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"UPDATE" Boroondara General Cemetery, Kew

I'm hoping that someone can visit the Cemetery and see if our family plot has a headstone.

I've contacted the Cemetery but they couldn't assist me.


Grave Location IND B 0077
Section Name Independent

Date Service Name Age
30-Nov-1901 Burial NORGROVE, FLORRENCE 29
28-May-1915 Burial SIMPSON, JAMES 41

I have my fingers crossed that there is a headstone with more details on James SIMPSON as we don't know who he is and no death certificate can be found anywhere. He is a real mystery.

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Charles Anderson Allan b28 Jan 1902 Hamilton Scotland. F: James Allan M:Agnes Anderson. Last known details, Arrival 18 Aug 1928 Quebec Canada, on board "Regina" Winnipeg Manitoba Occ: Ploughman Harvester.

I have been searching for quite a few years trying to find Charles. Does anyone have any pointers on where I could possibly look, he may have returned to Scotland but he is not with any of the other family members.

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KEIGWIN Family line

This is information I have on our KEIGWIN Family line. If anyone has further information please let me know.

Keigwin Family of Cornwall

Family 1
John KEIGWIN Born Abt 1500 in Mousehole, Cornwall, England
Died 12 Dec 1588 Madron Cornwall

married 1530 Mousehole Cornwall

Katherine ??? Born Abt 1504 Mousehole, Cornwall
Died 26 Jul 1578 Madron Cornwall

Katherines Parents Unknown

child of John KEIGWIN & Katherine

Family 2
Son of John
Jenkyn KEIGWIN Born Abt 1531 Mousehole Cornwall
Died 23 Jul 1595 Mousehole Cornwall


Thomasine RAWE Born Abt 1535 Mousehole Cornwall
Died Oct 1616 Paul Madron Cornwall

Thomasine's Parents Unknown

Information on Squire Jenkyn KEIGWIN Cornwall Hostorical Society

The Keigwin Arms, in Mousehole Cornwall, was built in the 14th century, the oldest building in the town. It is the only building left standing after the Spaniards set fire to Mousehole in the 16th century.
Its owner, Squire Jenkyn Keigwin was killed on 23rd July 1595 defending the house against the against the Spaniards.
There is a plaque outside the house stating this.
The house was also featured in the television series "Poldark"

Children of Jenkyn KEIGWIN & Thomasine RAWE
B abt 1562 Mousehole, D21 Apr 1636 Mousehole married Elizabeth ?? 1594
>>>Martin b abt 1564 (see below)
B abt 1566 Mousehole D ??? married Nicholas FLEMING 1592 married Nicholas NOYES 1613

Family 3
Son of Jenkyn
Martin KEIGWIN Born abt 1564 Mousehole Cornwall
Died Sept 1632 Madron Cornwall


Elizabeth ??? Born abt 1580 Cornwall
Died ???

Elizabeth's Parents Unknown

Child of Martin KEIGWIN and Elizabeth

Family 4
Son of Martin
Jenkin KEIGWIN Born abt 1600 Paul Madron Cornwall
Baptised 15 Mar 1600 Paul Madron
Died 31 Mar 1640 Paul Madron


Elizabeth WOOLCOCK Born Abt 1600 Paul Madron Cornwall
Died 12 Jan 1692

Elizabeth's Parents Unknown

child of Jenkin KEIGWIN & Elizabeth WOOLCOCK

Family 5
Son of Jenkin
Henry KEIGWIN Born Abt 1639 Paul Madron Cornwall
Baptised 21 Jul 1639 Paul Madron
Died 19 Feb 1695 Paul Madron


Ann HARRY Born abt 1639 Cornwall
Died ???

Ann's Parents Unknown

child of Henry KEIGWIN & Ann HARRY

Family 6
Son of Henry
Jenkin KEIGWIN Born 1671 Paul Madron Cornwall
Baprised 17 Feb 1671 Paul Madron
Died ???


Dorcas TREMEARN Born abt 1664 Paul madron Cornwall
Baptised 11 Mar 1664 Paul Madron
Died ???

