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Australia: LEHANE births, deaths and marriages in Queensland 1829 to 1964

I'm researching the LEHANE surname at the moment because of their connections to the MAYOH and DINNER (my ancestors) families.

BIRTHS: 1829 to 1914

1907/4272 Vera Patricia Lehane Timothy Bridget Mary Agnes O'Keeffe
1882/29411 Mary Lehane Thomas Margaret Gallwey
1901/3490 Winifred Josephine Lehane Timothy Bridget Mary Agnes O'Keeffe
1878/23108 Thomas Joseph Lehane Thomas Margaret Gallwey
1890/30 Daniel Lehane Daniel Margaret Ryan
1893/117 John Jeremiah Lehane Daniel Margaret Ryan
1898/761 Kathleen Mary Lehane Owen Minnie Mulcahy
1894/54652 Mary Kate Lehane Owen Minnie Mulcahy
1900/8592 Felix John Lehane John Augustine Elizabeth Mitchell
1903/3505 Ivy Catherine Lehane Timothy Bridget Mary Agnes O'Keeffe
1898/116 Kathleen Lehane Daniel Margaret Ryan
1897/3882 Mary Catherine Lehane Timothy Bridget O'Keefe
1897/60 Patrick Lehane Daniel Margaret Ryan
1899/3998 Timothy Francis Lehane Timothy Bridget O'Keefe
1898/62274 Timothy Joseph Lehane Owen Minnie Mulcahy
1898/1085 Eileen Frances Lehane Owen Minnie Mulcahy
1895/84 Johanna Maud Lehane Daniel Margaret Ryan

DEATHS: 1829 to 1964

1921/34318 Margaret Lehane Charles Gallwey Hannah Daly
1921/3949 Mary Lehane - Mary Lehane ** born Queensland aged 4 hours
1921/3966 Mary Lehane Thomas Lehane Bridget Bower
1929/2849 John Lehane John Lehane Johanna Keliher
1964/69471 Maurice Patrick Lehane John Mabel Adelaide Wood
1955/10427 Terence Burnett Lehane John Mabel Adelaide Wood
1956/16616 Katherine Mary Lehane Harold Louis Theodore Zimitat Margarete Rolph
1962/54808 Mabel Adelaide Lehane John Alexander Wood Elizabeth Helena Burke
1931/13060 Patrick Lehane Patrick Lehane Ellen Scanlon
1866/3604 Dora Lehane John Mulcahy Margaret Drew
1962/48865 Anthony Warren Lehane John Mabel Adelaide Burke
1898/77 Kathleen Lehane Daniel Lehane Margaret Ryan
1898/71 Margaret Lehane Edward Ryan Johannah Whalen
1897/1532 Mary Catherine Lehane Timothy Lehane Bridget O'Keefe
1912/61 Daniel Lehane Murtagh Lehane Mary Dacy
1898/40 Patrick Lehane Daniel Lehane Margaret Ryan
1912/15348 Eugene Owen Lehane Timothy Lehane Mary Lehane
1914/19705 Timothy Lehane Timothy Lehane Mary Lehane
1884/4969 Hannah Lehane Timothy Lehane Mary Sheehan
1916/24192 John Joseph Lehane - Lehane - ** born Ireland aged 58 years
1922/5040 John Joseph Lehane Samuel Lehane Margaret Ryan
1962/53492 Minnie Josephine Lehane Daniel Mulcahy Kate Fitzpatrick
1918/26625 Thomas Lehane Thomas Lehane Dora Mulcahy
1922/5041 William Lehane Cornelius Lehane Hanorah Courtney
1961/45380 Johanna Lehane John Mabel Adelaide Wood
1890/25 Daniel Lehane Daniel Lehane Margaret Ryan

