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William HAMBRIDGE (1839 - 1899) & Selina Jane WADE (1845 - 1881) - my godfather Uncle Roy HAMBRIDGE's grandparents, and their ancestors in Bermondsey & Camberwell, London respectively, and WADEs in Norfolk

William Henry HAMBRIDGE’s parents were John William HAMBRIDGE (1812 -1863) and Elizabeth MONRO (1812 -1892), and they married 29 Jul 1831 at Saint Mary, Newington, Surrey

Ten years later in the 1841 Census the couple are living at Bermondsey, residents of West Street, with two sons John born 1833 age 8, and William age 2, both born in Surrey.

In the 1851 Census the family are living in Staple Street, Bermondsey, Surrey and find that father John William HAMBRIDGE's occupation was 'Bag Maker' and that son John, now 17 was also a 'Bag Maker', and William now age 10 works as an 'Errand Boy'- and there are two more children to the couple, Frederick born 1841 age 8 and Jane born 1849 age 2

All four children are given as born in the parish of St Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey in this census, but John is christened at St George the Martyr, Southwark (and gives his date of birth in 1837) - I think that this reflects the growth of population in the area and the creation of further parishes, alongside changes to civil administrative areas. There is a christening for another child for the couple at St George the Martyr, another Frederick in 1836 whom I would suppose had died as the Frederick in this census seems somewhat younger, his birth given as 1843 or thereabouts, and there is a death record for Frederick HAMBRIDGE at Bermondsey in the fourth quarter of 1839.

A child likely to be theirs given the place of residence, Elizabeth HAMBRIDGE, was born in 1852 but was buried on 17 June 1853 at Bermondsey, resident of Staple St.

Only one of the family might be identified in the 1861 Census, son Frederick HAMBRIDGE in the household of his widowed aunt Sarah HAWKES (recorded as HARKES, but all other records pertaining to her and her household are for HAWKES), but his age is given as only 10 whereas if it is the same Frederick, should be around 20 - his occupation is 'Porter' which might suggest someone older than 10, so perhaps the recorded age is an error ? Sarah HAWKES is definitely a sister to Elizabeth HAMBRIDGE, as year and place of birth are consistent across census and birth records, and Sarah HAWKES marries John HAWKES in 1823 at St Giles, Camberwell.

William HAMBRIDGE marries Selina Jane WADE on 30 July 1863 at Kennington, Surrey, her father is Edward Charles WADE - note that I could not find William in the 1861 Census, either.

This couple and their growing family are documented in another Journal

The family does reappear in the 1871 Census, so their absence in the 1861 Census is a bit mysterious ; in the 1871 Census for the parish of St George, London, Surrey
Eliza HAMBRIDGE is widowed and now head of the household, age 58, with daughter Jane age 19 single with occupation 'Stock Maker', and son Frederick age 35 also single, with occupation 'Labourer'.

There are three death records for 'John HAMBRIDGE' in the period 1851 - 1871, two died in Kensington, London in 1853 and 1856 respectively, and 'John William HAMBRIDGE' dies in 1863 at St George Hanover Square, London and there is no further identifying information to determine which, if any, is of interest to this story ; the couple's son John HAMBRIDGE born 1833 or thereabouts, does not appear after the 1851 Census, so these may refer to father or son, or both - because of the exact name, although there is no certainty that it is him, I am taking the 1863 record to be that of John William HAMBRIDGE (until I have reason to think otherwise).

In the 1881 Census for Newington, London, Surrey in the registration district of St Saviour Southwark, residence in Gt Dover Street Elizabeth HAMBRIDGE, widow, is still head of the household and age 68, and as in the previous 1871 Census, living with daughter Jane age 26, single with occupation 'Gentleman Tie Hand', and son Frederick, also single age 30 with occupation 'Warehouseman'

There is now a lot of variation with Frederick's year of birth - there is Frederick HAMBRIDGE born 1836 and christened at St George the Martyr in 1837 but in the 1851 Census Frederick's birth is estimated as 1843, then, if it is the same Frederick in the 1861 Census, he is born 1851 or thereabouts, in the 1871 Census he is born 1833 (more like the year of birth of 'John HAMBRIDGE' in the 1841 Census), and in the 1881 Census he is born again around 1851.

Again, cannot find any of these people in the 1891 Census and there is a death record for Elizabeth HAMBRIDGE in 1892, London ; and once more, it is not a certainty that this refers to this Elizabeth HAMBRIDGE, but it fits well enough that I will take it as Elizabeth's record of death until I learn otherwise.


Parents of William HAMBRIDGE (1839 - 1899) who married Selina Jane WADE (1845 - 1881) in 1863, John William HAMBRIDGE (1812 -1863) mother Elizabeth MONRO (1812 -1892) married 29 Jul 1831 at Saint Mary, Newington, Surrey. Children :
1 Frederick HAMBRIDGE 1833 - 1839
2 John HAMBRIDGE 1837
3 William HAMBRIDGE 1839 - 1899
4 Frederick HAMBRIDGE 18??
5 Jane HAMBRIDGE 1849
6 Elizabeth HAMBRIDGE 1852 - 1853

William Henry's father John William HAMBRIDGE was baptised in 1812 at St John Horsleydown, Bermondsey, Surrey with parents William & Tryphena HAMBRIDGE (1774 - 1839).

William HAMBRIDGE marries Tryphena JENKINS 1802 in Devon, children to the couple thus far :
1 Elizabeth HAMBRIDGE born 1803 at St Saviour, Southwark baptised there 1804
2 William HAMBRIDGE baptised 1807 at St Saviour, Southwark, buried three months later in 1807 at Horselydown, Surrey
3 Mary Anne HAMBRIDGE born 1808 at St Saviour, Southwark
4 Tryphinia [sic] Eliza HAMBRIDGE born 1809, and baptised 1809 at St Saviour, Southwark
5 John William HAMBRIDGE baptised 1812 St Saviour, Southwark
6 Tryphina HAMBRIDGE born 1813 and baptised 1813 at St John Horsleydown, Surrey ; 1832 Tryphena HAMBRIDGE marries Alfred MONRO (born 1809) at St Dunstan In The East, London

Note : John William HAMBRIDGE married Elizabeth MONRO in 1831, his sister Tryphena HAMBRIDGE married Alfred MONRO in 1832, that is, HAMBRIDGE brother and sister John William & Tryphena married MONRO brother and sister Alfred & Elizabeth

There is one Tryphena HAMBRIDGE born 1845 at Bermondsey, dies 1847 at Bermondsey - don't know the parents, but by the name she was likely to have been part of this story, perhaps named for her grandmother so the father maybe was another son, that is, brother to John William HAMBRIDGE ?

Neither father William HAMBRIDGE nor mother Tryphena can be found in the 1841 Census, so perhaps both had died by then, and there is a death record for Tryphena HAMBRIDGE in 1839 at St Saviour, Southwark, buried November 1839 at Horsleydown, Surrey.

