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My friend and I have never met but I can't thank her (and people like her) for the assistance she's given me over the years. I've been researching for 26 years and pride myself on my ingenuity and ability to "suss out" the truth and find who I am looking for. And it's ONLY after I've exhausted all the resources at my disposal (or so I think at the time) do I call on her for help. And she very rarely fails me, sending me pages of information which leaves me with my hand clapped to my head in frustration and amazement at her ability to find things so quickly in places where I THOUGHT I'd checked before contacting her! Time and time again she does this for me, sometimes even apologising for not finding enough! To her and all the other wonderful genies out there in cyberspace who continue to help people, I say an enormous big THANKYOU. She even came to my assistance when her husband was fighting bushfires, how she could concentrate on anything else but his safety just left me speechless. And sometimes I haven't appealed to her directly, but she sees my plea for help no matter where I've posted it, and I just sigh and say to myself, trust Gaylene to drop everything to help.