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Descendants of William the Conqueror

Dear FamilyTreeCircle Members,

If you want to have a break from doing your genealogy and look at someone else's research for a while, have a look at this site. It's absolutely marvellous and you could get lost in this tree for days. Created by Allan Freer, A.C.I.B., Member of Society of Genealogists, London.


Descendants of William the Conqueror

Enjoy may even find your granny's name in here ..hahar.



Dear FamilyTreeCircle Members,-

I've downloaded this beautiful template myself, and I really appreciate the work that has gone into it. Plus it's fantastic to get something for free these days. You won't be sorry ... just follow the link:-

Go to this website, The Worldwide Home of McCrohan Genealogy
sign up as a free user
click on 'Downloads' under the green website heading
click on 'tools and templates'
click on 'My Family Template'

This is a book in wordprocessing format which is 23 pages long when downloaded. You can insert your own photographs and write your own story in the various spots provided.

It will jog your memory whilst you are busy doing your genealogy, to record the courtship details of your family members, write stories on precious family gatherings, and even list your heirlooms, amongst other things.


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DINNER / DENNER Family Devon & Cornwall, England 1790--> SA, VIC, NSW & QLD Australia

Dear FamilyTreeCircle Members, Hi. I'm looking for any connections with these families:-


Richard DENNER (my 4g grandfather) was born abt 1790 England (probably Cornwall) occupation Labourer 1841 Census, married unknown unknown. Had at least one child that I can find at present, James DINNER^ also known as James DENNER (my 3g grandfather) born 1818 Newton Abbot, Devon, England.


Information from this website is listed as under in italics:-


First Family Member Details
Surname: DENNER
Given Name(s): James
Occupation(s): Steam engine maintenance

Birth Details
Birth County,
Region, Province: Devon
Birth Country: England

Death Details
Death Town: Kialla West
Death State/Territory: Victoria
Death Country: Australia
Death Date: 1898

Immigration Details
Air/Port Landed: Adelaide
Ship/Plane: Canton
Year Arrived: 1846

Canton 1846 from London 27 - 04 1846 via Plymouth, Captain Daniel Friend, arrived Port Adelaide on 31-07-1846

Bound for South Australia

Surname: PYNE
Given Name(s): Mary Ann

Birth Details
Birth County,
Region, Province: Cornwall
Birth Country: England

Death Details
Death Town: Kialla West
Death State/Territory: Victoria
Death Country: Australia
Death Date: 1896

Immigration Details
Air/Port Landed: Adelaide
Ship/Plane: Canton
Year Arrived: 1846

Family Stories

Life in Australia:

James & Mary Ann came to South Australia with others from Cornwall in answer to the call for men who were accustomed to working deep lead mines. James was not a miner: he maintained/worked the steam engines, but soon after coming to Australia he was listed as a farm labourer. When gold was discovered in Victoria the family came to the Daylesford area; James was known to work a dredge at one stage, then had a farm. When eldest daughter Lavina married, the family settled on a neighbouring farm at Kialla West, where Eliza married another's neighbour's son, William McCarron, to become my grandmother.

You and Your Family:

Our story is told under the name of McCARRON

Life Before Australia:

Nothing concrete is known of the life of James and Mary Ann in England. James could not read and write, so there are no letters, but the family "legend" says the Denners came as Hugenots from Alsace to Somerset, then to Devon. This is denied by the Hugenot Society in England, which says no refugees came to England from there! The family legend continues that James, as a boy of 16, went to Cornwall to learn to work the steam engines. There he married Mary Ann Pyne,obviously,but no documents can be found. His death certificate lists two children born in Cornwall (just the county given) and apparently Richard died, because only Lavina was with them when they landed in Adelaide in 1846. We do not have a location for them in either Devon or Cornwall. James's death certificate says his father was Richard Denner, bootmaker, but he does not appear in any list we have found so far.