William Henry HAMBRIDGE's mother Elizabeth MONRO

Elizabeth MONRO’s parents Robert MONRO (1769 -1827) & Mary INSTANT (1772 - ) marry in 1793 at St Olave, Bermondsey, Surrey with children :
1796 Mary Olive
1800 Esther
1803 Joseph
1805 Sarah marries John HAWKES 19 Oct 1823 at St Giles, Camberwell, Surrey
1807 David
1809 Alfred marries Tryphena HAMBRIDGE in 1832
1812 Elizabeth marries John William HAMBRIDGE in 1831

Mary INSTANT b 22 Mar 1772 St Luke Old Street, Finsbury, London parents Joseph INSTANT & Mary

Family of William Henry HAMBRIDGE's wife, Selina Jane WADE (1845 - 1881)

Selina Jane WADE was born 1845 at Walworth, Surrey, her parents were Edward Charles (1825 - 1873) & Jane Anne FISHWICK (1817 - 1893) married 1843 at Camberwell, Surrey.

Silena's father Edward Charles WADE was baptised in February 1825 at St Saviour, Southwark parents Henry Rice WADE & Tereza, and died at St Saviour Southwark in 1873.

In the 1851 Census Edward Charles and wife Jane WADE are living in Alpha Street, St Giles, Camberwell, Surrey, he is age 26 born 1825 at Southwark St Saviour with occupation 'Shoe Salesman Journeyman', wife Jane is age 33 born 1818 at St Saviour, and daughter Selina age 6 born 1845 at Newington St Mary, Scholar.

In the 1861 Census the family is living at Crosby Row, Walworth Road, St Mary Newington, London, Selina age 16 is anomalously recorded as 'Janett U WADE', with siblings Edward E WADE born 1847 at Southwark, age 14 occupation 'Errand Boy', Frank W WADE n 1850 at Newington age 9, Alice H WADE born Camberwell age 9, Kate S WADE born Newington age 6, Arthur H WADE born Newington age 5, and Mary Anne P WADE born Newington age 4.

In 1863 daughter Selina marries John William HAMBRIDGE, and in 1864 her youngest brother is born, Charles WADE at Walworth (the same year Selina's first child, Martha, is born).

In the 1871 Census the WADE household remains in St Mary Newington and consists of Edward age 44, occupation 'Salesman', wife Jane age 53, daughter Alice age 19 occupation 'Shoe Binder', son Arthur age 14 occupation 'Shop Boy' and Charles age 7 - cannot yet find what happened with Frank, Kate or Mary Anne.

Father Edward Charles WADE dies 1873 at St Saviour Southwark.

In the 1881 Census widow Jane A WADE is living in Mount Street, St Saviour Southwark, London age 62 with occupation 'Annuitant' - perhaps husband Charles had life insurance, given that their son-in-law Henry HAMBRIDGE was an insurer ? And her son Charles A WADE age 17 is living with her, his occupation 'Boot Clicker' - a boot clicker is a skilled craftsman who cuts the uppers for shoes from leather skins, making sure pairs of shoes match for colour, texture & finish, and maximising the number of uppers cut from a piece of leather (and Charles's late father sold shoes).

Mother Jane WADE dies in 1893, born ~ 1819, at Camberwell, London

Silena Jane WADE's father Edward Charles WADE, was baptised 20th February 1825 at St Saviour Southwark, his parents (Silena Jane's grandparents) Henry Rice WADE & Tereza TOWELL, Henry Rice WADE was baptised on 24 January 1793 at Aylsham, Norfolk parents (Silena Jane's great grandparents) Edmund Rice WADE & Mary READ ; Edmund WADE marries Mary REED born 1761 age 20 on 27 August 1782 at North Walsham, Norfolk.

Children of Silena Jane WADE's great grandparents, Edmund WADE & Mary REED :

1 Charles Rice WADE bapt 26 March 1785 at Aylsham, Norfolk ; marries Mary JEX 27 May 1810 at Aylsham, Norfolk ; dies & buried 26 November 1855 at Aylsham
- 1815 Matthew Nequs/Negus WADE chr 14 may 1815 at Aylsham parents Charles Rice & Mary WADE
- 1819 Maria WADE chr 25 Dec 1819 at Aylsham parents Charles Rice & Mary WADE ; Mary WADE of Aylsham m Aquile William CANNELL of Aylsham on 9 Jul 1837 at Aylsham, her father Charles Rice WADE, his father Aquile CANNELL
- Charles Frederick WADE chr 27 May 1825 at Aylsham parents Charles Rice & Mary WADE ; Charles Frederick WADE of Aylsham m Jane ALLEN of Aylsham 5 Mar 1846 at Aylsham, his father Charles Rice WADE, her father William ALLEN
- Charles Frederick WADE widower of Aylsham m Maria PATTERSON 25 Dec 1856 at Aylsham, his father Charles Rice WADE, her father Robert PATTERSON
- Charles Rice WADE m Harriet GEORGE 1846 at St Nicholas, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, his father Rice Robert WADE her father William GEORGE
2 Rice Robert WADE bapt 23 February 1787 parents Edward WADE & Mary READ
3 Mark WADE b ~ 1790 dies in Aylsham, Norfok 1869 age 79
4 Anna Maria WADE bapt 8 January 1790 at Blickling, Norfok marries Isaac GRAY on 15 Nov 1810 at Aylsham, Norfolk, father Edmund Rice WADE)
5 Henry Rice WADE bapt 24 Jan 1793 (Silena Jane's grandfather)

Edmund's son, Silena Jane WADE's grandfather, Henry Rice WADE married Trazer TOWELL on 1 November 1813 at St Saviour Southwark, with children :

1 Mary Ann WADE baptised 8 September 1816 at St Saviour Southwark
2 Henry Rice WADE born 20 June 1818, died 9 December 1818 at St Saviour Southwark
3 Edmund Henry WADE baptised 2 January 1823 at St Saviour Southwark
- he has a son Henry Rice WADE baptised 1845 at St Marys Camberwell, with wife Eliza ; Henry Rice WADE dies 1849 at Camberwell London
4 Edward Charles WADE baptised 20 Feb 1825 at St Saviour Southwark ; marries Jane Ann FISHWICK in 1843 at Camberwell
5 William Robert WADE baptised 15 July 1827 at St Saviour Southwark
6 Treaza WADE baptised 14 February 1830 at St Saviour Southwark - she marred William John CURTIS in 1848 at St John Southwark

There are two death records for 'Henry Rice WADE' - one in 1837, the other in 1845 and both at St Saviour Southwark

His father, Edmund Rice WADE, dies and is buried 5 December 1822 at Aylsham, Norfolk, born 1756 ; christened 13 April 1756 at North Walsham, parents Rice & Anne WADE (Silena Jane's great great grandparents)

Edmund's father Rice-Robert WADE marries firstly, Anne BURTON on 14 Jul 1742 at Norwich (Sidestrand), Norfolk

Rice Robt WADE marries secondly, Ann BARE / BEARE 30 Jul 1751 at Norwich (West Somerton), Norfolk.