MARRIAGES: 1829 to 1934

1865/1211 Duncan James Keith Lehane Mary
1866/609 Sullivan Daniel Lehane Honora
1874/4330 Lehane Elizabeth Mulcahy John
1877/5517 Gallwey Margaret Lehane Thomas
1887/11362 Barry Thomas Patrick Lehane Kate Mary
1889/37 Ryan Margaret Lehane Daniel
1890/13897 Lehane Ellen O'Sullivan Timothy
1894/16670 Lehane Owen Mulcahy Minnie
1896/18013 Lehane Timothy O'Keeffe Bridget Mary Agnes
1910/1334 Lehane Bridgid Curtin Cornelius
1918/1667 Lehane Katherine Phillips Solomon
1920/25378 Lehane Julia Cullen Patrick
1921/27033 Lehane Josephine Goulding John
1922/29223 Lehane Bridget Winkel John
1926/39785 Lehane David Daniel Nolan Beryl Mary
1930/1669 Richmond Malcolm McDermott Ernest Lehane Harriet
1931/1281 Lehane Thomas Patrick Gill Agnes Josephine

MAYOH family from Lancashire, England to NSW Australia - Wallenbeen, Young, Demondrille, Binalong and Sydney

Looking for descendants of Thomas MAYOH of Dimpleturton, Lancashire, England and Annie WINDROS of Boltby, Yorkshire, England who emigrated to Australia in 1841 particularly due to their connections with the DINNER and HUCKEL families.

Gencircles tree - ancestors of Maureen Mitchell

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Looking for LOCKHART family of Singleton and Patricks Plain, New South Wales, Australia

William Michael A.L. LOCKHART born 1836 Sydney NSW Australia (death date not known) married 1 Feb 1859 Singleton NSW Australia Alice MCCROHON born 1838 Butterick registered Maitland NSW (marriage registered as MACROHUN) daughter of John MACROHON and Amelia DUCROIX (my 3g grandparents). The couple had 13 children that I can find:-

1.Edward Charles LOCKHART born 1859 Patricks Plain NSW died 3 Sep 1923 Wickham NSW buried Sandgate Cemetery, Newcastle NSW, cause of death: cancer of the chest muscles.
Married (1) 1890 Gosford NSW Mary Jane PHILSON born 1870 Murrirundi NSW died 28 Dec 1896 Newcastle NSW (possibly the daughter of Thomas & Annie) two children: (1.1) Agnes E. LOCKHART born 1891 Gosford NSW died 1970 Sutherland NSW married 1915 Redfern NSW William J. LONG and (1.2) Veronica J. LOCKHART born 1892 Gosford NSW.
Married (2) 7 Dec 1903 Gosford Catholic Church NSW Barbara Agatha CURRAN born C1880 overseas (daughter of Patrick CURRAN and Helen CAMPBELL) died 1963 Stockton Hospital NSW; four children (2.1) Muriel Irene LOCKHART born 1905 Gosford NSW; (2.2) William P. LOCKHART born 1907 Gosford NSW; (2.3) Edward John LOCKHART born 1913 QLD died 1972 Newcastle NSW; (2.4) Raymond George LOCKHART born Apr 1917 Hamilton near Newcastle NSW died 1955 Newcastle NSW.

2.Elizabeth E. LOCKHART (known as Liz) born 1862 Patricks Plain NSW

3.John P. LOCKHART 1864-1877 Patricks Plain NSW

4.Adelaide A. LOCKHART born 1866 Patricks Plain NSW married (1) 1892 Sydney NSW John MCAULIFFE two children: Olga b 1903 Sydney; and John b 1904 Sydney. Married (2) unknown BOUCHER.

5.Maria L. LOCKHART born 1868 Patricks Plain NSW

6.Johanna LOCKHART born 1869

7.Susan Katherine LOCKHART born 1870 Patricks Plain NSW married 1892 Sydney NSW Prince Francis A. LITTLE. It's possible that this couple had 5 children although NSW bdm indices online gets a little confusing as there appears to have been more than a few LITTLE families in NSW; 5 children: William; Charles Silvester; Prince Francis, George H and James W LITTLE.

