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Beaton's of Edinburgh to Euroa

William Beaton 1820 - 1908 immigrated to Australia from Edinburgh along with his wife Mary Thomson and his sister Isabella in 1841.
They settled in Euroa Victoria.
There are many newspaper clips and stories regarding their ill-fated voyage over on the ship the India which burned at sea. They later continued their voyage on the ship the Grindlay.
A few years later his mother Jane (nee Dick) and siblings Peter, Janet and Alison immigrated after William's father passed away. Euphemia came out a few years after them but her daughter came over earlier with her grandmother Jane.
Jane (Dick) remarried in 1869 to James Gaskill in Myrtleford, Victoria.

Irish Woman Immigration Scheme 1833

My ancestor came over on the Ship Edward Coulston in 1833. I found this article recently which has helped in my search for Jane Walsh who was born in Cork.
I thought it may help others with ancestors who came over on the same ship. There is also information for the ship Mary Catherine.

This advert was in the Cork Constitution April 1833

A bit of light humour

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William Milkins

There were two passenger William Milkins and Wife. I am trying to find out who they were.

Comparing photos to see if they are the same person

I have two photos of my grandfather Reg Emery, one possibly him at a very young age 16-19 yrs and the other in his 60s. Does anyone know of anyone/expert who would be able to compare the two to see if its the same person. I have tried and each time I look I see simalarities but I don't trust my own judgement.

1911 Census records available for two days has free access to the 1911 census records for a few days. 12th to 14th May. if anyone is interested.

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MIDDLEMISS From Perthshire, Scotland

I am trying to find information on High Middlemiss 1814 (or Middlemas) who was married to Jane Fleming 1816. They immigrated to Australia in 1839 on the ship Davis Clarke from Perth Scotland.
His parents were John Middlemiss and Jean Cameron.

Jane (who I am particulary interested in) parents were Alexander Fleming and Margaret Stuart.
My ancestor Mary Beaton b.1821 in Scotland whose father Robert Thomson (occupation - Accoutrement Maker of 17 Dacre Street Westminster, (on Mary's 1841 marriage record Mary was formerly from same address as her father- Robert was a Saddler on Mary's death record).
The mother on Mary's death record was Ellen Fleming, (Ellen may have been her pet name as I cannot find any records of Robert & Ellen marrying) I cannot find any information on these two. Mary's shipping records and death record states she was born in Edinburgh.

Its a long shot but I am trying to find whether Ellen Fleming and Jane Fleming are related in any way as Jane and my ancestor Mary were close friends in Australia. My great great great grandparents William Beaton b.1820 and Mary (Thomson) named one of their sons Hugh Middlemiss Beaton b.1858

I have searched and searched and run out of resources. Anyone who can help with information would be appreciated.
Cheers Tracy

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Marks from Wales

I am looking for any information on my great grandmother Annie Marks b.1865 Carmarthenshire, Wales. I believe she died before 1911 as William was a widower in the 1911 census, but I can't be certain. I am not sure if Annie was a pet name or her actual name.
Annie married William Robert EMERY b.1862 in Cardiff (or maybe wasn't married at all as I think Wm was still married to a previous wife) They had 4 children, Reginald, Douglas, Gertrude (died before 1911) and Cecil. All born in Bristol. I don't know if Annie was the mother of four four.

I have tried to obtain birth and death records but my money keeps being refunded as no information can be found.

I remember hearing my grandfather Reg saying his father had been married a few times and there were about 13 kids. Wm married Lucy Lawrence in 1912

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My 3 x great grandmother Mary Beaton (nee Thomson. was born in Edinburgh in 1821 (according to her shipping and death records). Her father was Robert Thomson and on Mary's marriage record to William Beaton in 1841 it states Robert was a Accoutrement Maker - ( maker of Military Clothing and Accessories) from 17 Dacre Street Westminster. On Mary's death record it states he was a saddler and that her mother was Ellen Fleming, after many years of searching I ended up putting in her first name only with her fathers name and with the process of elimination I found her record, it turned out her mother's name was different to that on Mary's death certificate. birth record has her mother as Jane Allen

That is all the information I have on them and would like to find out more.
I did find out that there was Bryan & Price & Co accoutrement makers of 8-9 Dacre Street Westminster, London.
I found a Robert Thomson married to Anne who was a saddler on a census but I cannot access my data at present to find what location it was in the UK.