Children of Silena Jane's great great grandparents, Rice WADE (1715 - 1797) & Anne BEARE :

Judith WADE bapt 23 Jul 1752 at North Walsham
Henry Rice WADE bapt 24 Jun 1754 at North Walsham, Norfolk parents Rice Robert WADE & Anne ; buried 28 May 1758 North Walsham
Edmund Rice WADE bapt 13 Apr 1756 at North Walsham
Anne WADE bapt 6 Dec 1758 at North Walsham
Sarah WADE bapt 6 Dec 1758 at North Walsham
Henry Rice WADE bapt 20 May 1760 at North Walsham, Norfolk (that is, Edmund has a brother, a son & a grandson named 'Henry Rice WADE')

Rice-Robert WADE baptised 12 August 1715 at Lessingham, Norfolk parents William & Elizabeth WADE, and Rice WADE buried 18 Apr 1797 North Walsham

Sllena Jane's great great great grandfather, William WADE of Aylsham marries Elizabeth MICKELBURGH of Tiffinham on 11 Mar 1709 at Aylsham (Elizabeth MICKLEBOUGH chr 26 Jul 1676 Bedingham, Norfolk mother Elizabeth MICKLEBOUGH).

Children :

- Theophilus WADE chr 13 May 1710 Lessingham, d 28 May 1710 parents Wm & Eliz WADE
- Judith WADE chr 11 Dec 1711 Lessingham, Norfolk parents William & Elizabeth WADE
- Mary WADE chr 19 Fe 1718 Norwich, Norfolk parents William & Elizabeth WADE ; Mary WADE buried 5 Jul 1719 Norwich father William WADE
- James WADE buried 15 May 1722 Norwich father William WADE

Silena Jane WADE's mother Jane Anne FISHWICK

Jane Ann FISHWICK born Camberwell 1817 baptised at St Saviour, Southwark, London ; marries Edward Charles WADE 1843 at St George, Camberwell, London ; resident 1851 Camberwell, Surrey ; resident 1861, 1871 & 1881 at Newington St Mary, Surrey, ; resident 1891 Camberwell, London ; dies 1893 London.

Her parents were William FISHWICK (1786-1835) & Elizabeth NORMAN (1784-1846). Willam FISHWICK, born 1766 in Sussex, marries 1807 at Southwark St Saviour, London, and dies 1835 at Southwark, Surrey.

Children :

1 Richard baptised 25 Sep 1808, dies 28 Jun 1812
2 Elizabeth Margaret born 8 Apr 1810
3 William born 22 Dec 1811; dies 1810-13
4 Susanna born 1813
5 William born 4 Sep 1815
6 Jane Ann (1817 -1893) marries Edward Charles WADE 1851 at Camberwell, Surrey
7 Eliza born 1819
8 Caroline (1822-1833)
9 Henry born 1824
10 Emma born 1827
11 George Alfred (1832 -1900) dies at Perth, Western Australia

Cecil Roy HAMBRIDGE (1898 - 1968), my godfather - his farther Henry's parents William Henry HAMBRIDGE (1840 - 1899) & Selina Jane WADE (1845 - 1881)

My godfather Uncle Roy's grandparents were William Henry HAMBRIDGE (1840 - 1899) & Selina Jane WADE (1845 - 1881) ; Roy's father Harry HAMBRIDGE born 1865 at Walworth, England, is found in the 1881 Census living in his parents' house with their large family in Somerfield Rd, Homsey, London, occupation 'seaman' and age 16 - five years later age 21 married Sibena Francesca CULLEN age 19 of Geelong, in Melbourne, Australia.

It is likely that Uncle Roy never met his English HAMBRIDGE grandparents.

Uncle Roy was Roman Catholic - as were his mother, brothers and sisters, but do not know about his HAMBRIDGE grandparents' religious affiliation.

Grandfather William Henry HAMBRIDGE was born 1840, Ripplegate, London (place named in 1881 Census), and birth record says St Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey, Surrey, parents John William HAMBRIDGE (1812 - 1863) and Elizabeth MONRO (1812 -1892).

Cannot locate 'Ripplegate' - possibly could be Cripplegate, but that is north of the river and places associated with him and his family are south of the river.

He seems to have grown up in the Southwark & Bermondsey area, and from early in his working life he is a central figure in the establishment and growth of 'industrial insurance'. The area where he grew up included some of London's most notorious slums at this time, and was the location of a tannery to add to the general foulness - it was the setting used by Charles Dickens for Oliver Twist's encounters with Bill Sikes

Researching 'industrial insurance' I learned that it began with a government commission recommendation in 1854 to help poor and working people afford burials (and to promote thrift and savings) - over the previous decades as churchyards became crowded, burials shifted to dedicated cemeteries that were more out of town, which meant increased costs for coffins and transport. The alternative was a pauper's burial - a communal grave without a marker - a matter of great shame and horror in Victorian times (and to this day). Insurance companies covered the costs of the burial only of a worker, but not those of his family. Friendly Societies covered all members of the family.

William Henry HAMBRIDGE was already working for the Royal Liver company before 1861 - he was born in 1840 - when he and two other ex-employees of Royal Liver, Joseph Degge & Henry Ridge, founded in 1861 The Royal London Friendly Society that was to become the modern Royal London Insurance Company (from Royal London: The First 150 Years by Murray Ross) ; he was part of developing the Society, and was its Secretary still in 1897 (he died in 1899).

His first born, daughter Martha Jane married an Insurance Agent, William SHARPE, daughter Isabella married CHAPMAN and had at least two children, daughter Gertrude may have married (BRIDGMAN or REMNANT) or may not have married.

His eldest son Harry went to sea at a young age - at age 16 his occupation is 'seaman' - and by age 23 had settled and married in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia ; second son William, at age 14 occupation 'clerk' cannot yet be further identified in the British records, but may also have settled overseas ; third son Edward remained in London and worked in Insurance, with his father's company as a superintendent in 1897 (perhaps superintendent of agents, collectors & canvassers for the Society) ; fourth son Walter died before the age of two at Newcastle Upon Tyne ; fifth son Benjamin married and lived in Tottenham - North London - for the birth of his first two children, then lived at West Ham, London for the birth of his third child, and thereafter at Dartford, Kent east of London on the way to Gravesend, and started at age 19 working for a pawn broker, still in that business ten years later as a salesman, but a 'printer labourer' after that ; sixth son Ralph marries at Enfield (just north of London and Tottenham), in 1901 is a 'commercial traveller' but in 1910 a newsagent at Shipton Bellinger, Hampshire - a small rural village north of Salisbury (there are several HAMBRIDGE families in and around Swindon to the north of Shipton Bellinger in Wiltshire, have yet to figure how they are connected with these HAMBRIDGEs) ; seventh son Alfred may have settled in Natal, South Africa by 1890-91, and married there ; eightth son Dunstan seems to have moved to the Bournemouth area by age 25, where he marries and raises his family (at Poole) and in 1910 his occupation is 'jobbing gardener'

William Henry HAMBRIDGE married Selina Jane WADE 30 July 1863 at Kensington, Surrey, eleven children identified thus far :

1 Martha Jane born 1863 Camberwell, London bapt 1864 Newington St Mary ; 1871 resident Westgate, Northumberland ; 1881 resident at Homsey, Middlesex;

1886 Martha J HAMBRIDGE married William SHARPE born 1855 occupation 'Insurance Agent' at St Marks, Islington

1889 William James SHARPE born

1901 Census resident at Belgrave Road, Walthamstowe, West Ham, London, Martha age 37, husband William age 46 occupation 'Insurance Agent' (no others living with them), but a separate record for Belgrave Road, Walthamstowe, West Ham gives son William SHARPE age 12 born 1889 living with Thomas GALBRAITH, boarder, age 42 born County Cork, Ireland occupation 'Insurance Agent'

- cannot identify any of the three in the 1891 Census

1911 Martha is resident North Hackney, parish of St John-at-Hackney, London age 47 with husband William SHARPE age 56 born Islington, London occupation 'Clerk Baker' (sic - Banker ?) and 22 year old son William James SHARPE, single, occupation 'Clerk Stockbrokers'

1938 Martha J SHARPE dies 1938, third quarter, at Thanet, Kent age 74 ( may or may not be the same as above)

2 Harry 1865 -1939 born Walworth ; 1871 resident Westgate , Northumberland ; 1881 resident Homsey, Middlesex occ seaman

1886 Henry HAMBRIDGE marries Sebina CULLEN [Melbourne], Victoria (Vic Reg No 6108) ; Sebina Fran CULLEN born 1867 Geelong to Denis & Ann (KINSELLA) CULLEN - Note : Harry marries the same year as his older sister, Martha.