DALDY, Emily DENNER, Charles DENNER, Elizabeth
DENNER, Henry DENNER, James DENNER, Richard

NB: Superscript behind each descendant name represents the lineage number of that descendant.
This family information was last updated by LILIAN BEATRICE KIRK on the 23 December, 2000. "


Building on the above information, this is my research as follows:-

James DINNER married 4 April 1841 Stoke Climsland, Cornwall (died 1898 Euroa% VIC Australia) to Mary Ann PINE born 17 Dec 1820, South Hill, Cornwall (died 1896 Euroa VIC Australia). Mary Ann PINE was the daughter of Richard PINE and Elizabeth CRUSE. (Elizabeth CRUSE had first married George JANE 1759-1808). Mary Ann PINE had two known elder siblings, Elizabeth PINE born 1811, and Henry PINE born 1814 all born South Hill, Cornwall.

James DENNER died aged 79years, 28 March 1898 Euroa VIC Australia. He is buried at the Kialla Cemetery. His wife Mary Ann died aged 76years, 25 Dec 1896 also at Euroa. I haven't found a burial location as yet.

% Historical Fact: Euroa was where famous Bushranger Ned Kelly and his gang stuck up the local bank.

James & Mary Ann DINNER had 9 children. First 2 children born England, last 7 born Australia. Family settled Adelaide, South Australia; various parts of Victoria and New South Wales.

1.Richard DINNER chr. 5 Dec 1841 Stoke Climsland, died 1844 Eng.
2.Lavina DENNER born 1843 unknown, England
married 1860 at Tara VIC to Richard PETHYBRIDGE, issue...
James and Mary Denner, and child (Lavina) arrived in Adelaide SA from Plymouth 31.7.1846 aboard the ship "Canton", the journey taking some 3 months.
3.James DENNER born 1847 Adelaide, South Australia
married 1875 Christina LAW. They had two children.
1)James 1876-1952
2)Henry Thomas 1878-1953 married Emma LANGTON
4.Henry DENNER born 1849 Adelaide, South Australia
married 1874 VIC to Charlotte Sally DIXON, issue 9 children.
1)Sarah Kate DENNER married Albert PROWD @ (probable relations)
2)Thomas Charles DENNER ...died young
3)Mary Ann DENNER married Walter WALKER
4)Charlott Fleming DENNER ...died young
5)William Henry DENNER married Elizabeth PROWD @
6)Harry James DENNER married Elizabeth ONELY
7)Charlotte Emily DENNER married John PASS
8)Richard John DENNER ...died young
9)Lillian Maud DENNER married William HARVEY
5.Elizabeth DENNER born 1850 Adelaide, South Australia
married 1878 VIC William MCCARRON issue...
6.Eliza B. DINNER born 3 Dec 1856, Back Ck, Bourke, Victoria, Australia *
7.William DUINER (sic) born 1860 Tara, Victoria, Australia
8.Emily DINNER born 1862 Malm, Victoria, Australia
married 1882 Kialla West VIC to Vincent DALDY, died 1884 in childbirth, had daughter named Emily who died young before her 3rd birthday 1884-1887.
9.Charles DENNER born 1864 VIC, died Condobalin NSW

* gg grandmother, married John Henry PARKER


John Henry PARKER born abt 1850, Australia married 8 Oct 1877 at Grenfell, New South Wales to Eliza B. DINNER. I've only been able to find seven children, but my grandmother, who is 93 yrs old, tells me there were more!

