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Does anybody know anything about Betty Jean Kirby of Kentucky?

I used to know her parents and I know they are buried beside her in Elmwood Cemetery but I kind of forgotten who they are. I want to know more info about her and her parents and her grandparents and so on. Thank you!

Looking for more info for KIRBY family.

My grandmother was Betty Jean Kirby. She was born as a Kirby and married a Kirby. Both not related. So my father is a full blooded Kirby. As I would called it. Betty Jean died while having a child. The child died also. My father was very young when this happened. My grandfather was Milton Green Kirby. He died from a sudden heart attack when I was very young. I am related to Estill Kirby and his children.

That's all I know about this family. I was once told who my great grandparents were but I forgotten to write the names down.

If anybody out there has more info, please do send it to me. I am wanting to know more of this side of family more because I don't really know this side too good. My dad doesn't like to talk about them too much.

So, if anybody out there knows some of these names, please give me more info and I want to try to go as far as 1600's for the Kirby family.

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Does anybody know more info about Granville Lovett of KY?

He's suppose to be my great great grandfather... even though my great grandmother never took his last name, he is her father. I only found out a few years ago but recently, I just started to get interested in family trees more. My great grandmother's name is Laura Bell Smith Gadd. She never took the Lovett name but her father is listed as Granville Lovett. Her mother is Mary Jane Smith. They later married after Laura and her brother were born. These two were raised by their Smith grandparents. So, if you have more info on where he is buried and where he is born and if he has more family and if they had more children after marriage, etc. I really would appreciate it. Thanks!

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Looking for other people with GADD ancestors...

I am the granddaughter of John Hayes Gadd and Elizabeth Fannie Cain Gadd...

I know who my great grandparents are... I need more info about more than that. I know only a few...

John Hayes Gadd - Son of John Armp Gadd and Laura Bell Smith Gadd...

I don't know much about John Armp Gadd's family but I do know Laura Bell Smith is actually a Lovett but her birth name is Smith. Her mother was not married at the time she and her brother were born. So the name Lovett having became their last name. Only Smith. Laura was raised by her grandfather Nimrod Smith. Her grandmother is Sarah Clark Smith... don't know much more than that.

I do know Armstrong Gadd comes from my grandfather's side of family but I am still a bit confused of how we're related to him... sorry.

I am strongly trying to find more past Armstrong Gadd... I know his family came from VA somehow... I need more info about that and who all are buried there. I need more info on our origin... At least around 1600's... any further is fine, just be sure to explain who they are and the children and their children's children, etc.

That's all for now though... I sm very interesting in where my family comes from.