Dorcas Parents father - John TREMEARN b1639 Paul Madron mother Unknown
John TREMEARN's father Richard b1601 Paul Madron mother unknown

child of Jenkin KEIGWIN & Dorcas TREMEARN

Family 7
Son of Jenkin
Henry KEIGWIN Born 1705 Paul Madron Cornwall
Baptised 18 Nov 1705 Paul Madron
Died ????

married 3 Feb 1732 Paul Madron

Prudence JENKIN Born abt 1705 Cornwall
Died ???

Prudence's Parents father Richard JENKIN b1690 Paul Madron Cornwall mother Unknown

child of Henry KEIGWIN & Prudence JENKIN

Family 8
Son of Henry
Richard KEIGWIN Born abt 1736 Paul Madron Cornwall
Baptised 9 Apr 1736 Paul Madron
Died ????

married 21 Feb 1765 Paul Madron Cornwall

Ann TREGURTHA Born abt 1743 Paul Madron Cornwall
Baptised 13 Nov 1743 Paul Madron
Died ????

Ann's Parents Unknown

child of Richard KEIGWIN & Ann TREGURTHA

Family 9
son of Richard
Thomas KEIGWIN Born Abt 1782 Paul madron Cornwall
Baptised 10 Mar 1782 Paul madron
Died 1 Sept 1832 Paul Madron

married 1 Nov 1807 Paul Madron Cornwall

Ann TREGURTHA Born 5 Jul 1786 Paul Madron Cornwall
Died 6 Jan 1864 Paul Madron

Ann's Parents Unknown

Children of Thomas KEIGWIN & Ann TREGURTHA

Ann Tregurtha Baptised 10 Jul 1808 Paul Madron
>>>Thomas 1810-1885 (see below)
Phillis Baptised 11 Oct 1812 Paul Madron
Grace Baptised 26 Feb 1815 Paul Madron
Rebecca Baptised 27 Feb 1820 Paul Madron
Jane Tregurtha Baptised 1 Jan 1824 Paul Madron
Richard Baptised 19 Jun 1826 Paul Madron

Family 10
Son of Thomas
Thomas KEIGWIN Born abt 1810 Paul Madron Cornwall
Baptised 13 May 1810 Paul Madron
Died Sept 1885 Penzance


Elizabeth Ann TREWHELLA Born abt 1810 Paul Madron Cornwall
Baptised 9 Dec 1810 Paul Madron
Died Sept 1873 Aston Warwickshire

Elizabeth's Parents Unknown

children of Thomas KEIGWIN & Elizabeth Ann TREWHELLA

>>>Elizabeth Ann 1837-1888 (see below)
John Trewhella B Jan 1840 Penzance
Thomas B Jun 1844 Penzance

Family 11
daughter of Thomas
Elizabeth Ann KEIGWIN Born 20 Sept 1837 Penzance Cornwall
Died March 1888 Solihull Warwickshire

married 3 May 1856 Aston Warwickshire

Theophilus Corban NORGROVE Born abt 1829 Chipping Campden Gloucestershire
Died 8 Aug 1908 Balwyn Victoria Australia

Theophilus' Parents father John Corban NORGROVE b1794 Birmingham died 1856 Birmingham
mother Sarah EDDELS b1795 Sodbury Gloucestershire died 8 Apr 1852 Warwickshire
Sarah EDDELS parents Thomas EDDELS b1770 d1827 & Dinah ROGERS b1770 d??

children of Elizabeth KEIGWIN & Theophilus Corban NORGROVE

Mary B Mar 1857 Birmingham D1815 Birmingham married Charles HATELEY
>>>John Thomas 1858-1909 (see below)
Elizabeth Ann B Jun 1860 Birmingham D?? married Thomas WHITEHOUSE
Amana B Jun 1863 Birmingham D?? married Albert Thomas EVANS
Joseph Corban B Jun 1865 Birmingham D?? married Elizabeth REDMAN
Clara B Sept 1867 Birmingham D??
Ethel B Sept 1869 Birmingham D 1957 Castlemaine Victoria Australia married William KERR
Emily Jane B Dec 1869 Birmingham D???
Florence B Dec 1870 Birmingham Died 1901 Surrey Hills Victoria Australia
Theophilus Leslie Trewhella B Sept 1879 Birmingham

