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Searching for parents of Nancy Deborah Meadows

I am attempting to find the connection between William Morris Sr. to Nancy. I have a lot of information but no way to efficiently sort it out. I know Nancy's father is Jeremiah Meadows but I am unsuccessful in finding his wife. He was born in 1829.

Looking for Ancestors of JAMES MADISON MARTIN

I currently have his descendants but I am lacking his parents, etc. He married Nancy Deborah Meadows. Any information would be well appreciated.

Wince Family Tree

Wince Family Tree:

Johannes Wentz
Spouse of Johannes: ?
Children of Johannes and ?: Valentine Wentz, Frederick Wince, Johan Wentz
Spouse of Valentine: Barbara Jennewein
Spouse of Johan: 1) Mary Magdalena 2) Anna Catherina
Children of Johan and Anna Catherina: Johan Wentz
Spouse of Johan: Margaret Miller
Children of Johan and Mary Magdalena: Valentine Wentz, Jacob Wentz, Wendel Wentz, Philip Wentz, and Peter Wentz
Spouse of Philip: Ursula
Spouse of Wendel: Elisabeth Kirschner
Spouse of Jacob: Elizabeth Hertzell
Spouse of Valentine: Elizabeth Ruckstahl
Spouse of Peter: 1) Mary ? 2) Elizabeth ?
Children of Peter and Elizabeth: Abraham Wentz
Spouse of Abraham: Mary ?
Children of Peter and Mary: Elizabeth Wentz, John Wentz, Mary Wentz, Catharine Wentz, Jacob Wentz, Philip Wentz, Barbara Wentz, Susana Wentz, Nancy Wentz, Peter Wentz (Wince)
Spouse of Mary: Gerhard Hud
Spouse of Catharine: John Knipe
Spouse of Philip: Maria ?
Spouse of Barbara: Philip Stong
Spouse of Susana: John Bieber
Spouse of Nancy: John Genkener
Spouse of Peter: Catherine Mason
Children of Peter and Catharine: Mary Wince, John Wince, Alexander Wince, Lucinda Wince, Catherine Wince, Lydia Wince, Samuel Wince
Spouse of Samuel: Lucinda Riggs
12 Children of Samuel and Lucinda: James P. Wince, David O. Wince, Mahlon Wince, Louisa Jane Wince, William Jackson Wince, Mary E Wince, Livnia (Lavina?) Wince, Mariah Wince, Francis Marion Wince, Peter Wince, Sarah Catharine, Warren Wince
Spouse of Catharine: 1) Stephen Freeland 2) David Dillon
Spouse of Peter: Sarah Freeland
Spouse of William: Sarah M Simonton
Spouse of Mary: Elias T Fleming
Spouse of Livnia (Lavina?): Thornton Williamson
Spouse of Mariah: George Ryan
Spouse of Francis: Nancy Armanda Ruddelsden
Children of Francis and Nancy: William Earl Wince, George Edwin Wince, Fredona Edna (Onie) Wince, Elma (Ona) Lucinda Wince, Eunice Kathleen Wince, and Kenneth Carlton Wince
Spouse of William Earl: Ora Jane Williamson
Spouse of Fredona: 1) Alex Wigner 2) John Andrews
Spouse of Elma: Knols Brooks
Spouse of George: Nellie Bly Williamson
Spouse of Eunice: Lawrence Aubrey Williamson
Spouse of Kenneth: Betty Anita Schoolcraft
Children of Kenneth and Betty: Larry Lee Wince, Leon Carlton Wince
Spouse of Larry: Mary Alice Eddy
Children of Larry and Mary Alice: Denise Wince, Joseph Wince
Partner of Denise: Rodney Campbell
Children of Rodney Campbell and Ex-Wife: Marshall Campbell
Spouse of Joseph: 1)? 2) Kathy ?
Children of Joseph and ?: Jared Wince, Aaron Wince, and a daughter
Children of Kathy Wince and Ex: Anthony Wince
Children of Joseph and Kathy: Noah Wince
Spouse of Leon Carlton: Zella Jean Ellison
Children of Leon and Zella Jean: Jeremiah Carlton Wince, Angela Dawn Wince, and Christina Danielle Wince
Spouse of Jeremiah: Jillian Shepard