Children :

1888-1853 Sebina Mary HAMBRIDGE ; 1917 marries John W (Jack) ENGLISH at St Patrick's Cathedral, Melbourne

1889-1929 Henry Gilmore HAMBRIDGE born at West Melbourne ; 1921 marries Louise Hannah DAVIS

1891-1955 William Percy (Percy or Mick) HAMBRIDGE marries Kathleen Regina ANDREWS (previously married with John David POORE) at Essendon

1902 Alf Septimus HAMBRIDGE dies soon after birth at Coburg

1894-1944 Clarence Leslie (Les) HAMBRIDGE, 1919 marries Jean Gwendoline DAVIDSON (born Penola, SA)

1896-1964 Eileen Olive (Elly) HAMBRIDGE, 1918 marries John Cyril Fookes LEWIS

1898-1968 Cecil Roy HAMBRIDGE, 1925 marries Irene Mabel STEWART (Uncle Roy & Auntie Rene)

1904 - ? Veronica Margaret (Ronnie) HAMBRIDGE, marries first Arthur Gordon WILLIAMS (dies 1937 at Quambatook, Queensland), secondly HOGAN

1907-1976 Eric George Alphonsus (Phonse) HAMBRIDGE, 1931 marries Annie Frost LUKE at Kangaroo Flat, Bendigo

1916 Sebina Francesca HAMBRIDGE dies at Coburg, Melbourne, Victoria from pneumonia - husband Harry is in a remote part of the state as part of the government Land Survey Department, and cannot get to the funeral.

1921 Widower Harry marries Cath HAASE at Bendigo, Victoria

1939 Harry dies at Kangaroo Flat, Bendigo, Victoria age 74

see other journal entries for further details of their children

3 William born 1867 Peckham - have yet to find further information about William, but if the published note - below - is from youngest brother Alfred, implies William is alive in 1894, and presumably not in England.

4 Edward born1868 Camberwell, Surrey

1891 Census is living with his family at Willesden, Middlesex - Census includes a Visitor, Alice BATCOCK, and later that year he marries Alice Emily BATCOCK who was born 1867 at Hull

1894 Alice J G HAMBRIDGE born

1899 Edward HAMBRIDGE born

1901 Edward resident Drummond Road, Bournemouth, Hampshire occ Life Insurance Superintendant. In his own household with wife Alice, children Alice J G HAMBRIDGE age 7 born at Islington, London

1911 Census Edward is resident at Bournemouth, Hampshire occupation Superintendant, with wife Alice Emily and children Alice Ivy Gertrude age 17 occupation 'Assistant' (presumably to her father), Edward William age 13 born 1898 at Hornsey, and Phyllis Eugenie age 6 born 1905 at Bournemouth

1946 Wife Alice E HAMBRIDGE dies age 78 at Bournemouth, Dorset

1953 Edward HAMBRIDGE dies age 85 at Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland

5 Walter Frank born 1869 Camberwell, dies 1871 Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland

6 Benjamin Christmas born 1872 Newcastle-on-Tyne ; 1881 resident at Homsey, Middlesex

Benjamin HAMBRIDGE marries in 1898 with Alice Jane TAYLOR (born 1874 at Isle Hadham - referred to in the 1901 Census as Little Hodham, Hertfordshire) at West Ham, Essex. Children :

1901 Harvey HAMBRIDGE born at Pk Tottenham, Middlesex
- 1923 William H HAMBRIDGE (probably same) marries Grace E GODFREY at West Ham, Essex and one child Roy H HAMBRIDGE born 1927 at West Ham, Essex
1902 Victor HAMBRIDGE born at Pk Tottenham, Middlesex
- Herman V HAMBRIDGE (probably same) dies 1918 age 16 at West Ham, Essex
1904 Edgar HAMBRIDGE born at Pk Tottenham, Middlesex
- Benjamin E HAMBRIDGE (probably same) dies 1918 age 14 at West Ham, Essex ; perhaps Benjamin and brother Herman died close to each other - epidemic? Accident ?
1906 Eva W HAMBRIDGE born at Dartford, Kent
- Winifred E HAMBRIDGE (probably the same) marries Sydney F MUDD 1938 at East Ham, Essex
1908 Norman HAMBRIDGE born at Dartford, Kent ; Norman Stanley HAMBRIDGE dies 1988 at Southend On Sea, Essex - date of birth 29 January 1908
1910 Grace HAMBRIDGE born at Forest Gate, East Ham, Essex
1914 Harry R HAMBRIDGE
- 1941 Harry R HAMBRIDGE marries Vera J BURD at West Ham, Essex
- 1942 Ashley R HAMBRIDGE born 1942 at Epping, Essex mother BURD ; 1967 marries Ann E PARKINSON Barking, Essex
- 2003 Vera Jenny HAMBRIDGE dies 2003 at Havering, Essex born 7 Nov 1915

In the 1891 Census Benjamin age 19 is a servant in the household of Henry W RUSSELL, Pawnbroker Manager, resident in Upper Street, Islington, London, occupation 'Pawnbrokers Assistant' ; in the 1901 Census he is 29, married, with wife and newborn son Harvey at Pelham Road, Edmonton, Tottenham, Middlesex with occupation 'Pawn Broker's Salesman' ; and in the 1910 Census Benjamin HAMBRIDGE is age 40 with a large family and living at Forest Gate, East Ham, Essex and his occupation is 'Printer Labourer'.

1951 Benjamin dies 1951 Rochford, Essex

1956 Alice J HAMBRIDGE dies age 82 at Romford, Essex

7 Ralph Septimus 1874 -1953

1899 marries Clara Jane HOOPER (born 1872 at Ross, Herefordshire [groom] b Newcastle-on-Tyne) at Enfield St Andrew

1901 Census, living at Cotesbach Road, North Hackney, London age 28 and occ 'Commercial Traveller', with his wife C J HAMBRIDGE age 30 born at Ross Herefordshire, newborn son C R HAMBRIDGE and sister G (Gertrude) HAMBRIDGE age 24 (perhaps helping her sister in law with her first baby).