8.Mary Ann LOCKHART born 1873 Patricks Plain NSW

9.William Thomas LOCKHART born 1875 Patricks Plain NSW died 1970 Kogarah NSW married 1902 Paddington NSW Alicia Jane BEDFORD born 1878 Berrima NSW died 1968 Kogarah NSW (daughter of Edwin BEDFORD and Margaret LARKIN), 5 children: (1) Rita Mary June LOCKHART born 1905 Redfern NSW married Jack LANE; (2) Victor William LOCKHART born 1907 Glebe NSW died 1966 Parramatta NSW married 1928 Auburn NSW Susan Thelma QUINN, one daughter Patricia Joyce LOCKHART died 1938 Annandale NSW; (3) Keith LOCKHART married Myra WARD; (4) Francis LOCKHART married Ethel SMITH. Bedford / Dennis Family Tree at RootsWeb

10.Rosa Agnes LOCKHART (known as Rosannah) born 1877 Patricks Plain NSW died 7 Jul 1962 married 1901 Sydney NSW Hugh M.J. O'DONNELL 8 children: 1) John b 1902 Sydney married Ruby MCLEOD; 2) Louis b 1903 Annandale NSW married Hilda WATTA; (3) Hugh William born 1907 "Glenlee" Campbelltown NSW (4) Mary, (5) Irene, (6) (7) Leona, (8) Elaine, and (9) Ron.

11.Louis John LOCKHART born 1878 Patricks Plain NSW

12.unknown LOCKHART born abt 1880

13.Louis Oswell LOCKHART (known as Roy) married 1921 QLD Mary Alice MAHER.

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KENNA families in New Zealand

I'm just starting to research the KENNA families in New Zealand due to new-found probable link with families in New South Wales, Australia, descendants from Irish peoples of Counties Tipperary and Kilkenny.

Births, Deaths & Marriages Online - New Zealand

MARRIAGES: 1840 to 1930

1922/5639 Marguerite Chapman Richard Lamington Kenna
1899/5057 Margaret Jane Lyon Percy Kenna
1922/4097 Margaret Jane McConnochie Robert George Webb Kenna
1916/13750 Margaret Jane Morgan Leonard George Kenna
1921/1013 Mary Ellen Murphy Robert Boyd Kenna

1925/2974 Mona Ray Kenna Harold Miles
1914/3116 Muriel Helen Kenna Horace Leslie Callaway
1923/447 Mary Margaret Kenna James Brown
1901/1360 Catherine Kenna John Albert Rail
1877/3149 Mary M Kenna John Somers

BIRTHS: 1840 to 1960

1909/9760 Kenna Percy Jennings Margaret Jean Percy
1927/13262 Kenna NR Marguerite Richard Lamington
1925/9053 Kenna NR Marguerite Richard Lamington
1901/5667 Kenna Robert George Webb Margaret Jane Percy

DEATHS: 1840 to 2010

1973/32545 Kenna Ellen Mary 14 September 1894
1943/24312 Kenna Helen Williamson Ferguson 86Y
1943/24428 Kenna Percy 86Y
1974/29499 Kenna Robert Boyd 17 July 1894
1974/30689 Kenna Harold 14 December 1924
1943/27143 Kenna John 74Y
1999/24066 Kenna Ita Mary 18 March 1912
1976/27613 Kenna Percy Jennings 26 October 1909
1956/25793 Kenna Kerry Colin 8H
1954/35006 Kenna Timothy 70Y
1959/21044 Kenna Leonard George 79Y
1961/36271 Kenna Richard Lemington 80Y
1964/28684 Kenna Margaret Jane 84Y
1969/32698 Kenna Margaret Jane 93Y
1985/46323 Kenna Samuel Carleton 27 April 1918
1992/46422 Kenna Edward 18 April 1912
1924/1511 Kenna Richard Maurice 70Y
1926/307 Kenna Kathleen 24H
1907/413 Kenna Peter 74Y
2007/22995 Kenna Joyce Agnes 16 November 1924
1985/53947 Kenna Doris Annie 6 July 1894
1934/6199 Kenna Marguerite 36Y
1985/34918 Kenna Mary Eileen 26 March 1912

FamilySearch LDS database seems to have a great deal of KEENA records.

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Joseph Joshua GARFOOT, White Lee, Durham, England & Agnes Amelia MARTIN Maitland NSW

Joseph Joshua GARFOOT born abt 1859 White Lee, Durham, England died 1941 Singleton NSW Australia, married 1882 Newcastle NSW Australia Agnes Amelia MARTIN born 1859 Maitland NSW died 1946 Singleton NSW Australia. He was the son of Thomas GARFOOT and Isabella GALE. I believe the GARFOOT family emigrated to Australia, year is unknown at present. Agnes was the daughter of Thomas Edward P. MARTIN and Catherine unknown.