1.Susan Jane PARKER born 1878 Grenfell NSW Australia (10368/1878)
2.Esther PARKER born 1879 Grenfell NSW Australia (11133/1879)
3.Caroline PARKER ** born 3 Aug 1883 Grenfell NSW Australia
4.Ellen E. PARKER born 1887 Grenfell NSW Australia (22194/1887)
5.John H. PARKER born 1890 Grenfell NSW Australia (15133/1890)
6.Phebe A. PARKER born 1892 Grenfell NSW Australia (15481/1892)
7.Violet M. PARKER born 1895 Grenfell NSW Australia (3737/1895)

** g grandmother, married Henry AMOR

PHOTOGRAPH is of my grandmother's parents...Henry AMOR & Caroline PARKER. If the photo looks a little odd it is because it was restored. Pic was in dreadful condition and was exceedingly small in size. It lay in my grandmother's drawers unknown to myself, the firstborn grandchild (and family historian), until an appearance just recently. With the wonders of modern technology, a fireplace was inserted in the background and pretty flowers added to the mantle. And Great Gran was given a new dress and body! It's kind of like breathing new life into one's ancestors.

Caroline PARKER married 4 Jul 1904 to Henry AMOR born 1876 Rochester VIC Australia. He was the son of William AMOR and Ann Priscilla WHEELER of Wiltshire, England. Henry & Caroline AMOR had five children, of whom four have now passed on, leaving my grandmother the last of her generation.

Regards, Alison
QLD Australia.

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ENGLAND: Did your ancestors come from Devon?

Dear FamilyTreeCircle Members,-

If your ancestors came from Devon, it is highly likely that one name studies have already been undertaken. Major surnames have been added below in the SURNAMES section of this journal.

These links will take you straight to the Devon GenWeb, which is part of England's GenWeb Project.

Devon Surnames

Devon Family History Society

This link is to some of the beautiful scenery in Devon:
From Dartmoor to Exeter

Cheerio, Allycat.

NEW ZEALAND: Genealogy in Aotearoa...the Land of the 'Long White Cloud'

Dear FamilyTreeCircle Members ... Kia Ora

Below is a list of some main (though not all) websites for researching NZ genealogy:-

GeneoNZ - NZ & Maori Genealogy

Archives New Zealand...Te Rua Mahara o te Kawanatanga

Dept Internal Affairs
Births, Deaths, Marriages, etc.

New Zealand Society of Genealogists Inc

NZSG Maori Interest Group

Auckland City Libraries

New Zealand Genealogy Search Engine

New Zealand Genealogy Links
Military, Passenger Lists, Marriages, Maori...

Whakapapa Club - Maori Genealogy
Intro, Maori Naming Conventions, Where to start, Forums, Resources, Online search, Links...

Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the internet for New Zealand

School Reunions New Zealand

Maori Studies - Useful Websites - Victoria University of Wellington...Te Pataka Korero

Court Records, Jury Lists, Police, other records:-

New Zealand Family History

Pearl's Pad

And if that one doesn't work, here's another...
Pearl's Pad

Myra's Place - Family History Centre

GENEoNZ Maori Research - register your surname interests

Mt Albert Grammar School - Pupil and staff list from 1922 plus former pupils who served for countries other than New Zealand in the armed forces in WWII

FREE Databases - Australia, NZ & Pacific

Passenger List of the Northern Bride - As Reported In 'The New Zealander' Newspaper Auckland) of Saturday August 25, 1860

The Auckland Museum

New Zealand National Maritime Museum - Click on 'collections', then 'genealogy'

Important historical reading material:-

Principal Maori Tribes of New Zealand

Maori Pantheon

Maori Factions

The Maori of New Zealand - Maori Today

Maori War Chant and Challenge ... The Haka

Maori Social Structure

New Zealand Land Wars

1st Anglo-Maori Wars 1845-1847

New Zealand and the Maori War - The Three Conflicts

Australians fighting New Zealanders - The Maori War

Viking Ring Castles : Hill forts similar to Maori Pa

Early Maori History

Immigrant Ships to New Zealand - 1835 to 1910

Good luck / Hei-matau

Do you have this surname in your tree? Doudswell, Doudeswell, Dowdeswell, Dowdsell, Dowdswell, Dowdiswell

Looking for ancestors/descendants of the following:-

Thomas DOWDSWELL born abt 1778 probably Gloucestershire England
married 24th November 1803 at St Mary De Lode Gloucestershire England to Ann HEWLETT. The couple had three known children: 1.Thomas DOWDSWELL christened 24th November 1803 St Mary De Lode Gloucestershire died 1804, 2.Ann DOWDSELL (sic) christened 25th December 1804 Stroud Gloucestershire, and 3.Thomas DOWDSWELL born 1806 Gloucestershire.

