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Sometime in 1900 a William Gaybba got on a ship and left South Africa for Canada, but we don't know who his parents were. We suspect there might be Gaybbas living in America as well, although the surname could be spelt different, and might be a derivative from the Scottish Gibb.

Me and my Gaybba cousins are desperately trying to locate the family of James Gaybba that came to South Africa between 1840 and 1855 from Scotland so that we may complete our trees. He either had two brothers named William and Matthew John when he came here (there is a story that one of the three brothers died when they arrived here) and he had three sons James Andrew, William John and Matthew John. One of their sons left South Africa on a boat for Canada, we do not know which.

If you're related or know anything please contact me.

Looking for (Henry) John Jenkins of Scotland

I am looking for information regarding my grandfather (Henry) John Jenkins who came to South Africa presumably from Scotland in the 1920's and who married my grandmother Johanna Tolken here in the late 1920's. They had three children, my mother Eng'la Elizabeth born in 1930, my aunt Thelma in 1932 and my uncle John in 1934 before his death in 1936 at sea near Hout Bay, South Africa.

I would really like to know who my grandfather's parents were and of course whether he had any brothers and sisters and to finish the tree. My mother told us a very romantic story about how my grandmother and grandfather met, which I suppose only their siblings could confirm if they were still alive today.

Unfortunately, besides the notice regarding his death in 1936, I could not find any other information regarding his visit and subsequent stay or citizenship in South Africa.