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DOWNES John Ralph & Etta M Newell

John Ralph Downes was born 2 July 1879 in Florence, Oneida, New York to William Downes and Amelia Roberts. John's mother died, and he lived with his Grandmother Hannah Downes Johnson, found that in the 1880 census in Florence Oneida, New York. John moved to Connecticut and married Etta M Newell. They had two daughters, Gladys and Ethel.
Gladys was born 8 Jun 1902 died 21 May 1977 Gladys married Michael Chicos born 22 Nov 1905 died 15 Feb 1987. They had one daughter that I know of Eleanor. Ethel was born 23 Jan 1911 and died 27 Aug 1987. Ethel married Frederick Shubert born 17 Jun 1911 in Hartford, Hartford Connecticut. Frederick died 15 May 1999. They had one son and two daughters that I know of. I have Frederick's obituary.
I found this family buried in the Crystal Lake Center Cemetery.
There are family members I would like to get in contact with and share information. This family story is just beginning.

Pease Frederick Charles

Frederick Charles Pease is the son of Frederick M and Minnie Chase Downes Pease. Frederick was born 10 Jan 1903, he married Rose J and they had a son Alfred C Pease born in 1936. I know that Frederick died 12 Mar 1975 in Florida but don't know when Rose died or what her last name is. Have no information as to if Frederick and Rose had more children.
It would be nice to know more about Frederick and Rose and their life. Did Alfred marry and who and does he have children. Right now there are many questions and not many answers.
Will keep searching for more answers to the many questions that are out there to find this family and put their past together.

Frederick Charles Pease

Frederick Charles Pease is the son of Frederick M Pease and Minnie Chase Downes Pease. I don't know much about this mans life except he had seven step brothers and sisters. Frederick C married Rose J, perhaps the J is the beginning of Rose's last name I do not know. Frederick and Rose had one son Albert. They might have had other children I do not know. I know that Frederick C was born in Connecticut and died in Florida. I found him in the 1920 census with his parents and in the 1930 census with Rose and Albert. Many blanks are in this family and it would be a good thing to fill in some if possible. I would like to find an obit of Frederick Charles Pease. It might help to fill in some of the blanks I have.
Name: Frederick Pease
SSN: 041-07-9840
Last Residence: 33552 New Port Richey, Pasco, Florida, United States of America
Born: 10 Jan 1903
Died:12 Mar 1975
This family history is far from over.
Found this additional info on a message board:
Leroy M. Downes appears in the 1910 CT census with his mother, Minnie E. Chase and stepfather, Frederick M. Pease, along with three sisters (Francis, Anna, and one other) and one stepbrother (Frederick C Pease, my GGrandfather). I know where Minnie Chase came from, but I don't know anything about her first husband.

Check 1910, CT, Hartford, Hartford Township, Hartford City, ED 196, ward 8 (part of). Sheet 4A, Page 189.

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Blair Edwin & Ida

The Edwin and Ida Blair family appeared researching Lester Leroy Randall trying to find out about his life. Lester Leroy Randall named Ida Blair (aunt) as his next of kin on his WWII draft registration card. So finding that out gets you to wondering where Lester's parents are and how he is related to the Blair's. Looking for Lester reveals that he lived with the Blair a good part of his life until he married and even then Edwin and Ida Blair are neighbors to Lester and Francis Randall in the last census 1930. Edwin and Ida had a son and as you track them over the years you find grandsons, nephews, nieces and Edwin's father lived with them also.
Many questions remain as you find these generous people opening their home to family members and caring for them. Is there family out there that can shed some light on this family, filling in the gaps that searching has created?

RANDALL Lester Leroy & Francis

Lester Leroy Randall was born 17 Oct 1899. Lester is in the 1889 census listed with the Blair family and has his last name as Blair. In the 1900 Census Lester is living with Edwin and Ida Blair and his name is Lester Randall. Again in the 1920 Census Lester is listed with the Blair family with no mention of Randall. Then in about 1920 he married Francis Downes and in about 1922 their son Elloitt was born, so in the 1930 census, Lester, Francis and Elloitt is in that census with Edwin and Ida in the same census just above where Lester and Francis are.
Lester Leroy Randall died 17 May 1953 and Francis remarried John, (no last name). Don't know when Francis died or where she lived after Lester's death. Elliott Randall is another story unfinished. Don't know if he has family or not. More research of this family is needed to complete this story.

SULLIVAN William & Jessie

William Joseph and Jessie May Downes Sullivan, lived and died in Connecticut. They had three children, Harold William, Melvin E, and Vina Sullivan. William Joseph Sullivan b: 14 Dec, 1885 Stafford Springs CT d: 15 June 1957 Stafford Springs, CT Jessie (Downes) Sullivan b: 7 July 1889 Florence New York d: 28 May 1935 Stafford Springs, CT.
Harold married Irene Gareau in 17 Sept 1929 in Huntington, MA. to this union 8 children were born. Melvin E married Mary Elkanich.To this union one daughter was born. Vina did not marry.
I found William and James Sullivan in the 1900 census in Connecticut living with the David Ramsey family. I have found William and James birth in the Stafford Vital Records thanks to an answer to a query I put out. I found that William's parents are Eugene Sullivan and Mary Donovan both from Cork County Ireland. I have their marriage date and 5 children and Mary's death date. I haven't got an obituary for William. I didn't find them in any census and after Mary died I have not found Eugene. William, Jessie and Vina are buried in the Crystal Lake Cemetery Stafford Connecticut.
There are a few gaps in this family but trying to work them out.

DOWNES John & Hannah

John and Hannah Downes came to the United States from England sometime before 1850 and settled in Florence, Oneida, New York. John parents were also in the 1850 census in Florence, Oneida, New York. John and Margaret Downes. John and Hannah had three sons, Thomas, John and William. It states in the 1865 census that Hannah was the mother of 5 children. William married Minnie Chase around 1886 or 1887. They had two children in New York a son William Williams, 1187 and Jessie May in 1889. They moved to Connecticut and had Hannah in 1891, LeRoy Muller in 1893, Gordon Louis in 1895, Frances in 1899 and Fridiswid in 1900. In the 1900 census it says that Minnie had 7 children and 6 were living. William died 4 Dec 1900 and Minnie married Fredrick M Pease. They had a son Frederick Charles Pease. More searching has been done and I have found Fred and Minnie Chase Pease in the 1930 census in Florence, Oneida, New York living with William and Marguerite Finch. queries have been made on how the Finch family is related to Minnie and Fred Pease. The answer is Minnie and Marguerite are half sisters. Their father is John C Chase but they have different mothers. Searching more produced John C Chase obit then Minnie Chase Pease obit. I still don't know where Minnie is buried or when Fred M Pease died. I have not found where William Downes or Minnie Pease are buried. Or for that matter where Fred is buried.
This family story is far from over.

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LUETJEN Gevert and Metta

Gevert and Metta Luetjen of Hollen Germany attended the old Evangelisch Lutheran church in Bramstedt, Germany. They brought eight or more children into this world, many of whom found their way to the new land, the United States of America.
This search began in the town of Rockville, Connecticut where many of their descendants still live. At least four of their sons came to this town about 1884 to 1886.Two brothers, Martin and John came first, and two years later Henry and George followed. The men came first followed shortly by their wives and children. They farmed and worked in the woolen mills here. They attended Trinity Ev. Lutheran Church, and raised their families in the love and fear of God.
Other children came to the USA first to their brothers in Connecticut, and then on to settle in New York and Michigan. Now we have "cousins" spread throughout the country as well as many, many still in Germany.