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Dear Members, Looking for connections with this family. Jack was the brother of my ancestor, Louisa MOST.

John MOST known as 'Jack' b.1874 Inverell NSW was the son of Henry MOST b.1824 Hesse, Germany and Henrietta SCHIA or BRAGIER or BROSER b.1837 Germany, they emigrated to Australia separately and ended up marrying.

John married (Reg.No. 7334/1906) Inverell NSW to Una Bell BEARD b.1887
Warialda NSW (also known as Younerbell). Una was one of 10 children born to James BEARD b.1843 Linton, Cambridgeshire, England and Sarah ROLLINGS who was possibly an Aussie.

It seems that John & Una MOST had three children, I had always only known about the two girls, and I just found one little baby recently, that died young:-

1.Maude L. MOST born 1907 Inverell NSW Australia
possibly married someone with a surname QUICK.

2.Henry MOST 1909~1909 Queensland, Australia. Queensland Historical Index Search of Births, Deaths and Marriages 1829-1914

3.May MOST born after 1918 possibly NSW or QLD.

Below is a lovely photograph in my possesion of Una Bell MOST nee BEARD with her two daughters, May and Maude.

More details are available on the MOST and BEARD families upon request.

Al in QLD Australia.

My ORTH Family Tree ... from Prussia to Australia

My 6g grandfather, Johannes ORTH was born abt 1744 Kircheim, Hessen, Germany married unknown and had one known child, 5g grandfather Konrad ORTH born 1770 Kircheim, Hessen, Prussia.

Konrad ORTH married three times:-

First marriage in 1790 at Wassmuthshausen, Hessen, Germany to Anna Dorothea GUTHEIL born 15 Jul 1765 Wassmuthshausen, Hessen, Prussia. She was the daughter of Johann Konrad GUTHEIL born 1739 Wassmuthshausen, Hessen, Prussia and Anna Kunnigunda WEIDEMANN born 1741 Wassmuthshausen.

8 children of Konrad ORTH and Anna Dorothea GUTHEIL:-

1.Johann ORTH born 6 Feb 1790 Roppershain, Hessen, Germany
2.Anna Martha ORTH born 23 Mar 1794 Roppershain, Hessen, Germany
3.Nikolaus ORTH born 16 Aug 1796 Cassdorf, Hessen, Germany
married 1) Katharina Elizabeth GUDE in 1817
married 2) Anna Katharina BOTT in 1853
4.Anna Katharina ORTH born 31 Jan 1799 Roppershain, Hessen, Germany
married Johann George DEUBELL in 1838
5.Johann Heinrich ORTH born 13 Jan 1801 Roppershain, Hessen, Germany
6.male infant 12 May 1804-14 May 1804 Roppershain, Hessen, Germany
7.male infant 12 May 1804-14 May 1804 Roppershain, Hessen, Germany (twins)
8.Johann Heinrich ORTH born 1 Jul 1805 Roppershain, Hessen, Germany - 4g grandfather

Konrad ORTH married a second time, after his first wife Anna Dorothea GUTHEIL died 22 Jan 1812 Roppershain, Hessen, Germany. Konrad married Anna Elizabeth WEIDERHOLD on 21 Nov 1812 at Wernswig, Homburg, Hessen, Prussia. She was born 23 Jul 1777 Wernswig, Homburg, Hessen, Prussia - parents names unknown.

2 children of Konrad ORTH and Anna Elizabeth WEIDERHOLD:-

1.Anna Elizabeth ORTH 1 Sep 1813-7 Sep 1813 Roppershain, Hessen-Nassau, Germany
2.Johann Adam ORTH born 22 Jul 1815 Roppershain, Hessen, Germany
married 23 Aug 1804 at Berge, Hessen, Germany to Katharina Elizabeth RAUBER. Parents names unknown.

Konrad ORTH married a third time, after his second wife Anna Elizabeth WEIDERHOLD died 14 Feb 1819 Roppershain, Hessen, Germany. Konrad married 13 Nov 1819 at Cassdorf, Homburg, Prussia to Anna Barbara HAUSMANN who was born 29 Oct 1786 Lendorf, Hessen, Prussia.