1.Beatrice (Bessie) Isabella GARFOOT born 1884 Newcastle NSW Australia died 1965 Newtown NSW Australia, married 1904 Newcastle NSW Australia William Middleton CORBETT born 1882 Broomfield VIC Australia died 1965 Newtown NSW Australia, son of William CORBETT and Elizabeth SHOEMACK.
See Jennifer Burrell Genealogy - William Corbett and Elizabeth Shoemack

2.May Elizabeth GARFOOT born 1886 Newcastle NSW Australia died 23 Jul 1966 married 16 Mar 1905 Lambton NSW Australia James Robert HAYES born 31 Mar 1879 Newcastle NSW Australia died 11 Jul 1913 Waratah NSW Austalia, the son of my ancestors James Patrick HAYES 1846-1905 and Margaret HOY 1848-1924.

3.Gertrude K. GARFOOT born 1888 Newcastle NSW Australia died ? married 1911 Lambton NSW Australia John PHIPPS born 1888 Wallsend NSW Australia;

4.Evileen (Eveline) A. GARFOOT born 1893 Newcastle NSW Australia died ? married 1911 Lambton NSW Australia Leslie FIELD born 1884 Penrith NSW Australia;

5.Harold Sylvester GARFOOT born 1893 Hamilton NSW Australia died 1953 Wallsend NSW Australia married 1950 Rockdale NSW Australia Eliza Evelyn Phyllis ADEY.
National Archives of Australia - View digitised WWI record

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SHANAHAN families in Queensland, Australia from 1829 to 1964

Dept of Justice and Attorney-General, Queensland.

Scroll down to 'Launch the online historical index search'.
Births 1829 to 1914
Deaths 1829 to 1964
Marriages 1829 to 1934

Surnames listed as under...

Italy-->Australia: Vito LOSCOCCO and wife Virginis ROS of Guildford NSW

Vito (Viti) LOSCOCCO born abt 1857 (possibly Italy) died 1916 Newcastle NSW Australia, married 1883 Sydney NSW Australia Virginia ROS born abt 1860 died 1961 Balmain NSW Australia. Vito was the son of Pasquale LOSCOCCO and Nunzia (maiden name unknown).

A preliminary sketch of Italian migration - see page 47 - extract below

"...Another family from the famed expedition was the Ros family. This family settled in the Guildford area in Sydney, and when Vito Loscocco, a sailor working on coastal ships, went to Sydney in 1883 to be presented with a gold medal for his part in a rescue on the Clarence River, he met Miss Virginia Ros, whom he later married. Mr Loscocco became a pilot boatman in Newcastle and was involved in another rescue, that of the 'Adolphe', at the entrance of Newcastle harbour, in 1904. He lived at the Pilot Terrace, Parnell Place, Newcastle, with his family until his death in 1916. ..."

Vito and Virginia had the following children:-

1.Angela LOSCOCCO born 1884 Newcastle NSW Australia

2.Rose R. LOSCOCCO born 1886 Newcastle NSW Australia

3.Nicholla P.F. Francesco (aka Nicholas Francis) LOSCOCCO born 1889 Newcastle NSW Australia died 1968 Islington NSW Australia married 1921 Hamilton NSW Australia Mary Elizabeth PATERSON 1895-1984 the daughter of Joseph Goddard PATERSON 1862~1901 and #Anastasia CANTWELL 1868~1945. NB:# I'm researching the CANTWELL family, their ancestors and all their descendants.

4.Virginia LOSCOCCO 1891~1891 Newcastle NSW Australia

5.Vincent Bennett LOSCOCCO born 1897 Newcastle NSW Australia died 1977 NSW Australia married 1930 Newcastle NSW Australia Tessy Jane HALLIWELL born ? died 1968 Newcastle NSW Australia, daughter of John David HALLIWELL and Ada Jane unknown.

6.Mary M.A. LOSCOCCO born 1909 Newcastle NSW Australia

If anyone can help add to the above information I would be most grateful.