Family 12
son of Elizabeth KEIGWIN
John Thomas NORGROVE Born 31 Jul 1858 Birmingham England
Died 25 Feb 1909 Melbourne Victoria Australia

married 23 Aug 1888 South Melbourne Victoria Australia

Elizabeth POWNE Born 10 May 1867 Penzance Cornwall
Died 20 Dec 1912 Fitzroy Victoria Australia

Elizabeth's parents father William POWNE b1834 Lanteglos Cornwall d 3 jan 1917 Melbourne VIC Australia
mother Sophia TREBILCOCK b1837 Ladock Cornwall d20 Aug 1903 Melb. VIC. Aust.
(have info on TREBILCOCK & POWNE families)

children of John Thomas NORGROVE & Elizabeth POWNE

Francis Maisey B1889 Melbourne VIC Aust. Died 1958 Melbourne VIC Aust married Wilfrid Gordon WRAGG
Ethel Berta B Sth Melbourne VIC Aust. 1890 Died ?? married William James MACLELLAN
>>>Ralph Powne 1897-1944
Leslie Muriel B 24 Nov 1905 Melbourne VIC Aust. Died ?? Married Percy NETTE, married Victor Leslie LAWREY married Garret Stuart UPSTILL known as Dorothy.

Family 13
son of John Thomas Norgrove & Elizabeth POWNE
Ralph Powne NORGROVE Born 24 Jun 1897 Subiaco Western Australia
Died 21 Dec 1944 Concord NSW Australia

married 28 Apr 1924 Manly NSW Australia

Muriel Violette WARE Born 27 Aug 1890 Sydney NSW Australia
Died 1967 Burwood NSW Australia

Muriels Parents father Leo WARE b7 Mar 1861 New York USA d7 Sept 1942 Liverpool NSW Australia
mother Annie BIRD b1867 Cape Town Sth Africa d21 Mar 1940 Liverpool NSW Aust.

Work is continuing on this KEIGWIN family line to update missing information.

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Looking for Alfred HAWKES

I'm looking for information on Alfred HAWKES b2 Sept 1853 in Aston Warwickshire England occupation Watchmaker.

Alfred married Clara Jane NORGROVE they had three children
Kate Margery b1883 Erdington Warwickshire
Mary Ellen b1885 Erdington Warwickshire
Mabel Kathleen b1889 Rusholme Lanarcshire

Alfred was on the 1891 England Census along with Clara and girls, he was missing on 1901 Census.
Clara and girls on 1901, girls on 1911 can't find Clara as yet.

Alfred then appears on a ships passenger list of OROTAVA
Date of departure: 8 April 1904
Port of departure: London
Passenger destination port: Sydney, Australia
Passenger destination: Sydney, Australia
Date of Birth: 1855 (calculated from age)
Age: 49
Marital status: Married
Sex: Male
Occupation: Watchmaker
Passenger recorded on: Page 5 of 10

H Collins

The OROTAVA arrived Sydney 21 May 1904, Alfred is noted on passenger list as going on to Wellington New Zealand.

Can any one help me with information or where I can find out more on New Zealand arrivals.

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Looking for Annette W WARE of New York

I'm looking for information on Annette W WARE born 1907/1908 New York death Unknown and her brother Arthur WARE born 27 Dec 1915 New York died 7 Jan 1997 Nassau New York

Parents of Annette & Arthur

Arthur W WARE B 31 Dec 1864 San Francisco California.
Death Unknown applied for passport in 19 Feb 1919 unable to trace after this.

married 9 Oct 1906 Manhattan New York

Edna FROEHLICH B 3 Dec 1884 New York, Edna then married Harry BUDWIG I don't know when, she died Jan 1987 as Edna BUDWIG in Nassau New York.

I have no information on Harry BUDWIG.