3 children of Konrad ORTH and Anna Elizabeth WEIDERHOLD:-

1.Anna Maria ORTH born 23 Dec 1820 Roppershain, Hessen, Germany
2.Konrad ORTH born 20 Oct 1824 Roppershain, Hessen, Germany
3.Anna Martha ORTH born 1 Feb 1827 Roppershain, Hessen, Germany

My line of descent is from the 8th child of Konrad ORTH and his first wife Anna Dorothea GUTHEIL, Johann Heinrich ORTH.

Johann Heinrich ORTH married 23 Oct 1833 at Berge, Hessen-Nassau, Prussia to Anna Maria SEIGNER born 18 Aug 1804 Verna, Hesse, Prussia to parents: Johann Adam SEIGNER 1756-1815 and Anna Martha HOFFMEYER 1762-1830 both of Verna, Hesse, Prussia.

8 children of Johann Heinrich ORTH and Anna Maria SEIGNER:-

1.John ORTH born 29 Sep 1830 Verna or Roppershain
married 1855 Hamburg, Germany to Anna Elizabeth SCHROEDER ... emigrated to Australia
2.Konrad ORTH born 1833 Roppershain
married Elizabeth WEIGAND
3.Elizabeth ORTH (ancestor) born 20 Sep 1835 Roppershain
married 31 May 1860 at Boondooma, Bundaberg, Queensland, Australia to Johannes Heinrich WEBER born 1829 Diekschied, Hesse, Prussia, Germany
4.Heinrich ORTH born 22 Jan 1838 Roppershain
married in 1867 at Berge to Eva FRODE
5.Anna Elizabeth ORTH born 30 Oct 1840 Roppershain, died age 27
6.Anna Martha ORTH born 3 May 1843 Roppershain
married 1864 Ofaffenhausen, Hessen, Germany to Ludwig KURZ born 24 Dec 1839 ... emigrated to Australia
7.Anna Katharina ORTH born 8 Mar 1845 Roppershain
8.Anna Dorothea ORTH 1848-1860, died aged 12 years

My 3g grandparents, Elizabeth ORTH and Johannes Heinrich WEBER [marriage certificate available, but .jpg file is too large to attach to journal] had 9 children in Australia (surname changed to add an extra 'b'):-

1.William WEBBER born 1859 Bundaberg, QLD Australia
married Sarah Margaret MILLER
2.Henry WEBBER born 1862 Bundaberg, QLD Australia
married Isabella Francis CAMPBELL
3.Mary WEBBER born 1863 Bundaberg, QLD Australia
married Frederick VOSS born 11 Apr 1856 'Gurley Station' near Gunnedah NSW (my 2g grandparents)
4.John WEBBER born 1866 Glen Innes, NSW Australia
5.Frederick WEBBER born 1869 Glen Innes, NSW Australia
6.Frank WEBBER born 1871 Glen Innes, NSW Australia
7.Emily WEBBER born 1874 Glen Innes, NSW Australia
8.Ann Martha Elizabeth WEBBER born 1877 Glen Innes, NSW Australia
9.Robert Thomas WEBBER born 1878 Glen Innes, NSW Australia

6 children of Mary WEBBER and Frederick VOSS:-

1.John William VOSS born 2 Sep 1884 Inverell NSW Australia
died of Diptheria aged 12 years
2.Frederick Henry VOSS born 1 Apr 1887 Glen Innes NSW Australia
married Olive Blanche LIGHTFOOT and had two children
3.Henry Frederick VOSS (known as Harry) born 9 Oct 1888 'Pindaroi Station' near Moree, NSW Australia married 1916 at Ashford NSW to Elsie Louisa Rhodes MERRY born 20 Jul 1897 at 'Merrydale', Ashford, Inverell, New South Wales, Australia (my g grandparents). I have a lovely photograph of Harry taken C1949 with two Koalas.
4.Ernest Francis VOSS born 17 Aug 1890 Glen Innes NSW Australia
married in 1930 to Flora Jeanette MCLENNAN 1900-1949 and have two LIVING children
5.Caspar Orth VOSS born 7 Feb 1896 Inverell NSW Australia
married Christina MCDONALD
6.Blanche Wilhelmina Nita VOSS born c1906 NSW d c1997 Gold Coast QLD
married (1) Ivan Ezzerd EDMONDS, and
married (2) James Blakely SPIERS

