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Qadri Budauni Silsila

Qadri Budauni silsila was established way back in 16th Century AD when Hazrat Shah Abdul Majeed Budauni was selected by Hazrat alshah Shams-e-din, Ale-ahmed Marahravi to be his most beloved student and murid and allowedhim to start the silsila and take baa'it on his hand for the Qadri - Barkati Silsila of Budaun.

Since that time, Qadri Budauni silsila is growing and spreading all over the world and lot many learned muslim leaders have stood in the society from this silsila.

Zafar Haq Farshori

I belong to old family of Farshoris who landed, as I understand, more than 500 years back in Budaun in India, western Uttar Pradesh. I recently read somewhere that the forefathers came as soilders in the army of Mehmood Ghaznavi, I want to validate this statment. If someone can help me, I will be obliged.

Contact me at [email protected] or +91-9873079304 or [email protected]

Currently I am living in New Delhi (India) and engaged as Chief Executive Officer of a Company working in Telecom Industry.

I am also associated with United Earth, a social organization from United States and I am heading their India operations where they are putting up a World Class Peace University with the help of Indian Government. The project is spread over a 1,000 crores rupees and Indian Government is sharing half of the project cost with a land of 400 acres in Greater NOIDA - 30 miles off Delhi.