Not much is known about the other two siblings, but Ann DOWDSELL married 17th October 1825 at St Mary De Lode Gloucestershire to George DAVIS christened 12th June 1796 St John the Baptist, Gloucester City, died 19th December 1884 Barton St Mary, South Hamlet, Gloucestershire.

George & Ann DAVIS had 10 children:
1.Harriet DAVIS b 1827
2.George DAVIS born 1828
3.James DAVIS born 1830
4.Ann DAVIS born 1832
5.Ellen DAVIS born 1833
6.William DAVIS born 1835
7.Jane DAVIS born 1837
8.Wiliam DAVIS born 1839
9.Alfred DAVIS born 1842
10.Hannah DAVIS (ancestor) born 23/5/1847 Barton St Mary, chr 13/6/1847 St James

Hannah DAVIS emigrated to Australia, entry details unknown at this stage. She married Charles Robert JACKSON who was born 14/6/1842 Stockport, Cheshire. They had at least one known daughter, Esther JACKSON born 23/8/1869 Majorca, Victoria, Australia. Hannah JACKSON nee DAVIS died 16/11/1928 Warragul, Victoria and Charles JACKSON died 6/7/1917 Warragul, Victoria, Australia.

Their daughter, Esther JACKSON married 18/12/1888 at San Remo, Victoria to Frederick William AMOR born 1868 NSW. [More info available].

Are there any connections out there?


Ok ... so you've found your lot on Census records, but you don't know what they did for a living?

Dear FamilyTreeCircle Members,

Ok, so you've found your lot on Census records, but you can't make out what they did for an occupation or understand the meaning in modern times.

Amlwch Database
Click on 'Census Occupations Explained', this is a huge list from A-Z.

This website is very well constructed and contains a great deal of information on the area of Amlwch which is in Anglesey, North Wales.

Atlas of the Human Journey - The Genographic Project

Dear FamilyTreeCircle Members,

Below is a link to National Geographic which is a well-known and trusted source of information worldwide. But what has this got to do with genealogy I hear you ask? Well, go grab a cuppa and sit back and have an enjoyable time viewing the story of man:-

National Geographic

And if this grabs your interest, you may very well wish to participate in their genographic project.

The cost is very reasonable at under $100 and is the cheapest DNA testing I've seen on the net so far.


NEWBIES ... want to put your tree on-line for FREE?

Dear FamilyTreeCircle members:

I truly think this site is pretty good. You can start to build your family tree with what you have, add photographs even.

But best of all you have the ability to maintain security and privacy of living people in your tree. If you choose this option, names of living people will just show up as a row of asterix e.g. ********.


Then there is the ability to upgrade your site with a small annual fee to increase the capacity of your website/family tree as needed. For example if you have more photos that you wish to attach to the site, etc.

Websites can also be password protected so that only those people that you give the password to can enter your site.


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For NEWBIES just starting to research their family tree

Dear FamilyTreeCircle Members, if you are just starting to research your family tree, here is a brief list of all the places you can look:-


1. Compiled Sources and Newspapers
a. Family histories and genealogies
b. Family Bible
c. Local histories
d. Compiled lists and directories
e. Biographical works
f. Genealogy and historical publications
g. Compendum genealogies
h. Special manuscripts and collections
i. Newspaper notices (obituaries)

2. Vital Records
a. Birth
b. Marriage
c. Death

3. Church Records
a. Baptismal and Christening
b. Confirmations
c. Marriages
d. Deaths

4. Census Records

5. Probate Records

6. Wills

7. Government and local land records

8. Court records

9. Military records

10. Cemetery and burial records

11. Immigration

12. Ship passenger lists

13. Naturalization records


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