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We are seeking ancestors of our family who came to Australia in 1839 from Ireland. Ours is the CARDIFF family but the names I have mentioned are of their spouses and parents. This is the brick wall we have hit. A snippet about our Peter Cardiff Snr who was on the ship is that he was a distributor in the Sydney/Parramatta area for the newspaper from 'Van Dieman's Land' called The Irish Exile! and Freedom's Advocate published by young Irelanders who had been deported to Australia.

It would really be great if we could jump over this wall.

Looking for CARDIFF from Co Kildare, Ireland

Im writing from Australia, to overcome a dead end in our Cardiff family history research. There are a few Cardiffs involved in this search and we all reach the same blank in 1839 when our Cardiff ancestors left Ireland on the North Briton and came to Sydney. We can find no connection prior to that date in Ireland.

There were quite a few Cardiffs on board that ship in 1839: Peter Cardiff and his wife Hannah (Maher) and their children: Catherine (1817), James (1820), Mary (1823), John (1825), Elizabeth (1827), Esther Hetty (1829), Bridget Theresa (1832), Peter (1834).

Thomas Cardiff aged 19 years, was at first thought to be one of Peters children however, on further investigation, it was discovered that his parents were Lawrence Cardiff and his wife Margaret (Dempsey).

Catherine Cardiff (father John), who was married to Paddy Owens.

William Flanagan whose mother was Mary Cardiff and his wife, Roseanne and their two sons.

The major researcher in our group is Frank Cardiff who is in his mid 80s and hed love to know some answers, soon, you might say! I met Frank a few of years ago and found he and his wife Thelma delightful. I was amazed at the lengths to which Frank had gone to discover just where we may all fit into this great Cardiff tapestry. I have seen his folding chair, his sun hat and his thermos, for so many cups of tea that have sustained him in so many searches through cemeteries and places where he may learn something of the Cardiffs, who have gone before us.

it would be great if we could communicate by e-mail as it is so cost effective and speedy. If you do wish to contact me my e-mail address is [email protected]

I do love a chat but am trying to keep this to one page to hold your interest. I will be excitedly awaiting some positive feedback. Best wishes,

Barbara Parker (nee Cardiff - and a direct descendant from first Aussie Cardiffs).