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Looking For Family ancestors through Cousins!

I had the privilege of attending my uncles 80th birthday party.Herbert Burrell :My mothers brother.My mother was Bessie Mae Burrell4-13-1938.To make a long story short My grandfather(Carl Robert Burrell8-7-1911-)Sister Elsie Burrells Daughter Gave to me a whole bunch of research.A first cousin Sandra Robinson had shared with her at her church Bible Baptist that I couldn't place a gg grandfather.How sweet of her to take the time to help me!Please forgive any mistakes now here goes-I last left off at Peter Burrell birth1849Glassy Mtn.Greenville,SC.Died 1900-In Weaverville,Buncombe NC.Mother Emaline Gosnell Burrell-brother Alvin Burrell-sister-Lida Burrell-Sister Harriet Burrell-Brotherlawrence Burrell-Anderson' '''-John. '''This is out of a bible given to her by her mother!No dates just names-Bessie's mother Rosie Waldwrop Tesseneer-Dad Robert TesseneerSister Jane-sister Minnie-Bessie brother Torse Tesseneer -Nat-sister-Flossy -Martha-Now here is something new-Charlie Burrell after Bessie died married a Bertie Lou Abernathy.Married in Aug.1942-Lived together for 1year!Then as I already have listed Charlie married Annie Weaver Wolfe in 1968-I've already listed my Grandfather Carl Robert Burrell-Listed here is Carl Robert Burrell brother Harry married Teledo Bradley-Died-Children were-Vergie and Dorthy-Both deceased-Harry then married Bergie children-Kathy-Tammy -Dianne-Fred I listed as marrying Mona Medley -Children -Gerry(Gerald Louise)-Nancy Frida-Listed also is Nervie -married Charlie Moss -Children are-Charlene-died -Eva gene-As I already listed Nervie died and Charlie married Edna-I listed Altie Already her children -with Ted Hawkins are -Charles -Ronniedied -Brenda-Debbie-Died-Altie adopted a girl and cousin Carolyn finished raising her .Elsie married as I listed W.H.(Dub Forrester)children-Larry Joe-Linda Elaine.-Joyce Ann-Olsie married Frank Ottis Hunsinger-children Billy Frank-Francis Levenia(Pat)C.A.Married Lois Mcswain children are Sandra -Karon-J.C.Married Virginia Lockhart-Children-Roger -Donna-Later I will list who these married and Surnames-By the way it sure was good to see my cousins Linda-Carolyn-David-Robert my aunt Betty son came too.His wife Barbara-Uncle Herbert had a good birthday.My sisters Angela and Jackie came .Herbert had remarried a Zlois Kilpatrick .I met her Grandson.Well glad to get this new research.It helps a whole lot.Thank you!

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Understanding geneology and all that!

When I started this quest of finding my ancestors I thought this was easy.o.k.I have all my family down.Then I realized I knew nothing about 1700-1800-.All I knew was maybe 3generations.Then I was asked for surnames and I got that one right.Then I was working on my tree and I realized after 5cousin I was lost.So here I sit with a book and .Moma talked aboutd removed .Something about 10years and being a relative of your grandmother.Then she said something about twiced removed ,I think that was your great gran other and ok somebody refresh myory .These Cobb webbs I'll dust off and yes why couldn't I have paid more attention?too many pots a boiling on the camp fire.Moma always told me pay attention this is important!Hobbies are like that expand your knowledge.Please book make it simple !Ive got a book to write and it will be a while before my research is through!Thank heavens it's wrote and no it's on the stories of my family.
They really were Comical.So if you can help,I appreciate it.This research is for my family and they are excited to find out who our line descends through.

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Looking for William Gully of Alabama

Birth Bristol England:Here is a quotation from a book called 'A Planter In Alabama'by Paul John.John Gulley Geneology.A planter inAlabama and Arkansas and his decendents.William Gully was the father of John Gulley.He was the earliest ancestor for which information was found.No records have been found of his childhood,Or his parents or early manhood.He was married at the age of27.He had his first child 1765.Enlisted In the Militia and was N.C. Soldier (revolutionary war)Cencus After war living in Duplin County and died their..Their decendents spelled their name(Gulley)His cousins changed the spelling to Gully.Although the first 4documents were signed Gulley.In a small town of Calypso their on the n.w.corner of Duplin County N.C.State hey.403.(runs on the northern edge of property.836 acres owned by William Gully Sr.Gosham swamp is described in4land deeds.(part of N.E.Cape Fear River in Duplin County)In March of1773 William Gully Sr.sold 70Acres to Michael Kinnard.January of that year he gave 175acres to oldest son Jessie.(Thought to be a wedding gift)In March he gave 2nd sonWilliam Jr.296acres)The year he did this was 1801-William had been married 2years.In 1807he gave young son John363acres.John was 19and not married.The land was sold in 1815.Probably living in N.C .with living Daughter.(Wife had died)Bethany was his wife)by1819 He had distributed all his property )He signed deed when wife died as witness..

