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A new Day! Looking for William Gully?Continued part2 The British are Coming!
Connecting Those Generations! Lost generation! The Forgotten Tribes:
Dusty Roads that lead home! On the horizon!!! Trails!
Famine in Ireland! Pledge to Honor our Roots!Courage and Integrity! Traveling Those Hills:Mountain View:
Finding the right branch! Romancing the Farm! Unlocking the Past!
Finding those Seeds That were Lost! Searching Avenues Unsettling Times!!
From London to Austrailiato West Virginia Searching for Tucker's Virginia and Arkansas at war!
Going to Alabama! Struggles of settlers! What's around the bend?
London to Austrailia Tasker Family 1st Immigrant to N.Z. When Eagles Fly !Spirit and Hope Lingers!
Looking for Burrells Thank you Cousins! Wild Card !
Looking For Graves of Elbert and Rachel Ray!! The British are Coming! Wildcard 111-The List Continues