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Beginning Family Tree for Brian George Edwards born May 1954, parents Mary and Peter Edwards, Stoke on Trent, Staffs

Hi, I am trying to create a family tree as a favour to a friend, whose family came from Stoke on Trent area, Staffs, England.

His father and mother and both grandparents being passed, I am without a starting point for history available through the national census.

His father was Peter Edwards, i don't know of any forenames, and his mother was Mary Edwards, they lived in Staffordshire as it was known, and presumably all their records pertain to this. Brian was married in 1978 to Alison Grimsey, on 22nd July . This is also presumed to be the birth day of his mother Mary Edwards. They were part of the Mining Community and Brian's father worked in Hem Heath Colliery. His mother worked at Josiah Wedgewood's factory nearby, to where they lived in Newstead, Blurton, Stoke on Trent. Brian has living brothers and sisters, but it is his parents and grandparents that I wish to begin with, passed away, and no details to start with. Can anyone help me start this project ?

thank you for any helpful information anyone can offer.

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'looking for noggin'

'does anyone know what as happened to noggin's responses ? It now states user deactivated. Noggin was helping me search my family and from the posts a lot of other users too. So now I cannot double check previous post. I assume user deactivated means it was done by this site. Help

'looking for noggin'

Does anyone know what as happened to noggin's responses ? It now states user deactivated. Noggin was helping me search my family and from the posts a lot of other users too. So now I cannot double check previous post. I assume user deactivated means it was done by this site. Help

James Peartree, father to William Peartree... husband of Hannah Ratley... where are records of his birth and death ?

Hannah Ratley's details :

Marriage to James Peartree
1796 28 Mar Age: 21
Stoke By Nayland,Suffolk,England

1832 abt Age: 57
Age: 57

1832 22 Jan
Stoke By Nayland, Suffolk, England
Age: 57

she was also mother to William Peartree whose details are :

1797 abt
Suffolk, England

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1796 27 Aug
Stoke By Nayland,Suffolk,England

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Marriage to Sarah Cousins
1823 7 Nov Age: 26
Stoke By Nayland,Suffolk,England

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1841 Age: 44
Stoke By Nayland, Suffolk, England
Age: 44

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1861 Age: 64
Stoke by Nayland, Suffolk, England
Age: 64; Relation to Head of House: Head

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1867 Jul Age: 70
Sudbury, Suffolk, United Kingdom
Age: 70

I am amazed that there do not appear to be any records for James Peartree... did they go up in smoke or something ? Odd that i can find what seem to be relevant records for his wife, but not him... but i need to find records for him to help confirm his wife's status at time of death, if she re married, if she still married to him... but, i cannot find death records for him, so, its all rather foggy.. does anyone else recognise or know anything about JAMES PEARTREE married to Hannah Ratley in 1796 in Stoke by Nayland , Suffolk, UK ?

Here's hoping i have got my research correct and that its all in place so far.

Kind regards and many thanks to anyone who can help ...

Peartree... Whistoo... married in 1714

Gender: Male
Spouse's Name: Mary Whistoo
Marriage Date: 14 Sep 1714
Marriage Place: Lindsey, Suffolk, England

Are these people related to Thomas Peartree:

Thomas Peartree

abt 1836 in Polstead, Suffolk, England

Mary Stow B: abt 1836 in Stoke by Nayland, Suffolk, England

with an abundance of Mary's and Thomas's during this hundred plus years, I wonder if this is possibly the grand parents or great grand parents of Thomas mentioned here . The trouble is that i don't seem to be able to find any in between records of this potential family link... there's a big gap...

I'm unable so far to find anything to connect - bridge the gap.

The census records of course are from 1841 onwards... aren't they... so that is what the problem is..

Help anyone ? Please.

Thank you to Noggin28 and Edmondsallan for their outstanding help in previous questions and requests for help that I have posted previously.

John Grimsey, Susanna Lilley, where are their records ? I need to find death records of my great great great grandparents

HI friends

I am busy with my father's family tree, and am now stuck... the furthest I have got is John Grimsey, born abt 1818, in Polstead , Suffolk, UK, and his wife was Susanna ( Lilley) i believe, they were married in 1843, lived in Stoke by Nayland in 1861 and by 1891., if my research is correct, Susanna was a widow. There seems to be a pattern of early passing in the Grimsey male line, although that is all relative to the by gone era i suppose and hard living and farm labouring etc.

