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Canadian French Genealogy

Being a fourth or so generation American with French Canadian roots, I have had a had time with names. Things like " dit " Terrebone come up all the time in my research. I've found, even within my own family, name changes. Though minor, I've always spelled my name Duprey but, when my father entered the US Army, he neeed a birth cert. and found his last name without the ' y '. Now within 2 generations the spelling has been Dupre, DuPre, DuPrey and one family member uses an accent mark over the ' e '.
I've also come across " Americanized " names. Names which sound like Smith or Jones but were actually changed from a French surname. What are we genealogist suppose to do? I suppose I should not grip to much since I've met other genealogist with surnames with as many as twenty different spellings.

Research Trips

The wife and I took a ' research vacation ' several years ago. I found several good things and a few bad things about these kinds of trip. The good things are that you will find nice helpful people, access to many genealogy libraries and ( sometimes ) interesting information.
Now the bad side is time and money. Unless your are retired and wealthy, these trips seem to run out of both time and money. While in Bakersfield, VT, we found that the town clerks office was only open for a few hours each day. In New Ipswich,NH, the libary wasn't even open during the week. In Ipswich,MA, we found similar problems. Now on the money side: hotel, food, and gas all cost. So, if you are like me ( middleclass ), there wasn't much to spend.

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Surname: Start

Have been researching the surname Start for over 20 years. My direct line in back to William Start of Ipswich,MA USA ( circa 1690 ). I have data base of many different Start surnames from Canada and USA. Would like to be contacted directly at [email protected] with any information on Start family.