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Looking for Lord ( Baltimore ) Calverts American Decendents

I'm trying to find any Calvert that has any American conection to Lord Calvert . I have no one to turn to as they all died. So I'm hoping whoever reads this post can help me . This is all the information I ave An uncle of my father hired a genealogist to research the Calvert family tree some years ago . When the genealogistfound that our branch of the Calvert family were horse thieves ,& etc. he burned it , but not before my father was able to read what was in the report . He found out that my branch of the Calvert family has a connection to Lord calvert through a nephew who had a illegimate son .
Here's a list of my Calvert ancestors .,
Sina ( Wolf )Calvert 1881 - 1954 Pratt Kansas
Edward H Calvert 1872- 1932 Pratt Kansas
Mary Calvert B? ? 1904 - 1962 Pratt Kansas ?
Mabel Calvert Feb 26 1906 - 0ctober 26 1964 Marreed to Evans , Vernon , Studebaker
George Calvert birth ? Dieq 1973 Pratt Kansas
Greatgrandfather no first name Calvert no year of birth , or death
Greatgrandmother Martha Calvert 1834 - 1909 Here's a story about how I found information about one of my Cameron ancestors . Around 1982 I was walking downtown , and spied a magazine in a toy store that had a article about the Highhland Regiments at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815 . 2 years later ata family reunion I found out the article was based on Col. John Cameron of Fassioefern of the Gordon Highlanders who died 3 days before that battle . I couldn't believe I was able to find family information in a toy magazine . If anyone has information on how I procede further please post . As I said earlirt this is all the information thaT I coud fin about my Calvert ancestors .

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