I have been unable to find any information on Annette W WARE after the 1920 Census she was 12 living in Manhatan New York.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Looking for Arrival information for Hannah HEDGE or HILL

I'm looking for information on the arrival of Hannah HEDGE or HILL to NSW Australia between 1851-1853, with infant son.

I have information on her prior to 1851 and after 1853 as follows,

In 1851 Census she is with her parents in Bedford Befordshire England she was born March 1834 Bedford Bedfordshire England.

Her son George Woodward HEDGE was born 8 June 1851 Bedford Bedfordshire, reputedly the son of George Woodward of Bedford. However there is no proof of this.

Hannah then appears in NSW where a second son Thomas HILL is born 28 August 1853 Petersham NSW his father is named Samuel HILL, but I can't find proof of any marriage either in England or in Australia, her youngest son George Woodward HEDGE is with her in NSW.

Hannah then married Henry BEZER in 1854 Willoughby NSW Australia and Thomas was baptised as Thomas Bezer-Hill but he continued to use the name HILL for his marriage and for his children, strangely George Woodward HEDGE Hannah's first son was not baptised Bezer but remained HEDGE.

On Hannah's will it states that she leaves her property to her two natural born sons George Woodward HEDGE and Thomas HILL as well as her other BEZER sons.

I can't find any reference for Hannah arriving in Australia between the Birth of George and the birth of Thomas as HEDGE/S or HILL/S. I have even tried HUMPHRIE/S and HUMPHREY/S which was her mothers maiden name, I have also tried various combinations of her name Ann/Anne/Anna/Hanna etc. but nothing.

Hannah's older brother Samuel Hedge arrived with his wife Sarah nee Ives and two small children in 1856 on the Blackfriar he listed Hannah as sister living in Sydney.

If someone could find her entry to Australia it would be much appreciated.

Looking for Cyril Thomas WHITEHOUSE

I'm looking to find information on Cyril Thomas Whitehouse b1885 Baldock Hertfordshire England, he was also known as Thomas Cyril Whitehouse.

Father - Thomas Whitehouse b1856 Coren Breewood Staffordshire

Mother - Elizabeth Ann Norgrove b1860 Birmingham Warwiskshire England

Cyril Thomas Whitehouse married Eleanor Martha Colohan in 1919 in Victoria Australia

in Aug 1929 they are on board the "Santa Marta" out of Kingston Jamaica bound for New York and then on to Malaysia his Occupation is listed as Planter, they are traveling as Cyril & Martha Whitehouse.

How and when did Cyril arrive in Victoria in order to marry Eleanor?

What happened to them after their arrival in Malaysia?? did they stay or leave.

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Looking for Duncan Wright Davidson Scotland/USA

I'm hoping that some one can find Duncan or his family in USA or back in Scotland,

Duncan Wright Davidson
Born 10 Nov 1860
Carmunnock Lanarkshire Scotland

Father: John Sinclair Davidson b 26 Apr 1829 Archattan Argyll
Mother: Agnes Glassford b 1830 Glasgow Lanarkshire

I have Birth death & Marriage for John & Agnes and also Birth Cert for Duncan and for his siblings Jane & John.

on 21 Jan 1869 family arrived in New York USA, departed Glasgow Scotland.

from "Caledonia" Passenger List
John 37, Gardener
Mrs, 35, Wife, (Agnes)
Jane, 11,
John, 9
Duncan, 7,

the family is on the 1861 Census in Castlemilk Carmunnock

and I have them in the 1870 Census at
Dwelling 91, Township 3, Hinds, Mississippi
John 37, farm lab
Agnes 33, Wash woman
Jane 12,
John 10,
Duncan 7,

Details for Jane & John

Jane McAdam Davidson b12 Aug 1857 Carmunnock Lanarkshire Scotland

John Sinclair Davidson 8 Dec 1858 Carmunnock Lanarkshire Scotland

I did find a John S Davidson with wife Laura and children in 1900 Census mother Agnes which would be possible but can't seem to find Jane or Duncan anywhere.

Any help would be most appreciated.