I would be very glad to hear from anyone,

Thanks for help in the past from Noggin28 and Edmondsallan, are you free to help me again ?

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I am trying now to locate living relatives of the brothers and sisters of William Herbert Sanders, born in West Midlands 1903 - d1980 Colchester, Essex: eg , my grand fathers Nephews and Neices and their family

I have no idea of the extent of cousins and living relatives of my Grandfather William Herbert Sanders, born 1903 in the West Midlands and married to Charlotte Pelling in 1929.

There must be family descendants, but, since both my maternal grand parents are passed away, I have little way of finding out ... and if there is any information that we might be able to share with researching the family tree that might well be of mutual benefit.

Grandfather was the youngest sibling in his family, and therefore, I am certain that many of the family members are also senior citizens.

I was also in contact with Tim Classie/Classey during the 1970's, but don't know whose son he was, or who his grand parents would have been, Tim lived in Canada, but visited his cousins in England around the mid 1970's when i was a teenager. Sadly Tim Classey passed away prematurely in 1994.

Having now researched the family tree of my grandfather William Herbert Sanders, I now wish if possible to find out more about the family, and if there are any living relatives that would like me to share some of the details or who have details to share with me to complete a more extensive record .

Here's hoping that this will be possible, and thank you to all who respond.

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George Henry Sanders... brother of William Herbert Sanders, Sons of Walter Sanders and Charlotte

Name: George H Sanders
Age: 8
Estimated Birth Year: 1893
County/Island: Worcestershire
Country: England

My grandfather's elder brother, at least one of them, does anyone know anything about him ?

George Henry Sanders... brother of William Herbert Sanders, Sons of Walter Sanders and Charlotte

Hi I recently received completed a family tree for William Herbert Sanders, my maternal grandfather, with help from Noggin 28, this was very interesting, but, now i begin to think about the relatives, the potential cousins of my mother's whom I've never heard of, but who, even many, may well be also searching the same family tree. My grandfather had a sister Hilda(Gough), whom I knew of in my teenage years as Great Aunt Hilda, who was sister in law to Charlotte Pelling,( my maternal grandmother). Hilda Gough passed away in the mid 1970's, and I have no contact with any of her family since all of their( my Grandfather's) generation have passed away. I was wondering if anyone is also researching the same family tree, because i have a painting that someone did in oils of one of my forebears,( although not necessarily an old painting, but i have had it since the 1970's) I think perhaps it could be Walter Sanders, but indeed it might be one of my other forebears. Inside the frame is a photograph also used as a backing board, of Arthur(Tass)Sanders, brother to George Henry Sanders and my late Grandfather William Herbert Sanders. Does this ring any bells with any other family tree circle members ?

Grandfather was the youngest sibling of the Walter Sanders'( born about 1867,Coventry ) family, Grandfather William Herbert Sanders was born in around 1903 West Midlands, died in 1980 in Colchester. He was married to Charlotte Pelling, born 1911 in Woking , Surrey,who died in 1991, Colchester, Essex.

Does this ring any bells with any one out there ?

Here's hoping!

What about Mary MARINER - father Richard Humphrey

Mary Mariner was born in 1852, her father was Richard Humphrey, but i have no mother details for her, or her parents. She married Levi Pelling, who was born also in 1852 in Petworth , Sussex, England. Mary Mariner was born 1852 Loxwood, Sussex, England. I have her also written as Mary Humphrey from 1881 census, but, nothing about her mother... perhaps her mother was a widow when she married Richard Humphrey , ? In 1881 census Mary (Mariner) and Levi Pelling lived at Smithwood Common, Richard Humphrey was 77 and resided at the family home on the night of the census. But, as I said, i cannot find any information about her parents or even grandparents. I realise that going back beyond 1850's is relying on Parish records more than anything and that the information contains is somewhat sporadic and can be vague, but i would appreciate any information that anyone else has found and is willing to share.

Thank you in anticipation,


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