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Need Birth and death check on Charkes Richard Tasker?

Charles was born in W.N.Z.Married Eileen Coleman!Tasker Charles Richard!.I seem to have wrote wro g dates down could use a look up!

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Part2Of Wildcard :15Children of

We left off with John Vennell Tasker born 29th Of June 1927.WanganuiN.Z.Died 11th of June1995-2weeks of 68 years.Married Cameron Josephine-Tasker Robyn Alexander Born unknown Married Beryl Cooper-Tasker name is on the end of Robyn Alexander Tasker-Annie Joyce Tasker Born04July 1923in Wanganui ,N.Z.Died8-7-1998-Kathleen Beryl Tasker Born unknown Married Stanley Henderson-Joseph Thomas Tasker. -Married Valda Robinson-Mary Edith Rae Tasker married Leonard Richardson. -Anne Josephine Tasker married Donald Abbott- Annie Joyce Tasker 04 July1923Wanganui N.Z.-Died 8-7-1998-Palmerson hospital North ashes buried Kevin Gryo 75 years old-married Troy Robert- Rita Dorothy Tasker married Ronald Arthur Rush. - Nancy Margaret Tasker married Allan Work- Emma Clara Tasker (twin with Ruth)born08May 1920 Wanganui died1996Age 76- Married Bertie Sumter-

Tasker Name and connection to Davis!

Just thought I would touch base and throw one at you!I came across a name John and Caroline Davis Tasker.The obituary was on a Helen Irene Burrell ,90 of kitiller.We are talking Maryland?Died Friday Jan.28th2000at Garrett co.Hospitalborn Dec.24th1909Walnut bottom.She was the daughter of John and Caroline Davis Tasker.proceeded in death by James Burrell.That Davis name was listed in John Gulleys family!May have wrong Gulley!James Davis Gulley Born 11dec.1902choctaw nation Indian Territory!died 30april1985 Parmer county Texas!

Halloween Boo!Dont go digging at 2:30in the morning!

I know I get sidetracked when I'm researching .Here is a story that is a little chilling but yet unusual.Here I go along reading about N.Z.What a gorgeous place .I came upon this story of an interesting gentleman.His name was William Tucker .William was a British convict who was always into mischief.William was born16May 1784-Died-December1817-William traveled a lot and could be found passage on a lot of ships.What is he most remembered for ?Starting a retail trade of human heads!At 2:30 in the morning that is I guess my Halloween Boo!

Finding Albert Cyril Tucker!Peck of Taita

Looking for New Zealand settlers I found a whole bunch of Lorna Ivy Taskers Family.Albert Cyril Tucker was married to Lorna Ivy Tasker.Her birth is unknown.The family starts with a Charles Frederick Tasker Born-1876-East Taiere 13Kms of Dunedin Mosgiel Otago N.Z. Died 04-September-1921-45years old-Married Alice Beck-Beck Alice Selina-Born-1878-Wanganui,N.Z.married Charles Tasker no death date or burial.arthur Charles Tasker Born1901-Wanganui,N.Z.Died 20th October1972-Died at age 71-In Wanganui-buried not given Married Ruth Hammond 1921 Wanganul MahawatuN.Z.died 27th of July 1981.Author was the 2nd child of of Charles and Alice Née Beck Tasker .He married Ruth when he was20.Ruth was 21.They had 15Children!wow!He died age 71.9years before Ruth.Next Journal will list these 15children.

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Looking For New Zealand Settlers !Albert Cyril Tucker:

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Should Georgia state archives Close!Behind those Doors!

