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Practice Safe Genealogy and protect yourself from genealogy fraud, hoaxes and scams

Dear FamilyTreeCircle Members, Below is a link to a brilliant website I regularly visit, and it's got Kimberley Powell giving us all good free advice:-

Safe Genealogy

and then, just for fun, have a look at the related blogs on her same page:-

The Genealogue - Click on the Top Ten Lists at the top, and click on 'Top Ten Signs Tom Cruise is a Genealogist'


If your ancestors vanished...they could be here -->

Dear Members, if your ancestors quite simply seemed to have vanished, with no known whereabouts, then it is possible there records are at this website below, at one of the many many links:-


The site has lots of unusual links of everything from African Nobles in Russia to the missing.

In addition it has the following:-

~Vanished Magazine
~Vanished Children of Long Ago
~Your Family Photo's Are Here
~Genealogy Store
~Genealogy Databases
~Civil War
~Message Board
~Family History Forum

1890 - 1935

Out in the cold world and far away from home,
Some mother's boy is wandering all alone,
With no one to guide him or keep his footsteps right,
Some mother's boy is homeless tonight.

Oh, bring back to me my wandering boy,
For there is no other who's left to give me joy,
Tell him his mother, with faded cheeks and hair,
Is at the old home awaiting him there.

NEWBIES ... An introduction to Census years - England & Wales

Dear FamilyTreeCircle Members, this information will be particularly vital to those just new to genealogy.

This website describes when Census records were taken in England and Wales, how it was recorded, what it contained, etc. plus links to other genealogical tips in general:-



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Has anyone got the proverbial black sheep in their family trees?

Search for your Blacksheep Ancestors in Free Genealogical Prison and Convict Records, Historical Court Records, Executions, Insane Asylum Records and Biographies of Famous Outlaws, Criminals & Pirates in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada

United Kingdom Black Sheep Ancestors

ALL USERS: Proper Etiquette for Posting Genealogy Messages on the Internet

Dear FamilyTreeCircle Members,

A gentle reminder to those who need it ... It is considered bad etiquette to post full dates of birth/marriage/addresses on the living with or without their permission. It also raises the possibility of identity fraud.

And for goodness sakes please don't tell everybody where you live!

Likewise you will avoid spamming if you don't display your email address here, that's what the 'personal messaging system' is for.

Please read the following data at this site for more information:-

If Miss Manners did Genealogy

Kind regards,

Update: It would be appreciated if journals were written in proper sentence case of upper and lower styles instead of fully blocked upper case as this denotes 'screaming'. Save the caps lock for surnames so that they stand out. Thank you.

Also, can we please have subject headings for new journals pertinent and to the point. Example, 'Looking for SMITH and CARTER from Pennsylvannia' instead of trying to have one's life story in the topic heading and nothing in the journal body.

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England and Wales BMD Indexes 1837--1983

Now there are two free ways to search the England and Wales Birth, Marriage and Death Indexes, 1837-1983


Hispanic, Central & South America, & the West Indies incl.Mexico, Latin America and the Caribbean

Dear FamilyTreeCircle Members, Hi. Below is a LINK to Cyndi's List for the areas listed in the Title of this journal. This is a mind-boggling website full of many links in cyberspace which will aid you in your search for your ancestors. Check it out...

Cyndi's List

Good luck.

Support/utilise random acts of genealogical kindness...

Dear FamilyTreeCircle Members, Hi. In my general web surfing, I came upon this site, which may help others with their 'brick walls' with FREE research.

Pleas read all the instructions very carefully! They volunteer their time for FREE. All they ask is for reimbursement of: film; video; postage; photocopying; printing and possibly petrol.

Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness


ALL USERS: Search multiple databases with one entry

Dear FamilyTreeCircle Members,

Hi. Many of you may not be aware of this wonderful site that is available to assist you in your genealogy research. Link below:-

Surname Navigator

This website allows you with the click of a button to search all the databases below simultaneously for one surname. Warning, your computer will open up several windows and you will have to go through each one to sift through the information required, and close down windows not required.

LDS Mormon Databases
Google Genealogy
Google News Genealogy
Google Press
Rootsweb All Databases
Cemetery Transcriptions
Author profile usenet
MSN Member Directory
Gencircles, Gobal Tree
Genealogy Locator

Type your surname you are researching in the SURNAME bar and click on the SEARCH bar.

Regards, Allycat.

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For NEWBIES ... Free Genealogy stuff...

Dear FamilyTreeCircle Members,

Hi. As everyone loves something for free, have a look at these sites ... you're bound to find something that you like:-

Free Genealogy Charts & Forms

Genealogy Free Stuff


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