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Does this family legend sound familiar? Looking for Charles Robert Nicholson

Our family legend sounds like this:
Charles Robert Nicholson was born Feb 27, 1867 or 1868 probably to William Nicholson and a Mary, Martha, or Minerva whose maiden name may have been Wallis, Wallace. William Nicholson was a plantation owner who was very wealthy and had a lot of slaves. Charles Roberts mother was cared for by a Negro woman who had a baby about the same timethe mammy nursed both babies. The mammy took care of Charles Robert. Her son kept dunking Charles and Charles hit the son with a rock and killed him. The mammy spanked Charles with a fish. Soon after Charles was sent to a juvenile correction school in Preble County, Ohio. The school records record William as father and Martha or Minerva as mother. He was 11 years old (about 1878) and was released at 18 years (about 1885). He was released to a Mr. Reelhorn and was indentured to work for Mr. Reelhorn in Ohio.
As an adult, Charles claimed to have been born in Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana and was raised by his mothers sister Eliza Slatter. He claims that his mother married a man named Graves. Charles claims to have five half-brothers and that he attended Harvard.

What we know is: Charles Robert Nicholson Married Cora Charlotte Arledge in 1892 in Johnson County Wyoming. They had 6 children the first being a baby girl that died soon after birth. The other five lived to raise families. Charles Robert worked at mining and ranch work. He died in Casper, Natrona county, Wyoming June 30, 1932 and is buried in the Ten Sleep, Wyoming cemetery.

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Thanks, Barb

I am looking for Charles Robert Nicholson born in Indianapolis, Indiana

Charles Robert Nicholson was born 27 February 1867 in Indianapolis, Indiana to William Nicholson and Mary, Minerva, Maggie wallis. He married Cora Charlotte Arlidge in 1892.

Charles is a mystery to us. I am beginning to believe that he did a great job of hiding his troubled childhood. We know for sure that he and Cora were married in Wyoming. We also know for sure that he passed away in 1932 in Casper, Natrona, Wyoming. I have followed him on the census records for 1900, 1910, 1920. I lost him in the 1930 census or perhaps I just have been too narrowly searching. He and Corah/Cora had 6 children one of whom passed just after she was born. I cannot find a birth record or a census records of 1870-1890.

Does anyone have any ideas of where I could look next?