1901 son Cyril Raymond HAMBRIDGE born ~1901 Upper Clapton N E , London, resident Hackney, London
- 1918-1921 Cyril is in the Merchant Navy
- 1924 Cyril marries Ivy E THEOBALDS at Greenwich, London
- 1973 Cyril dies at Lewisham, London, giving his birth date 24 September 1900

1911 Ralph is resident at Shipton Bellinger, Hampshire occ “Newsagent and C”, with wife Clara Jane, son Cyril Raymond age 10 and a boarder, William John SAUNDERS age 25 and single, occupation 'Carpenter House' [House Carpenter] born 1886 at Sheffield, Yorkshire.

1937 Ralph marries Susan E HEPPARD third quarter, at Marylebone, London

1953 Ralph dies at Maidenhead, Berkshire.

8 Alfred born 1870 Camberwell, Surrey - Alfred cannot be found in the British records past the 1881 Census - no death record, either ; a line of enquiry is that he possibly migrated to Natal, South Africa in 1890, married 1893 and raised a family there.

1871 Census has the infant Alfred on a separate record to that of his parents, also at Westgate, Northumberland with a servant, Louisa A FEHRWELT age 22 born in Germany.

1894 A published note 'Hambridge, Alfred, of Durban, Natal, South Africa - seeking his brothers Harry and William Hambridge. " and the addendum "Found."

9 Isabella Kate 1874-1916 born at Newcastle-on-Tyne in Stoke

1909 Isabella marries Frank Hardy CHAPMAN 1876-1951 at Stoke in Newington St Mary ; 1911 resident St John-at-Hackney ; children :
1912 Evelyn P CHAPMAN born Hackney, London
1914 Frederick V CHAPMAN born Hackney, London

1916 Isabella CHAPMAN dies at Whitechapel, London

10 Gertrude born 1877 Hornsey ; 1901 resident Hackney, London (unmarried)

1913 Gertrude marries Percy W REMNANT Wandsworth, London (NOTE : this may refer to another Gertrude HAMBRIDGE born 1895, and there are two Percy REMNANTs, Percy William born 1893, and Percy Waterland born 1867 the youngest brother of James Farquharson 1st Baron REMNANT)

1915 Harold J REMNANT born Wandsworth, London, dies 1917 (ditto)

11 Dunstan Edgar 1879-1954 born Finsbury Park, Middlesex

1901 Dunstan age 25 does military service with 1st Batallion Middlesex Regiment at Parkstone, Dorset

1908 Dunstan marries on 7 June, Julia Lynda STANLEY age 21 born 1887 at Heatherlands, Dorset, bride’s father Thomas David STANLEY

1909 Elizabeth Lilian Amy HAMBRIDGE born Poole, Dorset ; dies 1913 Poole, Dorset

1911 Dunstan resident Branksome, Bournemouth, Dorset age 33 and occupation 'Jobbing Gardener'

1911 Elsie Lynda Gertrude HAMBRIDGE born at Poole, Dorset, who in 1933 marries Joseph H STANLEY at Poole, Dorset

1912 Stanley E F HAMBRIDGE born at Poole, Dorset

1914-16 Dunstan does military service with the Royal Defence Corps 261st Bro [sic] Company, Parkstone, Dorset

1914 Ellen Margaret HAMBRIDGE baptised 26 April 1914 at Heatherlands, Dorset and dies (Helen M) in 1914 at Poole, Dorset

1917 Doris E HAMBRIDGE born, and marries Charles W G FARRELL in 1936 at Poole, Dorset

1920 Irene M HAMBRIDGE born, marries firstly in 1939 Thomas HOLLARD at Poole, Dorset and secondly in 1953 David MARSDEN at Poole, Dorset

1921 Dunstan living in East Dorset

1922 Ivy HAMBRIDGE born at Poole, Dorset and marries 1938 with Frederick E C HEDGECOCK at Poole, Dorset

1933 Alfreda HAMBRIDGE ; 1949 Elfreda HAMBRIDGE married Colin MABEY Poole, Dorset ; Elfrieda MABEY nee HAMBRIDGE dies 17 Feb 2014 Ottawa, Canada, parents Julia Lynda & Dunstan Edgar HAMBRIDGE

1954 Dunstan dies age 77 at Poole, Dorset

1968 Julia L HAMBRIDGE (Dunstan's widow) dies at Poole, Dorset age 81 [born ~ 1887]

Researching HAMBRIDGE in England - in English records, how would you know if people are Roman Catholic ?

My HAMBRIDGE godparents were Roman Catholic, Uncle Roy's parents were married in 1886 in a Catholic Church - St Bridgid's Fitzroy, Melbourne - his father and grandparents were English so have found a lot of information about them in the records, but were they English Catholics ?

Because Catholicism was suppressed in England, I know that marriages before civil registrations started were required by law to be done only in the Church of England to be legal, and all burials were in Church of England churchyards, so how would you know if the people you are researching were Catholic ?


Cecil Roy HAMBRIDGE (1898 - 1968), my godfather - his parents Henry HAMBRIDGE (1865 - 1939) and Sibena Francesca CULLEN (1867 -1916), and siblings

Uncle Roy's parents were Henry (Harry) HAMBRIDGE (1865 - 1939) and Sibena Francesca nee CULLEN (1867 - 1916) married in Melbourne in 1886 ; Henry had been a seaman, don't yet know when he settled in Melbourne exactly - last trace of him in England is the 1881 Census where he is resident in Homsey, Middlesex, at his family's home, occupation 'seaman'.

Roy's mother Sebina CULLEN (see previous Journal) born in Geelong marries Henry HAMBRIDGE in 1886 at St Brigid's RC Church, Fitzroy, married by Rev Father McKenna, and Henry is the eldest son of W H HAMBRIDGE of London, and Sibena Francesca the only daughter of the late Annie CULLEN, Geelong (her father was Denis CULLEN, an Irish immigrant who arrived at Hobson's Bay on the ship 'Joshua' in February 1852 age 19, and married Ann KINSELLA in 1864, and who may have become a drunkard living in the Horsham area until his death at the Ararat Lunatic Asylum in 1904.

Henry HAMBRIDGE and Sibena Francesca nee CULLEN have nine children :

1. Sebina Mary HAMBRIDGE born 1888 at Melbourne West

She married John W (Jack) ENGLISH on 13 October 1917 at St Patrick's Cathedral, Melbourne and have found records for two of their apparently three children - Robert Henry (Bob) ENGLISH born 11 Aug 1918 at Sunbury, and Percival Willoughby (Percy) ENGLISH who dies at Ormond in 1964 at age 44 (so born ~ 1920) ; when Sebina's mother dies in 1916, she is described as working as a nurse at the Sunshine Asylum. A point to note is that Uncle Roy's wife, Rene HAMBRIDGE grew up in Sunbury, and her step-father (from 1914 onwards), Edwin STAGOLL was a warden at Sunshine Asylum (and previously at Arararat Lunatic Asylum, where Sebina's grandfather Denis CULLEN may have died in 1904).

Sebina's husband, John William ENGLISH, dies 16 August 1923 age 49 at 89 High St, Kew children given as Robert, Percival & Mary ; death registry gives that John William ENGLISH d 1923 at Kew, parents Robert ENGLISH and Jane WILLOUGHBY. He was born at Durham Lead, south of Ballarat, in 1874, his parents married in 1873, but that couple had three children earlier at Coghills Creek and Clunes, both towns north of Ballarat, and five after marrying (including John William) ; his father Robert was the youngest son of Edward ENGLISH and Mary nee HASKINS and his father was born 1849 or thereabouts, his father's older siblings born at Buninyong near Ballarat, and Kilkenny & County Wicklow, Ireland.

