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Ahnenpass style family group sheets available

I have created a form that works like an Ahnenpass, each page records a family, father , mother, parents of each, multiple marriage info, birth,christening,death info on each, children and siblings, as well as having places to record documentation sources for each. I would be happy to share with anyone wanting it. It is in MS word format but I can convert to PDF. I printed a bunch of the pages and put into a spiral binder format and now all base information is at my fingertips.
It is also easy to cross reference by number, (father #1, mother #2, father's parents #3,#4, mother's parents #5,#6, etc)Plenty of room to add quite a bit of information and a nice way to store or share a print version.
Drop me a line if you would like a copy.

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Ancestry lookup at Ancestry.com

It just occured to me that many may not have (paid) access to Ancestry's databases.

I am current subscribed and would be happy to do some lookups if it will help anyone. Just drop me a line with as much info as you have, and I will search Ancestry.com and let you know if I uncover anything.


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Bozeman Family

I have been getting emails requesting information on the book by
Loraine Walker titled "Sketches of the Bozeman Family".
I have made the book available on my website at Barbaracagle.org
Go to the downloads page link to find it.

Also, There is another book about this family also called
"Sketches of the Bozeman Family". It was written about 1885
by Rev. Jos. W. Bozeman, D.D.
It can be read as a pdf file on the Family History Archives site at
Sketches of the Bozeman Family

I noticed This address is quite long and runs into the sidebar, alternately you can go to

Family History Archives

and search for BOZEMAN in the surname box. The second listing is the
above mentioned book
Take a little time to do a search for your family name on this free site and you may find some interesting information.
Family History Archives

Good Luck


Hello again,
This line is the maternal line of my 2nd husband Theodore Brooks 1948-1986. His mother was Gwendolyn Bozeman 19??-1988 who married Claude Rowland Brooks, Jr. My son, Sean is the last surviving Brooks of this line and I wish to learn more. I do have a book that lists some information but I am against a brick wall with her g-g-g-grandparents.

Contact me for more details if you think you may have a connection or know where I might search.

Thank you

BURDICK family

Looking for ancestors of Thomas BURDICK 1656 - 1732 Newport Rhode Island.
Parents are Robert and Ruth HUBBARD married about 1655 in Newport.
Robert was apparently born in England.
There is a BURDICK genealogy printed but I cannot find a copy. I have a record of the arrival from England in 1651, but no place.
Anything may help.
Robert and Ruth had the following children (Thomas is my line)
Thomas BURDICK married Martha ? in about 1690 at Westerly Rhode Island


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Burdick origins Burdett or Bauerdick ???

There are indications that our family can be traced far beyond the middle of the sixteenth century. While those connections are still being researched, we are relatively certain, as certain as any historian or genealogist can be, of our connections to various families in Europe beginning as far back as 1563.

It was in this year, amidst the turmoil of war between Denmark and Sweden, we find the first record, a death record, of an early ancestor named Johan BURDICK in the Rhine area of Germany . Nowhere else is this spelling found, although some genealogists insist the name BURDICK can be traced back to BURDETT in England as early as 1650 , however, no definitive link has been made.

Further research, however, uncovers some interesting facts. BURDICK seems to be what many call, a good old German name. Bur, it can be noted, is a dialect spoken in the Rhine area. BURDICK is derived from the words bur which means Bauer or farmer in English. (In Dutch it is the word boer and both words mean and sound similar.
"Bur"is spoken like "poor" with a "b"= "boor". Dick is the old word for Dieck, Deich, and Teich which in English means pond. It is interesting, that in the Low-German dialect "u" changes to an "i", too. ("Biur" or "Biuer"; you will have the exact pronounciation, if you speak "be you" as quick as possible ="Beyou-rr-dick"). This only word can be written in High German in four variants: "BURDICK", "Burdiek";"Baurdick"; "Bauerdick"- re-translated in Low German these surnames sounds always like "Beyour-rr-dick". That was the reason, that "BURDICK" changed to "Bauerdick" before 1700. The first school in the Enkhausen-parish opened 1658, the following generations were no illiterates any more and were able to write their names. They took one of this four variants and never changed it again. .

