful lady in the picture.To view look at my photos on my profile page.

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Finding My Greatgrandparents.Ray!

Family Tree Circles found my Great Grandparents on a 1910 Federal U.S.A.Census.Elbert Ray Was listed as head. Of household and is living with Rachel S.Ray.He is 47 birth year 1863.Rachel is 28Birth year 1882-Now Rachail is spelled like this on Census .Hazie- Hattie and Lula my grandmother is listed.Fathers place of birth is N.C.Home is rented.Elbert cannot read or write.On the -1920 Census it list same info except Elbert is listed as Elbert b.Ray Reems Creek residence.Rent married to a Suetta Ray children are hazy -Lula J.Ray-Birthie Ray -Hargrove C.Ray.Is this the same family ? the C in Hargrove name may be Carter!Now what does the B.Stand for in Elbert's name?My cousin which I ask before says she remembers a Carter Ray.I can't seem to find much info on this family.Any help I would appreciate.Buncombe County N.C.

My Davis Connection!

This week I have been looking for a connection to a Ross Davis family.Can you help me?I think somewhere I have gotten lost.Lol.Too many names and dates.Thank you.Burrell,Ray or other.

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Looking for my great grandfathers grave!

I have been searching for Elbert Rays grave.I have not been able to find information on Elbert or Rachel except on census.Rachel was married to Elbert and they are my great grandparents.In1910Elvert is47.(1863)Birth year -List Rachel as28-(1882)Birth year)-Hazie Ray3years-Hattie e.Ray13-Lula Ray my grandmother one twelve.Lula ray death was Aug.1970-Lulas birthdate was 3-3-1910-In1920 It shows Elbert living with Suetta Ray .Rachel Suetta Ray I think is the same Rachel he is married to in1910.Suetta Ray in1920Federal census is 39years old Elbert b.Ray is 57years old living in Buncombe County still.Hazy Ray 13-Lula ray is9-Birthie ray is 6-Then it list a Hargrove C.Ray..Is this the same family with an extra child Hargrove?My cousin Nancy ,Remembers a Carter Ray.Personally I have some memories of grandmas Lulas sister Birthie visiting her,But ,I don't know enough to know if this is my family.

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Connecting generations!

I am a little confused!Ancestry showed me a picture from1900 of a Carl Robert Burrell from I believe California.This picture could of been my grandfather.I was looki g at the census!Jean Nyman was in this photo.this did lead to my family !Can you give me the whole picture so all is clear!

Town Home Bar !Flu pandemic!

In 1918 a flu pandemic rapidly took hold of the people in Wellington! Ambulances were close by to town hall .The men were stopping by the bars so families were complaining that the men were too drunk to relieve the workers So town hall handed out alcohol and became known as Town Hall Bar!The health officer had closed the bars down.Alcohol was used as a Prevenitive As quinine tablets were used to prevent the flu.camphor bags were used as a Prevenitive,
Garlic and onions which my mother used also for sickness.Kerosene sprinkled on sugar.Tobacco was used which I had never heard of.My mother used tobacco on a bee sting.This flu pandemic killed Sarah Jane Hamilton 1885-1918 wife of Albert Leonard Roset.Sarah died 25 November 1918.

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Looking for Lula Rays Family!

Can you tell me if the rays in Tennessee ,Jackson County are my line!I

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The Best I Left Behind!

Estate:Comments on Will of Frederick Tasker!1856-1937-The first Daughter Mrs.Hacker(Tina)Had given up her home to care for him his last year of life and his wife had become seriously ill.I feel this was so touching.The court found that he his moral duty to maintain provisions for all his children were adequate!Therefore dismissing the claim!The applicators had not shown that his provisions for all his children were not supplied!

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