John ENGLISH's mother Jane WILLOUGHBY born around 1840 dies at Hawthorn, age 84, her parents John WILLOUGHBY and Eleanor HASKINS - don't know if her mother and her husband's mother also HASKINS were related ; and the notice for Jane's brother Henry's marriage with Ida RICHARDS at Mount Mercer (Ballarat area) in May 1887 gives that their father is John WILLOUGHBY, farmer of Queen's County (County Laois), Ireland.

I have found references to their father at Mayo, Killaban (now Arles) Parish, Laois, including the marriage of another of Jane's brothers, Samuel WILLOUGHBY 'fifth son of the late John Wiloughby, Mayo, Queen's County' with Anne Cooper (Nannie) at Coolkenno Church, Coolkenno, County Wicklow on 29th July 1890.

Sebina Mary ENGLISH dies suddenly 4 May 1953 age 65, 'children Bob, Percy and Mary (Mrs OLIVER), loved grandmother of Michael and Rhonda'. Cannot yet find records pertaining to her children, or of her daughter Mary's marriage to OLIVER, but a Family Notice in The Age on Tuesday 23rd March, 1948, announces the birth of Michael Kevin to OLIVER (English) on 19th March, 1948.

Her daughter, Mary, has a notice in The Argus of 8 March 1943 - 'Mary Francesca ENGLISH , only daughter of Mrs John ENGLISH and the late John ENGLISH, engaged to Irvine James BAGNELL only son of Mrs M DWYER and the late William BAGNELL" ; but at her mother's death in 1953 she is Mrs OLIVER, not Mrs BAGNELL - William Moore BAGNELL married Louisa Mabel TOWERS in 1921, William's father died in 1924 but William himself died in 1926 age 24 (Irvine James BAGNELL's late father in the engagement notice) at Melbourne East, his parents William Francis BAGNELL and Lilian JELETT. His death notice gives the names of two children, Jimmie and Valda - Jimmie must be Irvine James BAGNELL, (sister Valda BAGNELL became a singer, a soprano with a career on stage and appearances on TV into the 1960s). Whether Irvine James - Jimmie - BAGNELL died before the proposed marriage with Mary ENGLISH, or the engagement was broken off for some other reason, is not known. William Moore BAGNELL's widow married Ernest John DWYER in 1927.

2. Henry Gilmore HAMBRIDGE born 1889 in West Melbourne

Henry married Louise Hannah DAVIS 1921, and died 1958 at Pascoe Vale. Louise's parents were Harry DAVIS and Annie (Cis), of 16 Holroyd street, Coburg, with siblings George (killed in action), Dick (Geelong), Rose (Mrs. S.A. McKay, Wangaratta), Lucy (deceased)

They have one child, a son, Eric George HAMBRIDGE born 1922 at Coburg, and dies 1986 age 64 at Reservoir - no record of a marriage or children.

3. William Percival (Percy or Mick) HAMBRIDGE born 1891at West Melbourne

Percy married Kathleen Regina ANDREWS (born 1897) at Essendon, her second marriage. Her first was to John David POORE born 1895 aka John David Hobbs alias Munro - a completely dodgy character who served time for theft and fraud there is a Mug Shot taken Dec.1932 Prisoner 41704 Pentridge ; they married at St Mary's RC Church in Ascot Vale, in 1915, his parents were John POORE and Jean DOUBLEDAY, and they had four children :
Thomas HOBBS-POORE b 1916,
Kathleen Julia (Veronica) HOBBS-POORE b 1918
Jeanne Dorothy HOBBS-POOREb 1920
John Charles HOBBS-POORE b 1924, and married at St Mary's RC Church, Ascot Vale 1951

Whether he left her with the children (he'd left a previous wife and family, it turns out), or she left for their own good, is not known, nor whether there was a formal divorce. I have not found a marriage record for her second marriage with Mick HAMBRIDGE, either.

Percy HAMBRIDGE enlisted in May 1915, the first of the three brothers who enlisted (Percy, Les & Roy), occupation at enlistment 'skilled labourer' at Longreach, Queensland, and returned to Australia February 1919 - he had been admitted to hospital from December 1915 to March 1916 - his mother died 19th February, and her obituary in the Brunswick and Coburg Star of Friday 25th February 1916, says he suffered enteric dysentery and was hospitalized in Alexandria, Egypt . He was wounded in action in France, noted 22 Aug 1916, a gunshot wound to the side penetrating his liver, invalided to England and retrained in Signalling, promoted to corporal 1 June 1917

Percy HAMBRIDGE dies 4 October 1955 at age 63 at ' ... at Royal Melbourne Hospital, Percival William (Mick) HAMBRIDGE, of 3 Akeroa avenue, East Brunswick, dearly loved husband of Kathleen, loved pop of Tom and Kath [HOBBS-POORE], late of 1st AIF - Rest in Peace ', with a note of special thanks from his widow in his Family Notice to 'Postal & Returned Servicemen GPO Spencer Street.'

4. Alf Septimus HAMBRIDGE dies 1902 at Coburg 0 months old, mother Selina [sic] CULLEN

Previous children were born at West Melbourne, and there is a bill of sale in 1901 for 21 Miller Street, West Melbourne to Henry & Sibena HAMBRIDGE ; their next known house is 'Emetta' at 175 Bell St. Coburg.

5 Clarence Leslie (Les) HAMBRIDGE born 1894

Les marries Jean Gwendoline DAVIDSON 1919 ; dies age 50 " ... suddenly 31 October 1944 at Bridgewater on Loddon (Central Victoria) late of 61st Battalion First AIF, wife Jean. " and is buried at Burwood Cemetery, Melbourne, in a Returned Serviceman's grave. 

He enlisted in June 1915 age 21, giving his occupation as 'Driver' and his father's address as ' c/o Chillingollah PO' ; looking at his Service Record, Les suffered “shell shock” noted on 29/9/1917 and “He was one of a group amongst which a shell burst causing several casualties. Case classified “Shell shock. Wound” ” ; a month later he is noted as still ‘sick, not as yet diagnosed’ on 20/10/1917

Six months later he is again wounded in action noted on 25/4/1918, with a severe gunshot wound to his foot, and sees no further action.

He returns home on 14 December, 1918 and marries shortly after, Jean Gwendoline DAVIDSON in 1919, no children.

In 1920 he is finally discharged from active duty as medically unfit ‘Disability due to active service’ ; I find myself wondering if the wound to his foot which (thankfully) ended his active involvement in theatres of war, following an experience of shell shock, is connected to the suddenness of his death whilst WW2 is raging, in 1944 "?

Jean HAMBRIDGE d 1985 at Rosebud, age 88, born Penola SA, parents James William DAVIDSON & Annie JONES.

Jean’s brother, Hedley James DAVIDSON, dies January 5, 1949, suddenly, at Queenscliffe so born around 1905 at Penola SA, parents James DAVIDSON & Annie JONES ; Uncle Roy and Auntie Rene retired to Queenscliff in the late 1950s - Uncle Roy's sister-in-law's brother dying there makes a connection with Queenscliffe

6 Eileen Olive (Elly) HAMBRIDGE (1896 - 1964)

Elly marries John Cyril Fookes LEWIS (1894 - 1965) in 1918, and who dies at South Yarra age 71.

