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Search by name(s) in the EUTERPE/STAR OF INDIA Passengers & Crew site

Finding names of passengers and crew who were aboard the immigrant ship EUTERPE is easy, using the San Diego Maritime Museum web site. Just search for "EUTERPE/STAR OF INDIA Passengers and Crew" with your favorite browser.

For the late 1800s emigrants and crews bound from the UK and some other European ports, you will find quick answers to your search for relatives you believe emigrated to New Zealand and Australia in the late 1800s. Also, because EUTERPE was in the salmon fisheries trade with the Alaska Packers Association from 1901 until 1923, all available data from that period has also been inserted into this COMPREHENSIVE, detailed list. CAUTION: (1) a small number of 1870s logs and passenger lists have not yet been found. (2) If you're looking for possible emigrants who sailed in the 1800s aboard one of the two WOODEN-hulled STAR OF INDIA ships, this data is not collected. San Diego's STAR OF INDIA is still actively sailing at San Diego, and used to be named EUTERPE. She got her new name in 1906 when the Alaska Packers requested the name change from the US Government; she is IRON hulled, and definitely NOT one of the two wooden "STAR OF INDIA" emigrant ships to New Zealand and Australia.

San Diego's Maritime Museum library [ [email protected] ] has a small number of photos of emigrants, and is able to provide copies if requested.

OZSHIPS Arrivals overlooked EUTERPE voyages, to date

Have just finished passing information to [email protected] telling them I'm shocked! shocked, I tell you! that they at the OZSHIPS page hadn't yet gotten any inputs from anyone about the eleven voyages EUTERPE made to Australian ports, on at least 5 of which there were settlers embarked. To top that, my efforts to fix the oversight will have to wait until the correct email address get to the webmasters of OZSHIPS: I just got my email to them kicked back!

If one day I succeed, I wish I could have given them the dates of arrival, but all I have at the moment is my upgraded Jerry MacMullen "Log of an Iron Ship" appendix data, which amounts to the following:

[note: Journal page software seems to want to squash any matrix (i.e., columnar) separations into tight sentences. How regrettable. I suppose this has all been a pointless exercise; there's no clear link to a standard communication mechanism, such as a simple email fomat.]


London Dec 4, 1872 Melbourne (May & June 1872)
London & Plymouth Oct. 9, 1882 Sydney & Newcastle Sydney (arrived Sydney Feb. 6, 1883)
London July 9, 1885 Auckland
London Aug. 20, 1886 Auckland
London Oct. 3, 1887 Melbourne
Hamburg May 21, 1890 Melbourne
Glasgow Dec. 2, 1893 Auckland
Glasgow Nov. 25, 1897 Newcastle

The rest of the voyages were in the lumber trade, with side trips to Newcastle. I hope this doesn't fall into some bottomless pit, like some of the data I forwarded recently about Dr. William R. Davies.

Dr. W. R. Davies on EUTERPE, and the wrong photo of the 1873 STAR OF INDIA

A couple days ago, I tried to submit information on Dr. William R. Davies, surgeon on EUTERPE voyage of 1879 to Port Lyttelton, and have been searching in vain for it ever since. Also I've contacted the proprietor of the "Cornish Passengers on the Star of India" site to notify them that their front page has a photo of the wrong STAR OF INDIA. What they've put there is the iron hulled ex-EUTERPE [1863, Ramsey IOM] in a view taken off San Francisco while in Alaska Packers Association service; Maritime Museum of San Diego has photographs of paintings of two of the wood-hulled STAR OF INDIA vessels, one of which is the likely vessel of the 1873 voyage to Lyttelton under Capt. Holloway. Proprietor edited; it's satisfactory. CHARGERCHAZZ

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ELIZABETH NIKA was dau. of Albert and Caroline, from Chicago

Elizabeth born Apr. 1925 or 1930, believe Nika family was in Chicago. She disappeared. Currently her whereabouts or status totally unknown. Her brother Albert and sister Norma still living; brother Bill died March 2009. Mother and father both passed away, Albert Sr. on Sept 4, 1974; Caroline Dec. 28, 1995. Both lived and passed away in Florida.
Caroline was born Karolina Bincik, later last name changed to Bencik after she was naturalized. This posting is from a Bencik family member cousin.