Robert's Children:
John, Robert, Mary and Elizabeth

Robert Shepherdson

My 3 x great grandparents Robert SHEPHERDSON and Mary ANDERSON Immigrated to Australia on the 10 Jun 1849 to South Australia ON FLORENTINA
with five surviving children, arriving with six. Timothy child number 11 is my 2 x great grandfather.

1. Robert SHEPHERDSON was born 21 Feb 1813 in East Heslerton, Yorkshire, England and died 16 Dec 1877 in Trentham, Kynetonshire, Victoria. He married Mary ANDERSON 12 Jul 1834 in Helperthorpe, Yorkshire, England. She was born 10 Dec 1815 in Helperthorpe, Yorkshire, England and died 20 May 1867 in Trentham, Victoria Reg/No 5825, daughter of Timothy ANDERSON and Mary MILNER. He married HANNAH Ellison 02 Oct 1867 in Kyneton, Victoria, Australia. She was born 1834 in Burslem STS and died 04 Jan 1920 in Kyneton, Victoria, Australia.
Immigration: 10 Jun 1849 in South Australia ON FLORENTINA

Children of Robert SHEPHERDSON and Mary ANDERSON:
Yorkshire, England
1. Elizabeth Shepherdson was born 20 Jun 1835 in Helperthorpe, Yorkshire, England and died 1835
2. Anderson Timothy Shepherdson was born 1836 in Yorkshire, England and died 24 Nov 1904 in Adelaide, SA, Australia
3. Elizabeth Shepherdson was born 05 Aug 1838 in Helperthorpe, Yorkshire, England and died 1867
4. Ann Shepherdson was born 1840 in Helperthorpe, Yorkshire, England
5. Charlotte Shepherdson was born 1843 in Helperthorpe, Yorkshire, England and died 1843
6. Charlotte Shepherdson was born 1844 in Helperthorpe, Yorkshire, England and died 1936
7. George William John Shepherdson was born 02 Feb 1846 in Helperthorpe, Yorkshire, England and died 04 Jun 1911 in Kyneton,
8. Mary Shepherdson was born 1848 in Helperthorpe, Yorkshire, England and died 1848 in Helperthorpe, Yorkshire, England
9. Mary Florentina Shepherdson was born May 1849 in At Sea on the Florentina and died 1934 in Helperthorpe, Yorkshire, England
Victoria, Australia
10. Jane Shepherdson was born 04 Dec 1851 in Adelaide, South Australia and died 1851
11. Timothy Anderson SHEPHERDSON was born 14 Aug 1852 in Nairn, Adelaide, South Australia and died 26 Aug 1918 in Narribri, NSW, Australia
12. Hannah Shepherdson was born 07 Apr 1856 in Wesley Vale Mount Barker South Australia and died 1888

Children of Robert SHEPHERDSON and HANNAH Ellison:
13. Robert Ellison Shepherdson was born 1868 in Kyneton, Victoria, Australia and died 1920 in Maryborough, Victoria
14. John William Shepherdson was born 1869 in Kyneton, Victoria, Australia and died 1870 in Kyneton, Victoria, Australia
15. William Mountford Shepherdson was born 1871 in Spring Hill, Victoria, Australia
16. John Banks Shepherdson was born 1871 in Spring Hill, Victoria, Australia and died 1874 in Tylden, Victoria, Australia
17. Samuel James Shepherdson was born 1873 in Tylden, Victoria, Australia and died 1874 in Kyneton, Victoria, Australia