Seems to be one child, Edna May (Bonnie) LEWIS who married Malcolm Kitchener ENGLISH in 1939 (born 1916 parents Samuel ENGLISH who married Elisabeth Frances ELLIS 1908 - note the Edna May's aunt Sibena also married into a seemingly unrelated ENGLISH family) ; her husband enlisted in the army for in WW 2 - his records give : M K ENGLISH born 22 Jun 1916 at Glenferrie, enlisted 6 Jan 1942 - Service number VX71057 - with posting at discharge to the 2/2 Pioneer Battalion.

Edna May ENGLISH d 1961 at Footscray age 43 so born around 1915 parents John Cyril Fookes LEWIS and Eileen Olive HAMBRIDGE

Eileen Olive ENGLISH dies at Hawthorn in 1964 age 68. Her husband John Cyril Fookes LEWIS father was John James [Fooks] LEWIS who died 29 Dec 1911 at South Melbourne age 78, whose parents in turn were John Thomas LEWIS born Hobart Town, Van Diemens Land, & Matilda Louisa FOOKS born c 1833 Weymouth, Dorset, England).

John Thomas LEWIS & Matilda Louisa FOOKS children :
1 Charles Albert LEWIS c 1855 - 1932 dies at Melbourne South age 77
2 William John LEWIS 1857-63, dies at Sandridge age 6
3 Thomas William LEWIS c 1864 dies at Carlton North age 32
4 John James Fooks LEWIS 1869 - 1948 dies at Melbourne age 71 ; John James LEWIS born 1869 at Sandridge dies 1948 Hawthorn East, and married Agnes Riley LEWIS born about1868 Carlton, Melbourne and died 1945 age 77 at St Kilda, Melbourne (buried 21 March 1945 at Fawkner Cemetery, Grave 283 Lewis, C of E Compartment D)
5 James Fooks LEWIS c 1872 - 1953 d at Kew age 81
6 Henry Watson LEWIS c 1874 - 1878 d at Carlton age 4
7 Eliza Fooks LEWIS 1875 Melbourne age 1

John James Fooks LEWIS (1869 - 1948) & Agnes RILEY( 1868-1945) married 1887 her parents William RILEY and Mary FURNESS, children :
1 Mary Adeline LEWIS 1890 -1965
2 Tom Leslie LEWIS 1892 - 1961
3 John Cyril Fooks LEWIS 1894 - 1965 ; m Eileen Olive HAMBRIDGE 1918 ; d in Melbourne age 71
4 Charles Ormond LEWIS 1896 -1974
5 George Melrose LEWIS 1898 -1948
6 Hector Dyson LEWIS 1900 -1904
7 Ada May LEWIS 1901 -1982
8 James Victor LEWIS 1903 -1982
9 Agnes Irene LEWIS 1905 - 1989
10 Doris Ilma 1907

An account of the life of some of the women of Davis Street, Carlton where Agnes Riley LEWIS and her family lived for a few years can be found at ‘The “Monster Petition” and the Women of Davis Street’, Provenance: The Journal of Public Record Office Victoria, issue no. 7, 2008. ISSN 1832-2522. Copyright © Brienne Callahan.

7 Cecil Roy HAMBRIDGE born 17 July 1898

Uncle Roy married Irene Mabel (Rene) STEWART Melbourne 1925 - no children.

He enlisted in July 1915, not yet 18 his occupation 'grocer', as his father Henry was a grocer he likely worked in the family business, although as with his brother who enlisted the previous month, his father's address is Chillingollah. Because not yet 18, he needed his father's written permission to enlist, which Henry provided but stipulated that it was on the condition that he not ship overseas until he attained 18 years of age. Uncle Roy served as an ambulance driver.

Cecil Roy HAMBRIDGE married 1925 Irene Mabel STEWART ; no children. Roy re-enlisted in 1931, with the militia (perhaps like the Army Reserve ?) age 34, when he was working for the Tramways Board at East Coburg depot. When my parents met Roy and Rene in 1956 or so, they ran the post office in Glenferrie Rd., Hawthorn.

In the late fifties or very early sixties, they retired to Queenscliffe and both were very involved with the local Bowls Club ; Uncle Roy died 1968 at Geelong (resident at Queenscliff) - Auntie Rene in 1984 after many years in a vegetative state, and they are buried together at Queenscliffe Cemetery, Point Lonsdale in a Returned Serviceman's grave.

8 Veronica Margaret (Ronnie) HAMBRIDGE born 1904

Ronnie married firstly Arthur Gordon WILLIAMS ; Arthur Gordon WILLIAMS died " ... from war injuries 24 May 1937 at Quambatook, late of 5th Battalion AIF age 47 ; children Jack, [Marie], Shirley & Rhonda " ; Ronnie WILLIAMS married secondly HOGAN, in Quambatook.

9. Eric George Alphonsus (Phonse) HAMBRIDGE born 29 Apr 1907 Coburg, Vic, Australia

Phonse marries Annie Frost LUKE on 3 Jan 1931 Kangaroo Flat, Bendigo and dies 24 May 1976 at Sale, one daughter Joan Lorraine HAMBRIDGE 1934 - 1984 (dies at Orbost) ; Annie Frost LUKE 1906 - 1987, she was born and died at Kangaroo Flat, Bendigo parents William LUKE and Annie BOLITHO.

Henry HAMBRIDGE and his wife Sibena seem to have been well respected in their community, one of the pall bearers for Sibena was ex Coburg Mayor A T DAVIS ; Sibena was a nurse, registered with the state and attached to the Necelcte Children's Department to care for infants and cared for them at her home. Her eldest child, Sibena Mary ENGLISH nee HAMBRIDGE was also a nurse, working at Sunbury Asylum at the time of her mother's death in 1916.

The Age Tue 7 May 1912 Melbourne Trotting Club " ‘Trotters’ Handicap, of 30 sovs., for horses that can trot a mile in 2,52 and better, nine furlongs … Von Osterley, 90 yds. (H. Hambridge, sen.) " It seems Henry HAMBRIDGE owned and managed a horse for the trots.

A notable point is that of their five sons, although all married only two had a child (Henry Gilmore's son Eric George, and Phonse's daughter Joan), whereas their three sisters had eight children between them. Including Ronnie's husband Arthur WILLIAMS, of the four who went to war, three suffered ongoing health difficulties.

Concerning names, it is unclear why their first son's second name is Gilmore - it's not a family name on either his or her sides.

Henry HAMBRIDGE is noted as living at Chillingollah (Roy and Phonse's enlistment form in 1915), and with his wife's death in February 1916 is unable to get to the funeral and interment, and is reported in the obituary as living at Manangatang and working with the State Land Survey (Manangatang is a remote town in NW Victoria, proclaimed a town in 1915, subdivisions first sold in 1913 which is perhaps why it was being surveyed, and Chillingollah which had a post office from 1905 is about 20 km south of Manangatang).

