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Best Genealogy Accomplishment

within my family there has been a long standing debate as to whether a particular grand father had served in the Army in WW1. He was a great story teller and often people would not know if he was having them on or not. He was the master of the tall tale.
I decided to try and settle this once and for all.

My greatest sense of accomplishment came when I managed to find his WW1 service record. He had not given his correct details when joining up as he was under age. The chances of finding one of these records is only 1 in 3 at best. Not only did he not give his true age, he did not give his true place of birth. I took a chance and used his last known location, according to the 1911 census, as his place of birth and after trawling through hundreds of possibilities, I found his record. His records included the letters that his father had written trying to get him out of the army as he was too young, they also included a copy of his birth cert which confirmed that I had the right man. His father did secure his discharge.
The discovery has not yet ended the long standing debate within the family,it has now shifted, as these things do, to the details. Did he see active service?
My next challenge is to see whether he re-enlisted or was conscripted later on. There is probably little chance of success,but you never know.
It was a great feeling though to be able to hand over these records to one of his sons,I hope that I can find the rest.

Happy hunting

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