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Stacey family tree(Wisconsin): This is what I have so far...

Don't have dates. also names might be spelled differently.

Filo Stacey married Maude Farris. They have 13 children: Leah,
Bell Ray, Leone, Liz, Deloris, Thersda, Claude,
Raymond, Glen, John(b.1926), Bay Ruth, June, and Herb.

John Stacey(b.1926) married
(around 1949 or 1950) Sherlie Preston(b.around 1926 d.1985).
They had 4 children:
Glen(b.1951), David(b.1954), Jill(b.1957 d.1957),and Marie(b.1961)

Glen Stacey married(1984) Myra Gurney.
Had 2 children: Amber(b. 1985) and Andrew (b.1986)

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Searching for two Stacey brothers that came over from England

Hi. I'm look for information on two Stacey brothers that came to Wisconsin(US) from Cornwall, England.
There was a fight between them once they reached Wisconsin and they split up. Each going their own ways. My family really isn't no help because they don't remember or know what the fight was about. Some say it was about moonshine, some say it was something else.

If you have any information about these brothers or about any Stacey's in Wisconsin or Cornwall please let me know.

Thank you,
Amber Stacey

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