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Looking for information on John SHEPPARD b1833

I have been searching for a while for this man, here is what I have

John SHEPPARD Surname spelling on Baptism SHEPHERD
Baptised St Marys Nottingham 16 July 1833

Mother Elizabeth born abt. 1797 in Frean Gatus Derby Derbyshire England
Father John - occupation Lace Maker

I have been unable to find any further information for father John or later listed as Alfred.

On 1841 Census with Mother Elizabeth and sister Mary
1841 England Census about John Shephard
Name: John Shephard
Age: 8
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1833
Gender: Male
Where born: Nottinghamshire, England

Civil parish: St Mary
Hundred: Nottingham
County/Island: Nottinghamshire
Country: England

Street Address: Rose's Row

Registration district: Nottingham
Sub-registration district: Byron
Neighbors: View others on page
Piece: 869
Book: 2
Folio: 54
Page Number: 19
Household Members:
Name Age
John Dalley 43 ??? (not sure who this person is doesn't appear with family again)
Elizabeth Shephard 41 occupation Tambourer
Mary Shephard 11
John Shephard 8

1851 Census
6 Burdett Court
Household Members:
Name Age
Elizabeth Sheperd 52 Tambourer
John Sheperd 17 Lace Maker
George Widdowson 15 parents live next door
Maria Widdowson 14 parents live next door

On 23 January 1853 John SHEPHARD married Elizabeth Musson in St. Marys parish church he was living at Burdett Court his father is listed as Alfred Shepherd - deceased labourer.
John signs his name as SHEPHARD Elizabeth makes her mark 'x'
They are both listed as "under age"

John & Elizabeth have two children

born 11 Aug 1854 Burdett Court St Marys, Nottingham
Father John SHEPPHERD lace Maker,
Mother Elizabeth Sheppherd formerly Musson

Jane died 1927 - surname SHEPHERD her sons surname SHEPPARD (that's a whole other story)

2. George SHEPPARD
born 16 July 1857 Burdett Court St Marys, Nottingham
Father John SHEPPARD lace maker
Mother Elizabeth Sheppard formerly Musson

George died 1876

John's sister Mary was baptised 17 Feb 1830 no father listed mother Elizabeth SHEPHERD.

The spelling of the surname changes back and forward.

I can't find any trace of John b1833 on the 1861 Census, Elizabeth is with her parents and her mother in law (Johns mother) at her parents address Mall Mill Lane

Census 1861
Civil parish: St Mary
Ecclesiastical parish: St John
Town: Nottingham
County/Island: Nottinghamshire
Country: England
Household Members:
Name Age
George Musson 51
Hannah Musson 51
>>>Elizabeth Shephard 29
>>>Jane Shephard 6
>>>George Shephard 3
Harriet Musson 11
Elizabeth Sheppard 64 Johns Mother

I have details of the Musson family and for Elizabeth Sheppard nee Musson and most of the information on Jane Sheppard b1854.

Can any one find my John, he is my husbands Great Great Grandfather and we would love to know what happened to him.

Looking for James SIMPSON Australia

This is a real mystery.

I'm looking for information on James SIMPSON, below are the only details I have for him.

James SIMPSON buried 28 May 1915 aged 41 died Austin Hospital Kew Victoria Australia.

James is buried in the same grave as two of my husbands relatives

Grave Ref. IND B0077 Boroondara General Cemetery also known as Kew Cemetery, Kew Victoria Australia.

1. Florence NORGROVE buried 30 Nov 1901 husbands Great Great Aunt

2. Theophilus Corban NORGROVE buried 10 Aug 1901, Florence's father and husbands Great Great Grandfather.

other family members don't know who James SIMPSON is or how he is connected to the family if at all.

The Boroondara General Cemetery have no information other than what they have provided above, only to say that it would be highly unusual that a non relative would be buried in the same grave. They were unable to give me direction on how to find any further information on James SIMSPON.

I have checked the Victoria BMD and found one James Simpson but he was 88 years old.

I have tried ancestry but nothing jumps out, nothing in family search either. I have tried National archives, and Newspapers online can't see him there either, then again I could just be missing him.

Does anyone have any ideas on where to go from here, any help would be greatly appreciated.

many thanks.

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