So BURDICK means farmer near the pond. In some cases you will find the word dick used with Dickicht which is a break or thicket in English, so it may also be translated as farmer near the thicker or farmer at the break
According to available records, the farm of the first German BURDICK in 1563 was the former manor of the "von Hoevel"-family.

The record of Josef Bauerdicks ancestry is taken directly from available primary source materials so that there is documentation to substantiate the claim of a Johann BURDICK in Hove before 1540 and after 1563.

A more recent connection to the BURDICK family name in Germany appears on maps of Dlmen, Westfalia, north of the Rhur area and southwest of Mnster and again in Jahrsdorf/ Holstein north of Hamburg. These two cities have streets with the name Am Burdiek. Joseph BAUERDICK wrote to the Mayor of Dlmen and he replied with information gleaned from the town achieves. According to this letter, Am Burdiek takes its name from and old pond which belonged to a nearby farm called the Dveling-Farm. First mentioned in 1324, the farm was sold to the German government who built barracks there in 1956. There is an old myth about this Dvelings Diek or Burdiek that says that the devil was sitting on the ground of this pond and rings a sunken church bell if someone throws a new coin into the water. The local dialect uses Duivel, or Dvel for devil so we can see that this is a probable recreation of local mythology.

Given all this information can we connect to one of these early BURDICK families? Certainly!

We know, for example that the name BURDICK is 100% German as evidenced by the ethnographic linguistics of the name itself. The scientific study of how words are formed gives us the linguistic roots of this surname. We can also assume with some degree of validity that one or more BURDICKs relocated to England after about 1588 or 1589 when the Leicester army returned to England. The fact that the name BURDICK with the same spelling simply appears on tax records in Exeter in 1641 is interesting to say the least. With many birth, death and marriage records, as well as church records from this time still available and with more being digitized daily, it is a striking omission of this name with this spelling that draws attention to this particular family.

Until we find other documentation or evidence that is contrary to what we have thus far uncovered, we will, for the purposes of this research endeavor, accept that our earliest BURDICK relation came from Germany and migrated to England and that our Robert BURDICK of Rhode Island is, by virtue to comparable dates and name spelling variation, a descendent of these two BURDICKs.

---Thanks to the research efforts of Josef Bauerdick and J.Alan Burdick

CAGLE family research

Looking for the ancestors of my husband, James Donald Cagle, Jr.
I have back to William Riley CAGLE born 15 Feb 1885 -29 Dec 1954 n San Diego, CA. William married June B. EVANS born 17 Nov 1885 - Oct. 1975 also in San Diego. Also looking for June's parents (EVANS)
Father of William is probably named Abraham, but that is all I can find.

Any help is appreciated.
Thank you

Dr. Hans Elschner of Ludwigsruh, Landsberg a. Warthe

My grandfather Hans Frederick Wilhelm Elschner (1900 - 1946)Practictioner , specializing in Ear, Nose and Throat.
He enjoyed small game hunting, locally as well as having a facination of air travel.
He attended any and all automobile races through out Europe.
Although forced to join the Nazi party as a medical officer, Hanns never supported the policies.
He practiced primarily in Ludwigsruh (now Gorzow Poland area) until WWI. I have a copy of his diploma and a photo of his headstone and documentation of birth in the Ahnenpass of my mother's. I would like to uncover some information on his military involvement (Nazi Medical Corps) and/or something about the fate of the family home. On a visit a few years ago, some locals told my aunt there had been a fire and it had burned down. Also said that during the war (after my mom's family left) the Nazi's used there home as a headquarters and hung some people from their balcony. This really bothers my mom and I would like to prove, or disprove the story.
Any help would be appreciated.

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Elschner Connections - research updates


This is translated from german using google translate. Please overlook grammar or language diversions.