Australia: ELL family of Cassilis, Merriwa and Scone, New South Wales

Dear readers, I'm researching the ELL family due to their connections to the MCMENAMINs# in my tree.

James ELL married Harriet maiden name unknown and the couple had 9 children:-

1. John Thomas Joseph ELL born 1859 Merriwa NSW Australia died 8 Jun 1936 Merriwa NSW, buried Merriwa General Cemetery
married 24 Jun 1884 Merriwa Bridget Amelia SMYTH born 1858 West Maitland NSW died 20 Dec 1938 Merriwa buried Merriwa General Cemetery.

1) Francis James ELL born 1885 Merriwa died 1949 Newcastle NSW Australia married 1908 Merriwa Alice Maud Mary PARMETER born 1884 Patricks Plain died 23 Jan 1923 West Maitland NSW (daughter of Thomas Randell PARMETER and Mary Ellen MCMENAMIN#). 2 children: Francis G. ELL died 1911 Sydney NSW and Michael Bede ELL died 1978 Sydney NSW Australia.

2) John Charles ELL born 27 Dec 1887 Merriwa died 1976 NSW married 19 Jan 1911 St.Anne Catholic Church, Merriwa Theresa May MCMAHON born 19 Sep 1890 Shamrock Hill NSW died 1962 Hamilton (daughter of Thomas John MCMAHON and Agnes Mary HENERY). 3 children: Phyllis, Enid & John.

3) Cyril Vaughan ELL born 1890 Merriwa died 1972 Newcastle NSW Australia married 1919 Orange NSW Agnes Josephine DONOVAN, one daughter Mary ELL died young 1927 Newcastle NSW Australia

4) Edward H. ELL born 1893 Merriwa NSW Australia

5) Vincent Valentine ELL born 1896 Merriwa died 1972 Newcastle NSW Australia married 1925 Tamworth NSW Florence M. GREENTREE born 1894 Tamworth, daughter of William Ernest GREENTREE and Mary A. LANE.

6) Harriet A. ELL born 1897 Merriwa

7) Edward Hilary ELL birth unknown, death 3 Jul 1978 NSW, buried Merriwa General Cemetery married Hilda May PAGE died 11 May 1985.

2. Susannah E. ELL 1861-1863 Cassilis NSW Australia

3. James E. ELL born 1864 Cassilis NSW died 1933 Hamilton NSW Australia
married 1886 Patricks Plain NSW Mary PARTRIDGE

4. Mary Elizabeth ELL born 1866 Cassilis NSW Australia
married 1894 Singleton NSW Samuel Henry THOMAS born 8 Jan 1867 Vere NR Singleton NSW died 4 Apr 1939 Hornby NSW (son of William THOMAS and Elizabeth SNAPE) ... 7 children

1) William J. THOMAS born 1895 Scone died 1940 Woollahra NSW

2) Herbert J. THOMAS born 1896 Scone NSW

3) Leila M. THOMAS born 1897 Scone NSW

4) Samuel H. THOMAS born 1898 Scone NSW

5) Leslie E. THOMAS born 1900 Scone NSW

6) Richard F. THOMAS born 1909 Taree NSW

7) Florence M. THOMAS

5. Selina R. ELL born 1868 Cassilis NSW Australia

6. Frances Jane ELL born 1870 Cassilis NSW Australia
married 1902 Parramatta NSW Francis O'NEILL, son Francis J. O'NEILL 1904-1914 Scone NSW Australia.

7. Harriet Louisa ELL 1873-1879 Cassilis NSW Australia

8. George William ELL born 1875 Cassilis NSW Australia died 1942 Granville NSW Australia married 1898 Gunnedah NSW Ellen BOWEN

9. Edith Emily ELL 1876-1879 Cassilis NSW Australia

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Australia: Graves of Tasmania - The Isle of the Dead (formerley Opossum Island)

The Isle of the Dead

Surnames below are from list of all known headstones of early pioneers/settlers in Tasmania.

'Black Saturday' 7 Feb 09 survivors in Victoria, Australia needing help with genealogy/family tree/history

Dear Readers,

If you need help with your family tree, especially considering you may have lost precious information in the ferocious fires that happened recently, please submit journals here and we will try to assist.

Can you remember your great grandparents names?

God bless,