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going back over times with the bruce and mllwains ,durham family

ruth fae griffin born apr 11 1919 she died may 4 1980 she married robert lenard wiggins apr 17 1935 and they had 5 children ruth was the duarther james ibzain griffin b.1879 and died 1949 james father was james monroe b,1803 in alabama he intered in the civil war feb 2 1862 he was a confederate soldier in the 27 reg comp f infantry of winn parish la he was captured by union soldier and was put in prison and had to singed a paper saying that he would not take up ars agiants the union it reads the following to who it my concern know ye that i james monroe griffin vol c.s.a being in prison of war in the hands of the united states of forces in virtue of the capitulation of the city of vicksburg and it garrison by lieut john c pemhelton c.s.a commanding on the 4 of july 1843later he married mary elizabeth porter and they had 9 children they married in feb 27 1867 and he died feb 24 1894 james monroe griffin father was william reilly grifin b.dec 1 1803 don,t know on death date yet he married sarah? she was born no birthday on her yet they had 11 children they came by ox car in 1850 to the town of winn parish they hard thier was good land in winn parish and left alabama for good . ruth mother was cynthia bruce b.1879 she died in 1955 in lasalle parish la her martha mllwain born 1848 in leake county miss she died 1900 she married robert j bruce. martha father was john theiopiles mcllwain b.1818 in goergia and he married ellender caroline edwards she was b,mar 3 1828 d.oct 19 1882 in leake county miss they had 14th children. john father was james mcllwain b.1780 no death date yet sarah pully

please help

i am looking for information on robert j bruce born in 1844 in alabama married martha mcllwain she was the duarther of john theophilis mcllwain and ellender caroline edward my e-mail address is [email protected]

tracking my family footsteps

my name is stephanie sims and i was born oct 16 1964 i have three son the first is jan karl klayton hebert born oct 26 1981 and he has a duarther name christy anna marie hebert b.aug 30 2000 my next son is edward eugene justin hebert b.aug 19 1983 and he has a duarther named madison marie hebert b.aug 22 2006 and my babyboy name is christopher joseph dewayne hebert b.nov 18 1984 and he has a duarther name adison lynn renee hebert b.july 28 2003 and it is for them that i started this jurney and for my mother i started 25 years agoe and it has been a great jurney i will starte with mary olivia wiggins born oct 29 1940 in rashall louisiana she married vernon ray sims born 1936 and they had 7 children diane-eugene-stephanie-charlotte-sammy-melisa-angie. my mothers father was robert lenard wiggins born march 19 1905 and died 1955 and he married ruth fae griffin b..apr 11 1919 and they had 5 children robert levell wiggins b.feb 2 1936-jerry leon wiggins aug 12 1938-mary olivia wiggins b.oct 29 1940- sharon gail wiggins b.feb 29 1954-kathrine wiggins. robert lenard wiggins father was moses franklin wiggins born july15 1866 married 1882 to mary olivia gebhart b.1868 her father was charles gebhart dec 22 1853 catahoula parish married josephine major she was born feb 9 1860 and this is all that i have on wigins line what i trying to fined out who was moses madison father was if any one has information on this line please e-mail my at [email protected]