Richard Gully born on29th of october1756..Received pension application signed march 27-1821Pendelton district court. States he wS64years old 29 Oct.National archives records .Parents were Mary and Thomas of Orange county Virginia.Two of his brothers were Thomas11 and Enoch.Thomas lived in Vir.but now it's West Virginia..This infoIs signed by both as brothers.
Greenbrier is where Thomas lived.(2nd?)Father divided farm equally.1783a doctrine shows this.1791A deed states that John-James-AndWilliam were all brothers.Orange co.Thomas had land patent for 400acres I orange co.Branches of Stoney river.26march1739Virginia.24oct.-1783-Land was sold to a John Gulley of culpeppsr co.Vir.recorded in orange county.deed book 20 page 36-:38.Journal continued!

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What Happen to the forgotten tribe?

'''A phorosm of the children ofAwa-Linger not by the fire of Pawhero,''for no man may know when the spears of the enemy shall force open the gates of Hades.Maruiwi folk were quite possible the earliest people of PoriruaN.Z.Their is no hard evidence that they ever occupied these soils of N.Z.It is possible that the original people(old timers)were the people who killed and ate the giant Moa.They left their bones in the Middens and sands of Titahi.Paremata andMiramar.Moa were still roaming these soils and thriving.The first settlers or immigrants (thirty generations ago)Ten generations later the Moa was a thing of the past(extinct)The tribe which carries the name Tori -also his people are suspected of being responsible .This is a taboo subject and as the people say (silence)When the second settlers came 700 years back-this peninsula was an island.Ten generations later a shock of an earth quake (Called Hao-whenua)This earthquake changed the shape and raised it..On 1929 at 10:17am7.8magnitude hit Nelson Westport grey mouth reported damaged.Loads of soil erosion lingered for years.Amazingly new hot springs were observed.On 26 Oct.The barque Subraon set sail for Sydney and hit rocks and many lives were lost.These tribes that lived here lived off the forest land.Their wasn't suitable land to grow much here.The ocean was the source of preferred meat .These tribes were expertly taught to spear the fish.They taught the white man how to fish .the tribes also taught settlers how to preserve their food for later.The Uncivilized land land will be tamed by a white man.(N.Z.Wellington Districts)1460a.D.Edison estimates shock occurrd or earthquake.In1773 only one harbor entrance.James Cook explored island then and wrote findings down.Theirs an old story of how Ira the heart eater was driven from the east coast districts !As theis tribe increase they spread into westward to occupy Wellington and Torirua districts.(Intermarriage known as Ngati- parciallyKahnu-hgu Ngati -Tara-and rangitane with a light strain of Maruiwi blood.These tribes went on a murderous crusade that threaten territories far and wiTheirs an old story of a tribe that walked the shores of Porirua N.Z.Welligton districts)They have past away into the Mist from the summit of Tararua.They were expelled from these shores.The Wairarapa natives they could tell them the story but it will be buried with the silence of the spirit that is buried with those who died.the spirit of the extinct tribe lingers almost an eerie feeling as the waves crash against the rocks ..


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The Walk of our ancestors.

I am in awe of the photos that I found last night as I was researching NZ.Check them out on facebook.The skies are a gorgeous blue and captured by the beauty of the Isles.This beauty in the 1800 probably was unspoiled forestland that our ancestors thrived on.What an adventure .What more could you ask for?Nature and all it's beauty .But behind all of this is the fight of survival.Follow my ancestors and well find how even the strong and courageous sometimes make choices that affect their people hundreds of years later.

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Where is Mississippi?

Daddy job was Superintendent of field crew.Sometes he was gone a long time on his job.Time went by fast growing up.Their never seem to be enough time to play.I remember my sister and I had a push car .All day we would push it up the hill and laugh as we road down.On this particular day a neighbors dog came over.It had snowed and school had been canceled.Our friend who lived near us walked over to our house.Then their I stood building the best snowman you had ever seen.My sister sure could roll snow good.She had just rolled enough snow for Frosty head.Then their the dog name Shag went cocking his leg up .We screamed and ran.The Dog ran and we left our friend standing their.Outside we could hear the phone ring.We hadn't had a phone long.It was Daddy calling we could hear Moma Talking.All of a sudden we heard Mississippi.And then silence.Girls come in she said.I'm going to Mississippi.Then next thing cousin Libby came and brought her stuff.They left Greenville Spartanburg Flying Delta .at our house this was special for Moma Fore she always stayed home,Daddy had told Moma that he had gotten a piece of steel in his hand at work.Some how it had swollen up and they had admitted him in the hospital had never flown and she said years later that she loved to fly.To us girls we had fun too.The stories Moma told us were great.She said , herand Dad would walk and you could hear people playing Music.Dad and her would smile every time we talked about Mississippi.

Finding Olsie Burrell Hunsinger Obituary!

Olsie was born19of May-1925-Died June11th-2005.Daughter of Charlie and Bessie Tessner Burrell.Wife of Frank Hunsinger.Olsie attended Walnut Hill Baptist and retired from Sears and Roebuck Co.Son B.F.Hunsinger .A Daughter Pat Taylor Rice.of Spartanburg Co.Buried at evergreen Memorial Gardens.(4Grandchildren and4Great grandchildren) ---

Love Thy Neighbor!For Violet!

New Zealand:From Ancestry .com-John Burrell-Birth 1907-Died 1981other Iris Ellen Garrett Born-1904-Died 1979-married 1928-Children born 1-Birrell Jean Iris -2Birrell Phyllis May--3-Birrell Joyce Pamela

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