Ancestor list Hans and Liselotte Elschner

1a. Elschner, Hans Friedrich Wilhelm, cand.med. in Jena, * Dhringshof 09.05.1900, + St.Andresberg - Resin 03.04.1946, [] St.Andresberg - Resin
oo Landsberg Warta 15.03.1927 Sophie Klnne
1b. Elschner, Liselotte, * Dhringshof 12.03.1905, + 14.03.1905 Dhringshof

1. Ancestry

2. Elschner, Johannes Karl Emil, Protestant, MD. u. prakt doctor * Prettin 09/12/1869, 10/06/1869 Prettin ~, + Dhringshof, Brandenburg?
oo Brandenburg, Havel 10/03/1899 Anna Wegener
3. Wegener, Anna Elsa Matilde, * Brandenburg 2/25/1881 (or 2/12/1867?), + Fhringshof 01/26/1930
oo Brandenburg, Havel John Elschner 10/03/1899

2. Ancestry

4. Elschner, Emil Theodor, Protestant Pastor, * Wessnig 08/03/1835, ~ Wessnig 03.10.1835, + 09.07.1905 Bleddin
Pastor to Prettin, Elster and Bleddin
oo Dommitzsch 17/09/1867 Hedwig Hengesbach
Sources: progenitor of the line Wessnig - Bleddin
5. Hengesbach, Hedwig Wilhelmine Clara, Protestant, * Dommitzsch 28/02/1846, ~ Dommitzsch 16.03.1846, + 06.24.1918 Dommitzsch
oo Dommitzsch 17/09/1867 Emil Elschner
6. Wegener, Julius, sawmill owners, *?, + Brandenburg?

3. Ancestry

8. Elschner, Johann Karl, Protestant, cantor and teacher, * Schildau 10/21/1803, ~ Schildau 10.24.1803, + 07.17.1893 Lossnig
oo Beck joke 11/05/1828 Johanna Schultze
Sources: progenitor of the line Wessnig
9. Schultze, Johanna Dorothea, Protestant, Taura * 10/01/1800, 03/19/1800 ~ Taura, + Wessnig 11/03/1860
oo 05.11.1828 Johann Beck joke Elschner
10. Hengesbach, John, Cath., Merchant, Siedlingshausen * iW 05.08.1819, + 01.03.1896 Dommitzsch
and Senator
oo I. Dommitzsch 12/10/1843 Johanne Hoffmann, II Emilie Thekla
11. Hofmann, Johanne Caroline Louise, Protestant, Dommitzsch * 04/11/1819 + 30/08/1890 Dommitzsch
oo Dommitzsch 10/12/1843 John Hengesbach

4. Ancestry

16. Elschner, Johann Georg, Protestant, hoof-and weapons master blacksmith, * 02/19/1768 Taura, Taura ~ 19.02.1768, + 11.22.1813 Schildau
The hoof-and weapon smith and citizens Johann Georg Elschner Schildau has a family or domestic character, the hammer and tree as a sign of his craft contained. He died at the age of 45 years and his fourth Son Johann Christian Elschner, who later also learned the blacksmith trade, was the death of his father's only 12 years old. The forge was therefore not in the family but was sold. This course was also the old house characters are lost. Through oral traditions we were the characteristics of the sign. Johann Karl Elschner (6th child of Johann Georg) helped in 1900 than 90 years in the reconstruction of today's family coat of arms ...
oo Schildau 7/31/1791 Juliana Herber
Sources: 1 Family and domestic character of the "family Elschner" came from Johann Georg Elschner
17. Herber, Juliana Johanna, * 20.1.1772 Schildau, + Schildau 26/05/1817
oo 07.31.1791 Johann Schildau Elschner
18. Schultze, Johann Christoph, Protestant, linen weaver, Hfner and church leaders and Taura * 07.26.1769, + 01.20.1843 Taura
oo Taura 07/10/1796 Hanna Rohland
19. Rohland, Hanna Dorothea, * 1774, + Taura 05/31/1834
Taura oo 07.10.1796 Johann Schultze
20. Hengesbach, Henry, Cath., Baker, * Siedlingshausen iW 29/02/1780, 03/01/1780 ~, + Siedlingshausen i.W. 09.03.1862
oo Siedlingshausen i.W. 23/06/1805 Regina Ritter
21. Knight, Regina, Cath., * Siedlingshausen i.W. 12.19.1779, + Siedlingshausen i.W. 21.10.1857
oo Siedlingshausen i.W. 23/06/1805 Heinrich Hengesbach
22. Hofmann, Johann Gottlob, Protestant, innkeeper, * Roitzsch 09.04.1776, + 27.01.1847 Dommitzsch
Owner of the inn "Zum red deer" in Dommitzsch
oo Roitzsch 09/30/1804 Johanne Richter
23. Richter, Johann Christian, Protestant, Roitzsch * 13/06/1782 + 24/11/1844 Dommitzsch
oo 09.30.1804 Johann Hoffmann Roitzsch