Behind those doors you can find so much history!If you're not familiar with the archives ,You will fall in love with all the different subjects you will find!Family heroes are one example!Today they shared with us on Facebook all the different stories waiting for us to access.One was Baseball legend Hank Aaron!The other was The movie The color purple and who was behind the scenes.the story is amazing and that movie was so realistic of the time!Star track was on the list of another great access.One thing about Georgia is its rich history!What better place to locate an archive.If you're researching your family tree try to access these archives!I can bet you you will find history of your family.Now are you wondering why I keep talking about the archives of Georgia ?As of November 1st their saying that they might close or by appointment only!We all now are limited to our resources on family history now.A lot of times lets just say a book on ships from the1700 we usually don't have.These archives have all kinds of records .They will even help you find what you are looking for!To me family history is a subject I am passionate about !To us history is what our families left us to preserve and share with each other!You would think that someone would make these archives off limits for closure.This reminds me when art was an elective course in my school.Every once in a while the budget would cut it out for a year or two.Art was just as important as English.Art was to us a realm of dreams that we were aspiring to create.Creation can be the aspect between striving harder for a goal or climbing that stairwell to get their!Here once again history is art already past waiting for you to touch your past and feel the struggles that's due you who you are!So when you see a door that's closed here,You will know a past is left untold to a world that could use s little inspiration!

Archives:Savannah Georgia;The lost archives!

I have been away doing a lot of different projects!One of these is getting everyone to sign a petition .The Savannah Georgia Archives is scheduled to closeNovember1st.Our heritage lies in these records.Roots of our individual stories.This is a sad day.I am passionate about this as I told them!Researchers such as us use these archives a lot!If these close will our ancestors records be locked away in a dusty old room where they are forgotten and lost!

Looking for William Gullys Ancestors!

This source I got from a book by John Paul(APlanter in Alabama!)Bethanea Hinnant Dau.of John Hinnant of Johnson Co.NC-William Gully Sr.Died 1821-85years-William Gully son ,James Gully and Henry Gully.Patsy Gully-John Gully-Elizabeth-Patience Hines-Edith Frederick-Nancy Gilmore-Mary Wilson-Sally Daniel -William Daniel-Son in laws Joel Zhones Thomas Wilson-19thDay of Febuary William Gully xSeal taken from family tree.(Their was a time when William got sick he signed his name with an x.Only this one time and he got better and his son in laws were mentioned in his will.Executors of his estate.I already listed this just wanted to list these fily names of William.-William JR.Zgully10th.Febuary 1735or 1736-lived in new berry District Johnston co.NC.died.Decber1821- in Wilmington District,Duplin CountyNC-married Bethanea Hinnant on 1762onEdgecombe county NC.Military branch-Rev Army war Vet.Revolutionary war.Johnson Co.Revolutionary war.Soldier Militia Children are Sarah Gully Pedigree -Birth-10thnov.1763-Death 1819-Chriistening-Jesse Gulley-Pedigree-ale-15oct.1767-NC.29thMarch-1841Christening-Elizebeth Gulley-pedigree-female born-05 November-1769-NC. Death after1799-Chr.-William Gulley pedigree-Male-5thJune1777-NC-Death-May-1802-Edith Gulley pedigree29thJuly--1780-NCDied about 1843-Monroe Alabama-Bethana Gulley pedigree b-1$71-nC-died after1772 burial-Mary Gulley pedigree Female-b.26Jan.1783 NC christened Died after 1815- Nancy Gulley pedigree-female-b.14thOct.1786NCChristened-died1811-burial-Mary Gulley pedigree b 15thof MarchNC christened died after1792-parents Bethanea Hinnant b.1745 Johnson co.NCdied 1819 in Duplin co.NC.-William Gulley 4thGreat grandfather of mine.Militia-Soldier in Rev.War.-Birth Bristol England-
We left off where Orange County Virginia State Archive Land patent for400 acres (the branches of Stoney bridge River 26March 1739 Vir.Remember this shows connection to thomas11 and John Gully.Aug.22nd.Purchased land 95Acres same land given to Richard and Enoch.400acres On Stoney bridge River sold to John Gulley .
Thomas Sr.and Thomas11and Enoch were all literate at least they wrote their names.Richard was not and signed with an X.Remember school was held when crops came in.Some months the plowing and snting had to be done.A lot of school children probably missed school or didn't go at all.Can you imagine how tired they were after planting and plowing .Then all the other chores on the farm.Remember slaves were still used .Sharecropping too.I know about1941my Daddy talked about not planting until after good Friday .So school was not a priority.

Trying to organize!

II hate to ask but I've looked and I can't find where I wrote a journal on the invisible Tribe.I know that short one is listed but I wanted to highlight the tribes .Ira the heart eater!And more.Thank God I get my new computer and printer soon!Would really appreciate this!Thank You!

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