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Augustavus PETERSEN of Smalem, Sweden and Cordelia Martha VALENTINE of Levuka, Ovalau, Fiji

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Augustavus PETERSEN (also known as Gustav) was born about 1836 Smalem, Sweden according to records held online at FamilySearch. He married 3rd September 1861 at Lomaloma, Vanlia Balavu, Lau, Fiji, to Cordelia Marthar VALENTINE. Augustavus PETERSEN died August 1885, Fiji, Pacific Islands.

There is an IGI individual record at for Cordelia Martha VALENTINE and it states that she was born 7 June 1843 Levuka, Ovalau, Fiji, Pacific Islands, died 31 JAN 1915 Naselesele, Taveuni, Fiji, Pacific Islands, and was buried 1 FEB 1915 Naselesele, Taveuni, Fiji, Pacific Islands.

I have found another conflicting birth record for Cordelia also at - it has birth: 7 JUN 1841 Levuka, Ovalau, Fiji, Pacific Islands, death: 1 FEB 1915 Naselesele, Tavenui, Fiji, Pacific Islands.

Cordelia was the daughter of William VALENTINE@@ born abt 1815 Levuka, Ovalau, Fiji, Pacific Islands and a Fijiian woman, Kasanita LIKUTABUA##, who was born abt 1820 Levuka, Ovalau, Fiji, Pacific Islands. Record states that they had married abt 1840 Levuka, Ovalau, Fiji, Pacific Islands.

##Also known as Adi Kasinita Likutabua of Varata Tailevu, Fiji.
@@Website link below states that William VALENTINE was an American.

Augustavus & Cordelias children were:-

1.William PETERSEN;
2.Pethric Albertina PETERSEN;
3.Elizabeth PETERSEN;
4.George PETERSEN;
5.Edward ETERSEN;
6.Thomas Ernest PETERSEN;**
8.Albert PETERSEN.

It is known that Augustavus PETERSEN travelled to the Pacific from Sweden in the mid 1800s with a brother who settled in Australia. It is probable that he came to Fiji as a sea Captain and was a blackbirder who kidnapped and sold slaves.

No other information is known about him prior to his coming to Fiji {possibly because of his questionable occupation}.

Do these family names, locations ring any bells with anyone?


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