5. Ancestry

32. Elschner, Johann Christian, landlords, Taura * 01.05.1741, + 08.25.1816 Taura
Owner of the parent material in Taura "half-Hfner"
oo Taura 16/01/1766 Hanna Beyer
33. Beyer, Hannah Sophia, * 18.5.1746 Taura, Taura + 03/16/1811
Taura oo 01.16.1766 Johann Elschner
34. Herber, Johann Christian, hoof-and armourer, * Hohenroda?, + Schildau 04/19/1791
oo Schildau 01/10/1769 Johanna Kauffert
35. Kauffert, Johanna Magdalena, * 16.11.1739 Schildau, + Schildau 04/19/1791
oo 10.01.1769 Johann Herber Schildau
36. Schultze, Johann Georg, neighbors and residents, Taura * 08.19.1741, + 21.12.1804 Taura
oo Sitzenroda 10/01/1764 Anna Hempel
37. Hempel, Anna Marie, * Sitzenroda 17.10.1744, + 25.01.1809 Taura
oo 01.10.1764 Johann Schultze Sitzenroda
38. Rohland, Johann Gottfried, Huefner, * 11.2.1739 (or 1734), Taura + 28/08/1813
oo 1770 Dorothea?
39. ?, Dorothea Elizabeth, * 13.11.1747, + 09.05.1820 Taura
oo 1770 John Rohland
40. Hengesbach, Caspar, *?, + 01/09/1824
oo Siedlingshausen i.W. 09/15/1774 Gertrude Ricker
41. Ricker, Gertrud
oo Siedlingshausen i.W. 09/15/1774 Caspar Hengesbach
42. Ritter, Johann Christoph, * Siedlingshausen i.W. 1746 + Siedlingshausen i.W. December 1814
oo Theresia Grdes
43. Gordes, Theresia, *?, + Siedlingshausen i.W. ?
oo Johann Ritter
44. Hofmann, Johann Gottlieb (or Gottfried), Husler, * 1738, + Roitzsch 04/19/1815
oo Waidenhain 28/11/1775 Marie Thiemich
45. Thiemich, Dorothy Marie, * 1750, + Roitzsch 19/03/1816
Waidenhain oo 28.11.1775 Johann Hofmann
46. Richter, Johann Gottlob, bartender, gardener, Roitzsch * 11.17.1757, +?
oo Roitzsch 17/04/1781 Anna Heyne
47. Heyne, Anna Marie Mueller, * Roitzsch 06.30.1750, + 08.10.1797 Roitzsch
oo 17.04.1781 Johann Richter Roitzsch