Henry Frederick VOSS and Elsie Louisa Rhodes MERRY had 5 children:-

1.Ethel Mary VOSS married 1.Edgar Gerald WOODCOCK (my grandparents)
married 2.James HILDRED
2.Ida Ann Hearne VOSS
married Philip Ernest DALEY
married Frederick William NORRIS
3.Iris Francis VOSS
married Mervyn John SMITH
4.Coral Jessavine VOSS
married Ernest Alfred MANTON

The source of all the information contained within this journal comes from a variety of people, in particular Graham Shirra who supplied a great deal, and also Don Webber (cousin of my grandmother) and Ethel Voss. Other sources are: NSW and QLD BDM Indexes, family records and oral history, Parish Records in Germany, the Viermuenden Church Book, and the IGI from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Much more information is also available to descendants upon request.

Regards, Alison

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Germany: Agreement to open Holocaust Records from April 2006

Dear Members, on 19th April, 2006, an agreement was made to open up fifty-million Nazi documents in a bid to help genealogists. Below are a couple of links on this topic:-

Public Holocaust Records and Privacy

International SPIEGEL - Germany agrees to open Holocaust Archive

ENGLAND: Alexander WOODCOCK and Annie Elizabeth JAHN of Westminster

My Great Grandfather, Alexander WOODCOCK was born 19 June 1877 at 16 Vincent Street, Westminster, England to parents: George James WOODCOCK 1844-1909 and Isabella BUCHAN 1837-1919. Alexander was born the 7th child, and his father worked as a butcher in London's East End, whilst his Scottish mother Isabella worked as a Laundress.

From what I can gather, Alexander worked as an Electric Light Wire Man. Family says that he used to get a lot of shocks in his trade. He can be found on the 1901 Census as a lodger at 29 Vincent Street as 'Alexander Woolcock' sic. The Head of the house at the time was Edward HOVEGAN aged 57, born Whitechapel, his wife Elizabeth aged 56, born Westminster and 2 children: Frederick aged 23; and Alfred 15, both born Westminster.

Alexander married when he was 25 years old on 12 April 1903 at the Parish Church of St. Anne's, Soho, Westminster, England, to Annie Elizabeth JAHN (my great grandmother). Her occupation was listed as 'Tailoress'. Annie was born 5 Oct 1879 at 59 Wardour Street, Westminster, England to parents: Ernest JAHN 1851-1908 of Germany and Elizabeth HANSFORD 1854-1923. It is thought that Ernest was born in the Harz Mountains (Kingdom of Hanover) Germany and escaped to England to avoid conscription.

Alexander & Annie WOODCOCK had 8 children:-

1.Annie Isabella (known as Peggy) WOODCOCK born 19 Oct 1904 London, England d. 1 Feb 1981, never married.

2.Bertha Ellen WOODCOCK born 1 Jun 1906 Westminster, London England, died 25 Dec 1984, married 6 Jul 1946 to Benjamin JONES. The couple later divorced.

3.Dorothy Elsie (known as Dolly) WOODCOCK born 21 Dec 1909 Fulham and Hamersmith, London, England, died 22 Jun 2002 Northwick Park Hospital, Brent, London, England; married 30 Jun 1935 St.Oswald's Church, Fulham, London, England to George Frederick CLARKE, born 13 Sep 1909 Fulham, London, England. They had two sons, who both unfortunately died young. (a) Roy CLARKE born 31 Jan 1938, died 3 Jan 1951 Pediatric Hospital, Goldsmith Avenue, Middlesex, England; aged 12 years from a golden staff infection, and (b) Geoffrey CLARKE born 24 Jun 1946 City of London Maternity Hospital, 76A Liverpool Road, England, died 2 Nov 1969 9A Station Approach, South Ruislip, England, aged 23 yrs from a heart condition.

