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Related To Sitting Bull

My Aunt Mareana Helene Perez-Walden previously Of Lynnwood, Wa was directly related to Sitting Bull
She had many murdered family members, my real mother for one- I was taken to live with Mareana when i was a baby, even had me enrolled as directly decended from Sitting Bull. I was enrolled as the daughter of Mareana Helene Perez-Walden under the name of bobbine Leanne' Perez-Walden. Mareana's husbands name was Harry Walden. My name was changed illegally as a minor and even though that was repoerted along with countless horrible crimes, nothing was ever done about the crimes.
Harry Walden was a nazi war criminal and women of native american blood fetch a high price on the black
market-tickets into the United States and that goes on.
Mareana had many children by many different fathers. Fertility drugs were used on her against her will
and turkey basters to make her pregnant, the children for sale and many overseas and native americans in this country involved in that human slavery. Mareana was murdered when i was a teen. Her head was beaten in with a hammer and pills pushed down her throat and alcohol dumped on her. They timed her heart to make sure she would not survive, then called an ambulance. I was witness, because she was of native american blood and also heir to fortunes from overseas blood, she was doomed to die no matter what. Many of her children tho they say they were adopted were also killed, and life insurance obtained and the bloodline, well they think they own it. Most people dont realize that this goes on, but it does and justice usually, is never realized especially in this case.
theres one good thing tho and that is, that those who thought they would take the inheritance well,
I actually, helped my Aunt Mareana and my Grandmother Agnes Tallman (names changed to keep victims captive and secluded) to make forgeries and in those forgeries there are messages. I cant wait until this comes out, the inheritance turning over every 45 years, but not this time.
Mareana's children were taken against her will and she was forced to cooperate or the children would come to harm and they did and so did she. The children remaining, well they dont get the inheritance, thats for sure.
Bobbina Leanne' perez Liune' Hoton