6. Ancestry

64. Elschner, George, landlords, Taura * 1698, + before 1766
Owner of the parent material in Taura. Stood as a young dragoon with the Saxon troops, assaulted the success together with Prussian and Danish troops in 1715 Stralsund.
oo late married before 1741? ?
65. ? Woman *?, +?
oo married very late before 1741 George Elschner
66. Beyer, Michael, resident, * 8.2.1705, + Taura July 1761, [] Taura 18/07/1761
oo Maria Krner
67. Grains, Maria Elizabeth, * 18.2.1708 Taura, Taura + December 1773, [] Taura 10/12/1773
oo Michael Beyer
68. Herber, Samuel, neighbor and Pferdner in Hohenroda, *?, In summer 1758 +
70. Kauffert, Johann Christian, city and town musician Pfeifer, *?, + Schildau 06/03/1765
oo Johanna?
71. ?, Johanna Magdalena, * 1700, + Schildau 06/08/1779
oo Johann Kauffert
72. Schulze, Johann Christian, Huefner, * Taura about 1715 (or 1719), + Taura March 1779, [] Taura 03/28/1779
oo Anna?
73. ?, Anna, *?, +?
oo Johann Schulze
74. Hempel, Johann Gottfried, linen weaver
and alderman in court Sitzenroda
82. Ricker, Conrad, *?, +?
oo Maria Kster
83. Koester, Mary, *?, +?
oo Conrad Rickers
84. Ritter, Rudolph, *?, +?
oo Magdalena Schumacher
85. Schumacher, Magdalena, *?, +?
oo Rudolph Ritter
90. Thiemich, Johann Christian, Huefner, * 1722, +1798, [] willow grove 20.07/09.1798
and neighbor in Willow Grove
oo Anna?
91. ?, Anna Rosine, *?, + Weidenhain 04/01/1800
oo Johann Thiemich
92. Richter, Johann Paul, gardener, * 1731, + Roitzsch 11/06/1808
and church father Roitzsch
oo Roitzsch 02/06/1757 Marie Mueller
93. Mueller, Marie Elisabeth, *?, + Roitzsch 12/05/1760
oo 02.06.1757 Johann Richter Roitzsch
94. Heyne, Johann Christoph, gardener, * 1722, + Roitzsch 02/23/1773
and residents in Roitzsch
oo Maria before 1750?
95. ?, Maria Elizabeth, * 1720, + Roitzsch 07/11/1802
oo before 1750 Johann Heyne

7. Ancestry

128. Elschner, George, landlords, Sitzenroda * 1654, + Taura 06/03/1717
Owner of the parent material in Taura, Taura Hfner and residents in
oo 1687 Maria Frll
129. Frll, Maria, Taura * 1662, + 1726 Taura
1687 oo Georg Elschner
134. Krner, Andreas, *?, +?
married to a ... Elisabeth,
184. Richter, Johann Heinrich, gardener, * 1704, + Roitzsch 12/30/1772
and residents in Roitzsch
oo Sabine?
185. ?, Sabine, *?, + Roitzsch 23/09/1764
oo Johann Richter
186. Mueller, Gottfried, gardener, *?, +?
on 07.19.1757 mentioned in Roitzsch, full translation in Wittenberg and gardeners in Roitzsch

8. Ancestry

256. Elschner, Johann Georg (II), landlords and Huefner, * Sitzenroda around 1623, + before 3.1.1698 Taura
erwab in 1666 the family estate in Taura, residents in Sitzenroda and Taura, later Hfner
oo I. Dorothea Thimich, II Magdalena?
257. Timich, Dorothea, *?, +?
oo Johann Elschner
258. Frll, Peter, resident, *?, + Taura?
oo Maria?
259. ?, Maria, *?, +?
oo Peter Frll


Looking closely at the small image of the family crest that is included with my mother's Ahnenpass book, I noticed this alternate spelling. Amazing. I have looked at this image dozens of times and until I was able to blow it up I never noticed this alternative spelling.
Now, it may be nothing, but I am off to search for any ELTCHNER I can find.

Other spellings for this surname include, ELSCHNER (most used), ELTZSCHNER (the 'TZ' dropped around 1780-90 when the children of Johann Joseph Eltzschner are found listed as Elschner), Oelschner which appears to predate any findings I have, and now ELTCHNER which is from the days of our early ancestors during the time when the family coat of arms was bestowed.

Wish me luck. I hope this information helps some other researcher.