There was some issue with the interment, perhaps with Henry not present, son Henry Gilmore had to make decisions that had to be reconsidered, but Sibena's body was interred first at Melbourne General Cemetery, but was re-interred in October 1917 at Coburg Cemetery - maybe a second ritual was needed by the husband working too far away to get there after Sibena's sudden death from pneumonia, and by the three sons who were overseas in the Great War for the funeral (I visited the grave at Coburg Cemetery being a short walk from where I lived at the time, but there is no structure left, just bare earth)

Widower Harry HAMBRIDGE marries Cath HAASE in Bendigo 1921, perhaps he met her whilst on survey, and dies at Kangaroo Flat in 1939 age 74 (and his youngest Phonse marries Annie LUKE in Kangaroo Flat in 1931)

Irene (Rene) Mabel HAMBRIDGE nee STEWART (1906 - 1984) mother Hannah Marie GUGGER, father John Mawson STEWART , step-father Edwin STAGOLL

Irene (Rene) Mabel HAMBRIDGE (1906 - 1984) was my godmother, Auntie Rene ; she married Cecil Roy HAMBRIDGE (1898 - 1968), my godfather, Uncle Roy in 1925 - no children.

Her parents were John Mawson STEWART (1872 - 1912) and Hannah Marie GUGGER (1871 - 1942) married in Victoria in 1902 and had four daughters ; after JOhn''s death in 1912, Hannah Marie STEWART married secondly in 1914 Edwin STAGOLL (1865 - 1946) in Melbourne, Victoria, a widower previously married to Frances MALONE (or MALONEY) who died in 1914, with seven children all born in Hamilton, Victoria, six of whom survived to adulthood. France's parents were John MALONE and Ann nee HANLEY or HANDLEY from Co. Wicklow, Ireland.

Edwin STAGOLL's parents were William Sebastian STAGOLL born 1831 at Halesworth, Suffolk and Elizabeth SKIFFENS or SKIFFINS baptised 1825 at Holt, Norfolk, England - they emigrated to Hobart on the ship 'Trade Wind' arriving February 1858, his occupation 'currier' and hers 'house maid' with the first three of their children, the fourth born at sea en route, and a further five born in Australia - four in Launceston, Tasmania including Edwin in 1865, the fifth and last in Hotham (North Melbourne), Victoria. Edwin's parents were Methodists.

Hannah Marie GUGGER's father was Abraham GUGGER born 1837 at Ins (French Anet), Bern Canton, Switzerland - one of a group of Swiss vignerons brought to work the vineyard at Bald Hill (near modern Tullamarine), arrived in Melbourne in 1860 age 22 on the ship 'Saldanha', his parents Samuel Johannes GUGGER (1808 - 1882) and Anna Maria Katharina FEISSLI (also FITZLI and other variations) (1808 -1859) both of Ins, Bern Canton, Switzerland - Samuel's parents were Peter & Anna GUGGER. Abraham was on older brother of Samuel GUGGER married with Frances BELPERROUD.

Abraham GUGGER married Mary Ellen MASTERSON in 1865 in Victoria, and had five children all born in Sunbury, Victoria :

1 Rosena GUGGER (1866 - 1922), married Eli James WILLIAMS (1870 - 1930) in Hay, NSW (and died in Fitzroy, Melbourne) ; their children were born in Rutherglen

2 Louisa Ellen GUGGER (1867 - 1925), does not marry

3 Anna (Hannah) Maria GUGGER (1871 - 1942), marries John MAWSON STEWART in 1902, children :
Hannah STEWART (1903 - 1903) born, and dies age 1 at Sunbury
Irene Mabel STEWART (1906 - 1984) born at Sunbury, dies at Queenscliff
Gladys Mary STEWART (1909 - 1982) born at Rutherglen, marries Leonard George LANG 1942 in Victoria, dies at Traralgon, Victoria
Alice Marie STEWART born 1912 at Powlett River, Victoria marries John CAHILL 1941 in Victoria

John Mawson STEWART dies at Powlett River age 40 shortly after Alice's birth, a miner living at Wonthaggi, in an accident. John STEWART's widow marries
widower Edwin STAGOLL two years later, in 1914 (the same year his first wife, Frances, dies), and he is a public servant who works at the Asylum in Sunbury
(previously he was a warden at Ararat Lunatic Asylum)

4 Teresa GUGGER (1869 -1902) marries Walter STANHOPE 1894 at Hay, NSW

5 John Samuel GUGGER (1874 - 1934) born and dies at Sunbury, Victoria no marriage found - name on death registry John Abraham GUGGER

A year after the birth of his son, Abraham died age 38 (suicide - after a period of drinking, declared of unsound mind at the time of his death) on Sunday 3rd January 1875 " ... at Mr James BLAKE's vineyard at Holden ... " - an account of his death is given at the inquest reported in The Argus, Friday 8th January, 1875 p 6

In 1886 Mary Ellen GUGGER age about 40 has a daughter, Daisy GUGGER (1886 - 1956) at Sunbury ; Daisy has a daughter in 1906 Ellen Margaret GUGGER

Wife Mary Ellen GUGGER nee MASTERSON died in Malamsbury in 1926 age 82 - at death Mary's name is recorded as Mary HAWKINS, parents John MASTERSON and Ellen BRENNAN ; Mary married secondly, Frederick HAWKINS from Dublin in 1897.

Mary had migrated to Australia at the age of 9 with her family in 1857 on the ship 'Donald McKay' :

Unassisted Passage on ship ‘Donald McKAY’ out of Liverpool 8 July , arrives Port Phillip 29 Sep 1857

John MASTERSON age 45 ; John MASTERSON dies 1888 age 69 at Northcote [born ~1818]
Ellen MASTERSON age 35
Jas MASTERSON age 11
Mary MASTERSON age 9 ; marries Abraham GUGGER (1839 -75) ; dies 1926
John MASTERSON age 5
Bridget MASTERSON age 3
Patk MASTERSON age 1 ; Patrick Mathison MASTERSON dies 1933 age 79 at Sunbury " ... at the residence of Mr GUGGER, Station Street, Sunbury ... " - his nephew John Samuel (or Abraham) GUGGER (1874 - 1934)

John MASTERSON marries Ellen BRENNAN on 4 September, 1845, Killaban (now Arles) Roman Catholic Parish, County Laois, Ireland

HAMBRIDGE CULLEN Coburg, Melbourne, Victoria

Denis CULLEN arrived at Hobson's Bay on the ship 'Joshua', Irish, age 19 in 1852.

Denis CULLEN married Ann KINSELLA 1864 ; a son Patrick William CULLEN is born, and dies, at Newtown, Geelong in 1865 ; their daughter Sibena Francesca CULLEN born 1867 at Geelong, marries Henry (Harry) HAMBRIDGE, in 1886 at St Bridgid's RC Church, Fitzroy, Melbourne, Annie CULLEN deceased at that time ; Sibena HAMBRIDGE dies 19 Feb 1916 age from pneumonia at age 48 at Coburg, Melbourne. Henry HAMBRIDGE born 1865 Walworth, England marries secondly, Cath HAASE and dies 1939 age 74 at Kangaroo Flat, Bendigo.

Henry & Sebina HAMBRIDGE had nine children that I have found, their seventh child - fifth son - Cecil Roy HAMBRIDGE married Irene Mabel STEWART, and they were my much loved godparents.

I have further detail of both Uncle Roy's & Auntie Rene's families.

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