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Are genealogists really closet history buffs?

Dear FamilyTreeCircle Members,

As you research your family tree, I'm sure you are finding that you have to re-learn your history again. But instead of dusting the covers off your old tomes in the bookcase, why not stare into cyberspace ... and see all the libraries in the world with the click of a mouse.


The History Channel

World History Timeline

e History - World History Timelines

Camelot Village - Britain's Heritage & History

Giant World History Timeline Chart

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Descendants of William the Conqueror

Dear FamilyTreeCircle Members,

If you want to have a break from doing your genealogy and look at someone else's research for a while, have a look at this site. It's absolutely marvellous and you could get lost in this tree for days. Created by Allan Freer, A.C.I.B., Member of Society of Genealogists, London.


Descendants of William the Conqueror

Enjoy may even find your granny's name in here ..hahar.



Dear FamilyTreeCircle Members,-

I've downloaded this beautiful template myself, and I really appreciate the work that has gone into it. Plus it's fantastic to get something for free these days. You won't be sorry ... just follow the link:-

Go to this website, The Worldwide Home of McCrohan Genealogy
sign up as a free user
click on 'Downloads' under the green website heading
click on 'tools and templates'
click on 'My Family Template'

This is a book in wordprocessing format which is 23 pages long when downloaded. You can insert your own photographs and write your own story in the various spots provided.

It will jog your memory whilst you are busy doing your genealogy, to record the courtship details of your family members, write stories on precious family gatherings, and even list your heirlooms, amongst other things.


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Ok ... so you've found your lot on Census records, but you don't know what they did for a living?

Dear FamilyTreeCircle Members,

Ok, so you've found your lot on Census records, but you can't make out what they did for an occupation or understand the meaning in modern times.

Amlwch Database
Click on 'Census Occupations Explained', this is a huge list from A-Z.

This website is very well constructed and contains a great deal of information on the area of Amlwch which is in Anglesey, North Wales.

Atlas of the Human Journey - The Genographic Project

Dear FamilyTreeCircle Members,

Below is a link to National Geographic which is a well-known and trusted source of information worldwide. But what has this got to do with genealogy I hear you ask? Well, go grab a cuppa and sit back and have an enjoyable time viewing the story of man:-

National Geographic

And if this grabs your interest, you may very well wish to participate in their genographic project.

The cost is very reasonable at under $100 and is the cheapest DNA testing I've seen on the net so far.


NEWBIES ... want to put your tree on-line for FREE?

Dear FamilyTreeCircle members:

I truly think this site is pretty good. You can start to build your family tree with what you have, add photographs even.

But best of all you have the ability to maintain security and privacy of living people in your tree. If you choose this option, names of living people will just show up as a row of asterix e.g. ********.


Then there is the ability to upgrade your site with a small annual fee to increase the capacity of your website/family tree as needed. For example if you have more photos that you wish to attach to the site, etc.

Websites can also be password protected so that only those people that you give the password to can enter your site.


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The name of ALLARDYCE and early mention of those who bore it


It has been proven that the Allardyce family is of Norman descent by Nisbit, "System of Heraldy."

Allardyce of Allardyce an ancient family in the shire of Kincardine. they got a charter of the lands of Alrethes from King William (the Conqueror), since called Allardyce from whence that surname; from this time there is a series of writs in the hands of the Laird of Allardyce. The present Laird is the heir of the line of the Earls of Monteith and Airth.

As quoted by Burke, the name has had various spellings: Allardis (was witness to a charter of Bishop Henry, Cheynes, circa A.D. 1249.

Aliasundre de Allardash did homage to the King (Edward) August 1296.

Walterus de Allyrdas was indemnified for destruction of corn and cattle at the seige of Dunnottar in 1337.

Thome de Allerdas received payment from the Crown, 1364 and 6 April 1369 had an annual of 20 s. out of Little Barras.

Johannes de Allyrdass dominus ejusdem granted a charter to Johanni dicto Harmer of all of his lands in Ardgraive, dated at Aberdeen, September 1376.

Bowditch, in "Suffolk Surnames," 1838 mentions Allardice as extinet (sic) in Massachusetts.

SOURCE: Allardyce Family Genealogy Forum

SOURCE: History page at History Page for Allerdice and Allardice

Prussian descendants - use of Johann (and others) as the first name

I never realised till I got stuck into my tree before that I had a great deal of Prussian ancestry, and also that the name Johannes and Johanna would appear in every generation until emmigrant arrival in Australia, not to mention all the other repetitive names. The repetitive names such as all the girls being called Anna Maria, Anna Martha, Anna Katharina, etc but they would be known by their middle name: Maria, Martha, Katharina, etc. Makes life very difficult for genealogists.

The website link below does much to explains the naming system, whereby the fist name is a saint's name, followed by another name, then the surname. All boys in the family will have the same saint's name, however, they will commonly be known by the second name. Same applies for girls. The most common saint was John (Johannes, Johanna, etc). Do look at the site as it goes into more detail.

German Names etc

Regards, Allycat, Australia.

TIPS N TRICKS: Using freeware PAF

Dear members,

At the beginning of 2006, I started properly sorting out all my 'family tree' stuff. It had been sitting all over the place and I had a lot of papers shoved in the biggest lever arch folder you ever saw.

I had access to the internet and with a few little key words typed in my google search engine, like 'genealogy' etc. I started a massive learning curve. To my surprise I discoverd that the ancestors had a strong grip on me as night after night I bashed away at my keyboard entering my family tree in this free family tree programme that someone told me about.

It was called Personal Ancestral File or PAF for short. Easily downloaded from, click on 'order/download products', then click on 'Software Downloads - Free', then choose Item # '77065000-S' Product 'Personal Ancestral File - Multi-Language (9.7 MB)' and follow the instructions to download/install it on your computer. It took me a while to get used to, but I now find it is brilliant.

I'm sure there are other programmes out there like FamilyTreeMaker etc but they can be expensive if this is just a hobby for you.