Date of Birth/ Death:
Children of Samuel and Lucinda:
Peter 1838-1888
James P 1840-1854 buried at Wince Cemetery, Adlai, Pleasants, WV
Sarah Catherine 1842-1868
Lavina 1843-1908
David O 1847-1850
William Jackson 1849-1918
Mahlon 1853-1868
Mary E 1854-1891
Louisa Jane 1856-1859
Mariah 1857-1936
Warren 1858-??
Francis Marion 1858-1943

Ellison Family Tree

Ellison (Allison) Family Tree:

Father unknown
Spouse of Unknown: Mary Rishton
Children of Mary and unknown: Thomas Ellison
Spouse of Thomas: Martha Honor Champion
Children of Thomas and Martha: Grace Ellison, Mary Ellison, Elizabeth Ellison, Lawrence Ellison, Martha Ellison, Mary Ellison, Ellinor Ellison, Hannah Ellison, Elizabeth Ellison, Eleanor Ellison, John Ellison, Thomas Ellison II
Spouse of Thomas II: Cornelia Johnson
Children of Thomas II and Cornelia: John Ellison, Thomas Ellison, Thomas Ellison, and Joseph Ellison
Spouse of John: Susannah Boude
Children of John and Susannah: Lydia Ellison, Elizabeth Ellison, John Ellison, Susannah Ellison, Hannah Ellison, Ezekiel Ellison, Joseph Ellison, Ruth Ellison, James Isaac Ellison
Spouse of James: Anne English
Children of James and Anne: Joseph Ellison, Mary Eleanor Ellison, Mary Ellison, Ruth Ellison, Susan Ellison, Anne Ellison, John L Ellison, Asa M Ellison, James Isaac Ellison II
Spouse of James II: Nancy Elizabeth Farley
Children of James II and Nancy: Daniel Ellison, Mary Eleanor Ellison, Ruth Ellison, Mary Polly Ellison, Felix Ellison, Sarah G Ellison, Marcy Massey Ellison, Joseph Ellison, Polly Ellison, Elizabeth Ellison, Matthew Ellison, Jonathon Francis Ellison, James Isaac Ellison III
Spouse of James III: Mary Polly Ellender Calloway
Children of James III and Mary Polly: Andrew Anderson Ellison, Mary Elizabeth Ellison, Joseph Ellison, Milton Ellison, Eleanor S Ellison, Addison Ellison, Nancy B. Ellison, Mathew Allen Ellison, Rachel Ellison, James Eli Ellison, Amos Ellison, H Felix Ellison
Spouse of H Felix: Mary Ann Carnafix
Children of H Felix and Mary Ann: Adrian D Andrew David L Ellison, Mary E Ellison, William G L. Ellison, Samantha A. Ellison, John D Ellison, Felix E Ellison
Spouse of Felix: 1) Nancy Jane Thomas 2) Mary Adeline
Children of Felix and Nancy: Woodson J Ellison, Lonnie E Elison, Rebecca J Ellison, Joseph S Ellison, Clarissa Ann Ellison, Baby Ellison (gender unknown), John William Ellison, George V Ellison, Pinky Ellison, Charles M Ellison, Malinda Susan Ellison, Mary Emmaline J Ellison, Benjamin Franklin Ellison, Morris Bailey Ellison
Spouse of Morris Bailey: 1) Sarah Lucinda Wood 2) Sarah A. Wood
10 Children of Morris and Sarah: Jonathon Ellison, Mary Ann Ellison, Arthur Matthis Ellison, Alexander Samuel Ellison, Elizabeth Susan Ellison, Bailey Johnson Ellison, Unknown, William Lowry Ellison, John Augustus Ellison, Cecil Delbert Ellison (Sr.)
Spouse of Cecil Sr.: Clara Evelyn ?
Children of Cecil Sr. and Clara: Cecil Delbert Ellison Jr.
Spouse of Cecil Jr.: Lauretta Jean Martin
Children of Cecil Jr. and Lauretta: Charles David Ellison (Baby), Zella Jean Ellison
Spouse of Zella Jean: Leon Carlton Wince
Children of Zella Jean and Leon Carlton: Jeremiah Carlton Wince, Angela Dawn Wince, and Christina Danielle Wince
Spouse of Jeremiah: Jillian Shepard