4.Alexander Ernest (known as Alec) WOODCOCK born 6 Apr 1908, died 6 Mar 1909

5.Edgar (Ted / Eddie) Gerald WOODCOCK ... my grandfather, was born 6 March 1912, 29 Racton Road, Fulham, London, England. Emigrated to Australia in 1928 onboard ship "Queen Mary", married 1938 Inverell, New South Wales, Australia to Ethel Mary VOSS 1916-2001. She was the daughter of Henry Frederick VOSS and Elsie Louisa Rhodes MERRY. My grandfather served World War II. Edgar died 4 Jan 1980 Greenslopes Repatriation Hospital, Brisbane.

6.Stanley WOODCOCK born 1914 London, married March 1936 Fulham to Ermenia M. VOLPE (known as Mini) and had 5 children: June, Brian, Kevin, Liam, and Valerie. I would dearly love to get in contact with my mother's cousins.

7.Phyllis Francis WOODCOCK born 17 Dec 1920 Westminster, England, died 20 Apr 1979 married Victor (Henry) KENT they had a daughter Diane who married a STOCKWELL. I am in contact with Phyllis' granddaughter.

8.Betty Eileen WOODCOCK born 9 Jul 1923 Westminster, London, England died 6 Feb 1924, aged under 7 months.

Regards, Alison in Queensland, Australia.

Attached photograph below is of my great grandparents, Alexander and Annie Woodcock perhaps taken C1903.

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German-Speaking German, Swiss, Dutch & French (Palatine) immigrants to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Dear Members, hoping this information will help other researchers:-

Ship Sally 1770 FREE Ship Passenger Lists of the Palatine Germans to PA

278) Oct. 29, 1770. Ship Sally, John Osmond, Master, from Rotterdam, last from Cowes.-143 passengers.

Joh. Anton Frazer *
Christoph Muller
Francis Stein *
Joh. Geo. Altefried *
Peter Joseph *
Paul Mingel *
Burchart Seipp
Daniel Solmer *
Johannes Ditman
Georg Christian Volcker
Dietrich Wilh. Bucking
Thomas Engelhardt
Johan Friederich Nester
Joh. Jost Sasmanshaussen
Johan Krafft Achebach
John Henry Denner
Johann Henrich Eul ?
Johan Jost Birckelbach
Andreas Lichti
Johannes Lichti
Johannes Criess
Jacob Schneyder
Jacob Schnell
Johannes Reichel
Henrich Weitherstein
Martin Hebeisen
Joh. Georg Dentzel
Christian Furbi
Paulus Welbemeir
Henry Wernley
Johannes Bibighauss
Johannes Vollmer
Johannes Stick
Johannes Franck
Johannes Weyandt
Justus Schmidt
C. G. Hauck
Henricus Horn
Jacob Buhler
Peter Vogt
Jacob Hubacher
Paridon Petersen
Friederich Borsch
Randolph Miller *
Hans Christian
Daniel Mise
Christoph Beil
Johannes Gaul
Johan Henrich Affterbach
Johan Henrich Weyand
Joh. Christopher Dietz
Johan Theobald Franck
Ludwig Daniel Stendli
Johann Nicklaus Walter
Johann Georg Schleicher
Johan Balthas Klein
Johan Henrich Klieberstein
Johann Adam Haar
Georg Andreas Wagner
Johan Christian Breitner *
Johann Nickel Haas
Johann Nickel Bach
Johann Jost Weyandt
Johan Christ. vom Hoff
Johann Peter Grub
Georg Ludwig Fischer
Johannes Bachneid
Johan Martin Gaul
Job. Martin Baumann
Friederich Wilh. Baumann
Christian Aeschlimann
Johan Jacob Heinriegel
Balzar Heinriegel
Christ. Ludwig Heinriegel
George Emmert
Johannes Hothem
Johan Valentin Franck.

* From original German signature unless marked with *
* * From name written by clerk
* ? Original German signature difficult to decipher
* a A memorandum on this list states, "nine absent of those to be qualified"

Source: A Collection of upwards of Thirty Thousand Names of German, Swiss, Dutch, French and other Immigrants in Pennsylvania From 1727 to 1776; Prof. I. Daniel Rupp, Second Revised Edition, 1876, Philadelphia.